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Sunday, October 4
2015 Winterball at Luckie Waller Little League

2015 Winterball

Wednesday, August 5
Sweetwater Valley Little League - Western Regional Tournament



California District 42


Hello All District 42 Members:


We want to congratulate Sweetwater Valley Little League 11/12  All-Stars on advancing to the Western Regional Tournament.  We encourage everyone in the District to come watch some great baseball and support Sweetwater!  Below is more information on the game location, dates and times. 


Sweetwater Valley Little League 11/12 All-Stars

Southern California Division 3 Champions




Manager: Ward Lannom

Coaches: Art Maldonado - Jaime Ramirez


Players: Antonio Andrade, Isacc Artalejo, Ariel Armas, Jacob Baptista, Cameron Barbabosa, Mark Cervantes, Preston Fleming, Walker Lannom, Nicholas Maldonado, Levi Mendez, Nate Nankil, Braiz Ramirez and Dante Schmid 



Al Houghton Stadium

6707 Little League Drive

San Bernardino, CA  92407
Map Link 


Game 1 - Sweetwater Valley LL vs. Waipio LL

 August 9, 2015 at 7:30 pm



 Sweetwater Valley Little League will be representing Southern California in the Little League West Regional Tournament. The teams in this pool are Hawaii, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Northern California.   





 Western Region Website


Game Schedule


Television Schedule






Tuesday, August 18
Congratulations to Sweetwater Valley Little League

The bats were busy at Houghton Stadium on Saturday, and when the dust cleared S. California had a 12-10 win over Hawaii in six exciting innings. There were 29 hits, including 12 extra base hits in the game. S. California's Sweetwater Valley LL came out swinging, scoring five runs in the first inning to jump ahead of Hawaii's Waipio LL early.

California scored in the first on an RBI single by Levi Mendez, an RBI single by Walker Lannom, a groundout by Jacob Baptista, and a two-run error. Hawaii bounced back in the bottom of the first, but S. California kept scoring runs and was able to to stave off Hawaii. S. California piled on two more runs in the top of the fourth. Lannom's solo blast got things going. That was followed up by Ariel Armas's double, plating Baptista. The team from Bonita, Calif., added three more runs in the top of the fifth.

Nate Nankil started the inning with a double. That was followed up by Baptista's two-run home run, bringing home Nankil. But, Hawaii showed heart, and scored six runs in the sixth on three doubles and two singles. Despite its efforts, Hawaii couldn't get over the hump, with the game ending on an exciting rundown for the final out. Baptista racked up three RBIs on three hits for S. California. Antonio Andrade got the win for Sweetwater Valley LL. He allowed four runs over four innings. He struck out four, walked two and surrendered six hits.

Sweetwater Valley Little League finished the 2015 Little League Baseball West Region Tournament with a 4-0 record. Throughout the tournament, the team outscored opponents 50-22. The West Region Champion will face off against the Great Lakes Champion in the first round of the Little League Baseball World Series on Thursday, Aug. 20, at 7 p.m., at Lamade Stadium. The Great Lakes Region Championship was won by Bowling Green Eastern Little League, from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

2015 All Stars Photo Day
Tuesday, June 23
All Stars Photo Day

Thursday, June 4
2015 Playoff Schedules

Here are the updated playoff schedules.  If you see an error please email  Updated 06/08/2015 @ 10:15am



Wednesday, May 27
2015 Luckie Waller Little League Family Picnic
Payment:  The payment can be made on Sunday or contact Deshun.

Coaches Softball games: All interested meet at 9am by the snackbar on Sunday.

2015 Family Picnic

ump schedule
Monday, May 11
Umpire Schedule for the Week

2015 Padres Day
Monday, April 27
2015 Padres Little League Day

Tuesday, April 28
2015 Tee Ball Jamboree Schedule
Please CLICK HERE to view the entire schedule

Monday, May 5
2014 Poker Night

Luckie Waller Parents and Friends, come and join us in a poker night fundraiser for LWLL. Prizes awarded to the winners.

2014 Poke Night

Tuesday, May 13
45th Anniversary Picnic

Friday, May 2
2014 Pre Memorial Week Tournament is here!!!

Friday, April 25


May 3rd, 2014 @ Southwest Little League

2390 Sunset Avenue
San Diego, CA  92154


Game Guidelines
1. The Pledge of Allegiance and the Little League Pledge will be said prior to the start of the game. Managers please identify one player from your team that can recite either. A microphone will be given to the player. Each team is required to bring a new baseball (T-Ball) to the game. Please bring your first aid kit.

2. A batting tee or coach pitch (soft toss) will be used at all times (no machine). T-Ball games shall consist of three (3) innings or one (1) hour whichever comes first. Exception: If a batter is in the batter’s box their at bat will be completed at which time the game will end. If a player fails to hit from a soft toss after three attempts, a tee will immediately be utilized. More importantly if a player is not comfortable hitting from a soft toss, a tee will immediately be utilized.

3. The batting order will consist of all players whose name appears on the roster submitted to your league’s representative and District 42. All players will bat in a continuous batting order. Every player on the team will bat; no outs are to be kept. There is no on-deck batter. The next batters should be on the bench with helmets on. Players run the bases; a batter/runner may only advance one base per at bat. Only one base is awarded on an over throw (exception: the last batter will advance all bases and all preceding runners on base will advance to home plate). No walks, strikeouts or stealing. Please note if a defense player makes an out on the batter, acknowledge the good play to the defense player, however the runner will stay on the base.

4. Every player plays the field, no one on the bench during your defensive inning. Players should not play in the same position for more than one inning. Managers are encouraged to rotate players around the infield, even when the other team is at bat. Both managers of each team should acknowledge each other that the defense and player batting are ready for play.

5. Managers and Coaches are allowed on the field when the team is playing defense.

6. Catchers will always wear all the appropriate safety gear, helmet, face mask, etc.

7. All Little League safety rules and equipment are required. Each team should bring helmets and full catcher’s equipment, first aid kit.

8. There is no official scorekeeper. T-Ball is a non-competitive division. Must have fun! Medals will be handed out to each player at the conclusion of the game.

1. No alcoholic beverage or tobacco will be allowed on the Little League grounds at any time.

2. Only persons with specific jobs will be permitted on the playing field, in dugouts, in the concession stands or in the scorekeeper’s booth while the game is in progress unless approve by Southwest Little League President (Augie Rojas), SWLL Board of Directors or Staff from District 42.

3. No gum or sunflower seeds on field, dugouts or Little League grounds. Seedless Sunflower seeds are allowed. This rule applies to everyone including parents.

4. A Manager will be responsible for the conduct of players and spectators as specified in the Little League rulebook. Managers are responsible for the conduct of spectators on their side. No conduct detrimental to players or the Little League will be allowed.

5. Treat each player as an individual with respect. No yelling of players in a negative fashion. Show good sportsmanship at all times.

Friday, March 7
Share the Hashtag #futurepadres

Hello District Administrators,


Thank you for all of your help (and continued help J) in passing along information to your leagues this season. It is our intention to rally around the program as much as possible creating a fun atmosphere for the kids to be proud wearing their Padres jerseys to their games and in their communities. We have come up with a catchy tag line for the program and would love to have you encourage your leagues to use the hashtag #futurepadres when posting any (and all) of their youth baseball photos to Twitter or Instagram. The Padres Social Media department will be tracking posts using the hashtag  #futurepadres and will be re-tweeting some of our favorites!


Please encourage your league presidents to share the hashtag #futurepadres with all of the parents of their leagues so that we may capture all of the fun (and super cute photo opportunities) this program brings!


Thanks again and Go #futurepadres!





T 619.795.5274 C 619.990.5852 F 619.795.5266
Petco Park - 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Friday, March 7
District 33 Coaches Clinic

Monday, January 27
2014 Little League Registration Update

You must bring the following items to register and live or attend a school within the Luckie Waller Little League boundaries. Original Birth Certificate and three (3) Proofs of Residency - 1 each from the following categories:

Driver’s License 

 Utility Bill

Internet, Cable, Satellite Records 

Medical Records 

 Vehicle Records

 Voter’s Registration

 Support Payment Records

 Welfare Records

 Insurance Documents

 Financial Records

 Federal, State, and Local Records

 Mortgage or Rent Records

Friday, February 14

For the eighth consecutive year, the San Diego Padres will host a FREE COACHES DEVELOPMENT TRAINING for youth baseball coaches on Sunday, February 16, 2014 at Petco Park.


The 2014 clinic will emphasize HOW to teach and develop youth baseball players.  Additional time and instruction will be placed on the processes of teaching young athletes and the terminology, skills and planning that goes in to running successful practices and games.


Coaches are encouraged to sign-up for this FREE clinic at

2014 Registration Flyers

Click To Enlarge

Friday, March 22
Our own Steve Loa to Umpire at Western Reginals in San Bernadino
Steve Loa
Steve was selected along with 13 other umpires to volunteer their time during this years tournament. Congratulations on this awsome opportunity.

Tuesday, January 22

By U-T San Diego 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 14, 2013

Dear Sports Dad,

My son is going into his final year of Little League, but I am considering not having him play. We already commit a lot of time and energy to his travel baseball team, given the level of coaching and competition I am not sure there is a benefit. Why commit four days a week, two practices and two games, to a neighborhood recreational sport, when we spend so much time and money in the more competitive game? I am hoping you can convince me that I am doing the right thing by not having my son play Little League, because I still have some doubt. Am I turning into that guy, the psycho baseball dad?

Thank you for the note, potentially psycho baseball dad.

Travel baseball is for kids — and it sounds like yours is one of them — who want to play whatever sport, in at least high school, and possibly beyond. If your son is in his last year of Little League eligibility, then he is getting to the age where you will find out what he may or may not be. Assuming, for a moment he is a good player who can play high school baseball, perhaps committing more time to travel ball and school is the way to go.

On the other hand, regardless of where baseball may take him, the Little League experience, playing with his friends, competing against kids he goes to school with, can really be a great time for a child, and you have to ask, is this more about you or him?

If your son is playing travel ball, true he is likely playing at a higher level of competition, perhaps he uses that experience to have an all-star Little League season, which will get him more valuable playing time and game experience.

As for being coached by other dads, and it being a lesser caliber of coaching, that may not always be true. Many of the dads who manage and coach do it because they have some sports wisdom to share, and it’s good to have additional positive role models. I assume you are worried about the dad who coaches so his kid is protected, well that’s the chance you take and the privilege they enjoy for using their time to coach.

I say let the kid play Little League and have fun!

© Copyright 2013 The San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC. An MLIM LLC Company. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, November 27
2013 Important Boundary Information!!

**Boundary changes that affect residents south of the 905 within the Luckie Waller Little League boundary**

The proposed changes for our boundary will go into effect for this season.  If you live south of the 905 freeway, you will need to register with Southwest Little league.  Waivers to continue to play with Luckie Waller may be available if you can meet certain qualifications.  Please contact us for additional information.


Steve Loa
Luckie Waller Little League
President 2013 Season

Wednesday, June 20
All Star Verification

To All Tournament Team Managers:

We will be holding All Star Verification this Friday evening following the T.O.C. and All Star pictures. The Verification will be held at the snack bar beginning at 6:00pm. See below for times for all divisions.

Residency and Proof of Age documents (linked below) show exactly what can be used to show proof of residence and acceptable proof of birth. Please note that all supporting documents for proof of residency need to be dated or in force between February 1, 2011 (previous year) and February 1, 2012 (current year), from three or more documents as listed in the Proof of Residency File.

Proof Of Residency Info
Proof of Age Info

Note: Multiple Utility Bills constitute only (1) document (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal).

To ensure players have the required documents please have your parents bring a minimum of 4 or 5 documents in case one or more is not valid. Please have them bring the original documents (copies will be accepted with verification of originals) and remind them to keep the original documents with them at all times during the tournament.

Here are the times for each team to show up for document verification.

9-10 Year Old All Stars: 6:00pm
10-11 Year Old All Stars 6:45pm
11-12 Year Old All Stars 7:30pm
Junior All Stars 8:15pm

Note: To avoid delays and help speed along the process, please have the original documents supported by copies of each. Remember that the copies must show the address of the residence for proof of residence or for proof of birth it must show the birth date and parent(s) name(s) or legal guardian(s) name(s).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Player Agent Sam Aleman (619-944-7840), Vice President Gerardo Quintana-Roo (619-864-2215) or President Stve Loa (619-666-9382)

Wednesday, June 20
Luckie Waller Managers - Important All Star Information!!
The District will be holding a meeting with all the All Star managers from the District  next Wednesday June 27th at the Church of his Kingdom. The meeting will be in the classroom where the teams were picked for All Stars starting at 6:00pm. This is for managers ‘ONLY’, but if you cannot make the meeting please send a representative in your capacity.

During the meeting the District will go over rules of the game and field, along with who can and cannot be on the field or in the dugout. Also, game schedules will be distributed in a team packet with the rules, player roster, pitching record and player code of conduct. Before leaving the teams will also flip for home for the first round games.

At this time you’ll be able to ask questions if you have concerns about the game or game sites and anything pertaining to the manager, coaches and players.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Player Agent Sam Aleman (619-944-7840), Vice President Gerardo Quintana-Roo (619-864-2215) or President Steve Loa (619-666-9382).  Best of luck in your future games and have a great time with the players of all teams participating.

Monday, June 18

UC San Diego Youth Skills Camps
July 9th thru July 12th
July 16th thru July 19th 
Age:  6 - 14 years old
Cost: $300.00
UCSD Triton Baseball Field
Flyer: 2012 UCSD Summer Baseball Youth Skills Camp

Hello, my name is Rob Avila. I am the Camp Coordinator and Assistant Baseball Coach at UC San Diego. I wanted to reach out to you to share the summer camp opportunities we are hosting here in La Jolla this summer at Triton Ballpark. We will be doing two weeks of skills camps for kids ages 6-14 this summer during the weeks of July 9-12 and 16-19. Camps will go from 9am to 3pm each day. I have attached a flyer with the description and details of the camp. 

Go Tritons!

Rob Avila
Assistant Baseball Coach
UC San Diego
561-371-1555 cell

Wednesday, May 30
2012 Playoffs Schedules
Click on the following links to view the Final Playoff Brackets: Updated 06/12/2012

Caps A Division Playoff Bracket

Caps AA Division Playoff Bracket

Minors Division Playoff Bracket

Majors Division Playoff Bracket

Juniors Division Playoff Bracket

Tuesday, January 24
2012 Jersey Information

For the 2012 Spring season, the San Diego Padres organization has decided to sponsor the District 42 Little Leagues with replica Padres jerseys for each Tee Ball, Caps A, Caps AA and Minors division team.  Each player will recieve a replica Padres jersey to wear as their uniform for the 2012 Spring season.  Thank you to the San Diego Padres organization!

Click Here to see the league choices

The Majors, Juniors and Seniors division teams will continue with the same jersey style as in previous years.

Monday, January 30
Baseball ASAP Camps

2012 Sweetwater Valley Little League Spring & Summer Break Camps

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Mar 26-29 Spring Break Camp

CLICK HEREto sign up for the Jun 4-7 Summer Break Camp

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Jul 16-19 Summer Break Camp

Saturday, December 10

Tuesday, November 29
Baseball Camp with Adrian Gonzalez Dec.20-Dec.22, 2011

Monday, November 7
USD Baseball Camp

Please clieck on the following link to view information about the USD baseball camp.

Click to download the required documents:

Sunday, November 6
Little League International Announces Bat Rules Changes for 2012 Season

Tuesday, July 26
2011 All Star Scores


Juniors Division - Sub Division Games

University City


July 25rd @ 8:00PM

Luckie Waller


Arlington Little League




Seniors Division - Sub Division Games



July 25th @ 8:00PM

Luckie Waller


Reid Park Little League




Monday, June 20
President's Message

2011 Luckie Waller Majors Division "A"

2011 Luckie Waller Majors Division "B"



Thursday, March 24
California D42 Managers & Coaches Clinic 3/27/2011

This is a reminder of our managers & coaches clinic this Sunday March 27 at Sweetwater Valley Little League, 3321 Conduit Rd., Bonita.  Some leagues have made this clinic part of your ASAP safety program.  Please note the times:
  • 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM - Coaching T-Ball, Coach Pitch, or Machine Pitch
  • 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Coaching Minors, Majors and JR Divisions
Please click on the following links below for more information.  If your managers or coaches did not pre-register for this clinic just tell them to go on their scheduled time.  There will be a registration table there and each leagues will know who had participated.

Below are the links for coaches clinics.  Additionally, I have a link for individuals to register online for the coaches clinic on Sunday, March 27.

CLICK HERE to register online for the 2011 D42 Coaches Clinic

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 San Diego Padres Coaches Clinic

CLICK HERE to view another BaseballASAP Coaches Clinic


Jared Eichelberger
BaseballASAP President and Director of OperationsPO Box 501624San Diego, CA 92150 (Direct)888.259.6499 (Fax)

Thursday, March 17
Luckie Waller Picture Day



Picture Day Sunday, March 20, 2011


Picture Time





1:00 PM



Coach Jesus


1:00 PM


Caps AA

Coach Luis


1:00 PM


Caps A 

Coach Jorge


1:00 PM



Coach Armando


1:20 PM



Coach Robert D.


1:20 PM



Coach Tony G.


1:20 PM

Blue Claws

Caps AA

Coach Tony E.


1:40 PM



Coach Tony R.


1:40 PM



Coach Sal


1:40 PM



Coach Armin


1:40 PM



Coach Alex


2:00 PM



Coach Felipe


2:00 PM



Coach Aaron


2:20 PM

Board Photo 


2:20 PM

Umpire Photo


2:20 PM

Hot Rods

Caps A 

Coach Gabriel


2:40 PM

Blue Jays


Coach Rigo







2:40 PM


Caps A

Coach Richard


2:40 PM


Juniors Softball



3:00 PM


Caps AA

Coach Guillermo


3:00 PM



Coach Robert M.


3:00 PM



Coach Chilo


3:20 PM



Coach Roy


3:20 PM



Coach Rafa


3:20 PM



Coach Rick


3:20 PM



Coach Gerardo


3:40 PM



Coach Hector


3:40 PM


Caps A 

Coach Gerardo


3:40 PM



Coach Esteban


4:00 PM

Sea Dogs


Coach Rigoberto


4:00 PM



Coach Amado


4:00 PM


Caps A 

Coach Sergio


4:00 PM



Coach Josh


4:20 PM



Coach Juan

Please arrive  prior to scheduled picture time to turn in paper work, have questions answered, and make payment at our customer service table.  We gladly accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Discover, or Master Card).  If there are any questions please call:



(619) 482-2068

Monday, January 31
Free Coaches Clinic

Please check out the flyer for additional information. CLICK HERE 

Wednesday, January 26
Free Padres Coaches Clinics at PETCO Park

Padres Coaches Clinics at PETCO Park

FREE Coaches Clinics featuring BaseballASAP
Sunday, January 30, 2011

For the fifth consecutive year, the Padres will host a FREE instructional clinic for youth baseball coaches at PETCO Park. The 2011 Coaches Clinics will be held Sunday, January 30, 2011 and will include instructional sessions for those who coach players aged 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

The 2011 clinic will be once again be conducted by Baseball ASAP, San Diego's premier youth baseball training organization specializing in private instruction, team training, seasonal camps, and coaches clinics. As the "ASAP" acronym stands for Accountable Student-Athletes Perform, Baseball ASAP programs foster personal development and growth through both academic and athletic activities.

Register online now »

Here are a couple of photo galleries from the 2010 clinics:

ASA Clinics featuring "Just SOFTBALL"
Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Padres are partnering with Southern California ASA Softball and "Just SOFTBALL" to host a one-day coaches clinic at PETCO Park for ASA softball coaches. The clinic will be held on Saturday, February 19.

The "Just SOFTBALL" coaches training program is developed and designed to provide softball coaches of all levels with the opportunity to further their knowledge of the game. The clinics teach coaches how to identify skills of the game, and to evaluate and improve player mechanics.

More details will be available soon.

Thursday, December 30
Little League International Issues Update Regarding Composite Bats: Moratorium Imposed Immediately

Little League International has placed a moratorium on the use of composite bats in the Little League (Majors) Division and all other baseball divisions of Little League, effective immediately.
 “Today’s decision of the Little League International Board of Directors Executive Committee is based on scientific research data from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell), which was contracted by Little League Baseball,” Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. “The maximum performance standard for non-wood bats in the divisions for 12-year-olds and below is a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.15. The research found that composite bats, while they may meet the standard when new, can exceed that standard after a break-in process.”

Local Little Leagues were first informed of the research last September.

“From the beginning, and throughout this process, we wanted to keep everyone informed,” Patrick W. Wilson, Vice President of Operations at Little League International, said. “Our intent was to provide local league constituents clear direction regarding composite bats. There is a process through which manufacturers can submit individual models for a possible waiver if they wish to seek it. Going forward, we will let our leagues know which ones meet the standards for the Little League Baseball (Majors) 12-and-under divisions, if any.”

On Sept. 1, Little League International placed a moratorium on composite bats in the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League. Subsequent to that moratorium, some composite bat models have received a waiver and may be used in those divisions. Information on the composite bats that have received waivers for the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League may be found here:

The moratorium on composite bats, which now applies to all baseball divisions of Little League, does not apply to any softball divisions of Little League.

LL Banner 1
Monday, November 29
Update from LL International on Composite Bats

Dear Little League Parents and Volunteers,
With the holiday shopping season upon us, we want to remind all that we are in the midst of a research effort with the University of Massachusetts (Lowell) to determine whether or not a moratorium will be placed on the use of composite 2¼-inch barreled baseball bats in the Little League Majors Division and below. We have already placed a moratorium on composite bats in the Junior League Baseball, Senior League Baseball, and Big League Baseball Divisions.
We anticipate making a decision on the use of composite 2¼-inch barreled baseball bats by Jan. 1, 2011, as promised in earlier communications on this subject.
Information on the moratorium on composite bats in the Junior League Baseball, Senior League Baseball, and Big League Baseball Divisions, as well as information on specific models of composite bats that have received a waiver of that moratorium, can be found here:
We encourage local league officials to provide this message to parents and volunteers in the local league.
Little League International

Monday, October 11
2011 Board of Directors - Results

Here are the results for the Luckie Waller Little League 2011 Board of Directors pending the acceptance of each person elected. The next BOD meeting is scheduled for Weds. Oct 20th at 6:30pm at the Montgomery-Waller Recreation Center. There was also a tie for the Sponsorship/Public Relations Officer.


2011 Voting Results

Thursday, July 1
Luckie Waller Little League All Stars and TOC Rosters Are Now Available. Congrats!! CLICK HERE!! 


The 2010 Luckie Waller Little League Yearbook has arrived. We still have books plenty of Yearbooks available, 1 for $20.00 or two for $30.00, please contact "JT" at for more information or to make arraignments on purchasing them. We will have some available during Winterball Signups.

 Next Winterball Signup Date Will Be During Mid July. We Will Post The Dates Soon.

Congratulations to Ruben Macias of the Majors Division Yankees for winning the 2010 Homerun Derby.


Luckie Waller Cubs   Blue Jays
District 42 South
Juniors Division Champions
  Luckie Waller Little League
Majors Division Champions
Rockhounds   Express
Luckie Waller Little League
Minors Division Champions
  Luckie Waller Little League
Caps Division Champions

Tuesday, July 20
2010 All Stars Schedule and Scores

2010 District 42 Champions - 10&11 Year Old Division
10&11 Year Old Division - Section 7 Runner Up

Rancho San Diego


July 20th @ 7:00PM

Luckie Waller


Lakeside National

2010 District 42 Champions - Juniors Division
Juniors Division - Section 7 Runner Up

Lemon Grove


July 20th @ 6:00PM

Luckie Waller


United Santee Field

2010 District 42 Champions - Seniors Division
Seniors Division - Section 7 Runner Up

Spring Valley


July 19th @ 5:00PM

Luckie Waller


Sweetwater Valley

Thursday, June 17


Please email us ( any nominations you have for the following positions. Voting will take place during Closing Ceremonies:

Vice President
Vice President Juniors & Seniors
Player Agent Tee Ball & Caps
Player Agent Minors & Majors
Player Agent Juniors & Seniors
Chief Umpire
Safety Officer
Information Officer
Sponsorship Coordinator
Chief Scorekeeper
Equipment Manager
Auxiliary Chairperson

Wednesday, May 19

Luckie Waller Little League Night

WHO: All players, coaches, team moms, all family members, and Friends all are welcomed!

WHAT: Come in and eat and have some fun, raffle prizes, and socialize with friends.

695 Saturn Blvd, “G”
San Diego Ca 92154
Phone # 619 424-9121

Directions: From Luckie Waller, West on Palm Ave, Right on Saturn Blvd,  Plaza/Shopping center on the right, far south east side of plaza. You can’t Miss it.

When:  May 19, 2010 Wednesday from 6-9PM
Let your waitress know you’re with Luckie Waller.

WHY:  20% of all proceeds will be donated to
Luckie Waller Little League


Friday, May 21

These are the remaining Suspended games and Rain Outs to be rescheduled and completed.

4/20 Hooks vs. Thunder is now rescheduled to May 27th. Complete the suspended game.

4/21 Rattlers vs. Bulls on May 26th.

Wednesday, April 28
Candy Money Due Now!! 1 Day Left!!

PARENTS: There is only 1 day left for you to come in and turn in your candy money. We will be next to the snack bar.

SATURDAY: 05/01/2010 – 1:30 P.M. TO 4:30 P.M. **FINAL DAY**

Please remember that players will be ineligible for post season play and All Stars if the fundraising money is not turned in.

Note: If you have any concerns or for some reason are unable to to in during one of the posted days, please email Linda Loa @ or call 619-575-0850 and we will try to make some kind of arraingement with you. Also, candy money will only be accepted on the above dates and times.

Thank you for your cooperation!!

Tuesday, April 13
2010 Tee Ball Jamboree

The 2010 District 42 Tee Ball Jamboree will be held this weekend at Chula Vista American Little League.  All 8 Luckie Waller Tee Ball teams will be participating.  Here is the game schedule for Saturday, April 17, 2010:

Tee Ball Jamboree
Time Away Team   Home Team Field
08:00 AM Luckie Waller Storm @ Chula Vista American Indians Majors
09:25 AM Chula Vista National Red Sox @ Luckie Waller Scrappers Minor B
10:50 AM Luckie Waller Riverdogs @ Imperial Beach Giants Tee Ball
01:10 PM Eastlake Diamondbacks @ Luckie Waller Hot Rods Minor B
02:25 PM Luckie Waller Muckdogs @ South Bay Yankees Minor B
03:30 PM Luckie Waller River Bandits @ Chula Vista American Mariners Majors
03:40 PM South Bay Dodgers @ Luckie Waller Mudcats Minor B
04:45 PM Luckie Waller Ironbirds @ Southwest White Sox Majors

Managers, please make sure you pick up your packet from the league before Saturday.

Tuesday, April 6
Candy Money Due April 18th
Only the Team Parent or Team Manager should turn in the candy money on this day.  No individual parents. Please turn in your money to your Team Manager or Team Parent.  They will turn it in for you as a team.  We will be posting a different schedule to drop off money for the parents after April 18th.  ALSO,  NO COINS.   
10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM - CAPS DIVISION

Tuesday, March 23
2010 Baseball Schedules Now Online!!
The schedules for Tee Ball, Caps, Minors, Majors and Juniors are now available.  Click on the Game Schedules link to the left.  Please note that the schedule date, time and field location may change.  Check this site regularly for updates.

Tee Ball: All Tee Ball team will be playing the District 42 Tee Ball Jamboree on April 17th at Chula Vista American.  Specific times will be available later in the month.

Caps: Player pitching starts with the games on April 17th.

Minors: Several games during the middle of May have not been posted due to the Memorial Tournament.  Once the dates, times and fields for the tournament are set, we will add the games for minors.

Majors: May 1st is "Double Header Saturday".  You will have two games back to back.

Juniors: Schedule is up.  Will have some minor fixes.

Monday, March 22
2010 Picture Day!!

Picture Day is this Sunday, March 28th, 2010.  Please CLICK HERE to check the schedule.



Saturday, February 27
2010 Teams and Open Roster Spots

If you have not receive a call from a manager, please contact the player agent for your division:

Tee Ball and Caps Divisions (5-8) - Ray Hallmen
Minors and Majors Divisions (9-12) - Gabriel Cortez
Juniors and Seniors Divisions (13-14) - Efren Diaz

The Senior team will start practicing once we have a full roster.  Also, we have several roster spots available in all divisions except Majors.  Our next signup will be on Monday, March 1st after 5pm.

Thursday, February 4
2010 Tryouts & Signups!


We have two more signup dates left for the 2010 Spring season.  On Saturday, February 13th and 20th we will have signups from 8:30am to 2:00pm next to the snack bar. Tryouts will also take place on the same day on Field 1. Here is the schedule:

League Age 9 - 9am (8 year olds that are trying out for Minors can also tryout at 9am.)
League Age 10 - 10am
League Age 11 - 11am
League Age 12 - 12pm
League Age 13 and 14 - 1pm on Field #4

Please make sure that you notify the player agent and sign up prior to your scheduled time. It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the tryout time to sign up and have the player warm up. Please bring baseball type uniform (sweats ok but no shorts), glove, bat and cleats if possible.

If you are league age 9-14 and do not try out, you may lose the chance to play in All Stars and/or T.O.C. Please call us if you have any questions. 619-864-2215 - Coach Gerardo

Friday, January 1
2010 Spring Season Information!

Sign ups for the 2010 Spring Season will continue during January 2010 at the Luckie Waller Little League snack bar. The registration fee is $80.00 (league ages 5-12) and $95.00 (league ages 13-16). You will need the following:

1. Player's Original Birth Certificate
2. Three (3) Proofs Of Residency (CLICK HERE for Info)
3. Sign up for Chocolate Fundrasier or Buy-Out ($40.00)

To verify if your address is in our boundary, CLICH HERE!

2010 Registration Dates and Times -  Download 2010 FLYER

We are also looking for managers, coaches, team parents and umpires for the 2010 Spring Season. If you are interested or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gerardo Quintana-Roo at 619-864-2215 or via email at Coach Gerardo.

Thursday, February 18
Final 2010 Tryouts & Signups!
The final signup and tryout date will be Saturday, February 20th from 8:30am to 2pm.  All players league age 9 through 14 must tryout in order to be eligible for T.O.C. and All Star play.  League age 9-12 tryouts will take place on Field 1.  Here is the schedule:

League Age 9 - 9am (8 year olds that are trying out for Minors can also tryout at 9am.)
League Age 10 - 10am
League Age 11 - 11am
League Age 12 - 12pm
League Age 13 and 14 - 1pm on Field #4

Please make sure that you notify the player agent and sign up prior to your scheduled time.  It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the tryout time to sign up and have the player warm up.  Please bring baseball type uniform (sweats ok but no shorts), glove, bat and cleats if possible.

*** We may accept signups after February 20th but the player may be placed in a waiting list until a roster spot is vacated.  Please call us if you have any questions at 619-864-2215. ***

- Luckie Waller Little League -

Saturday, February 20
Final 2010 Tryouts

*** Weather Update ***

As of 1:00am on Saturday, February 20th - Fields are in good shape. Tryouts on schedule!!

Please call 619-864-2215 after 7:00am on Saturday, February 20th to check on the status of the fields.

Saturday, April 26
Luckie Waller Little League

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