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Sunday, January 11
Lambertville-West Amwell Youth Baseball & Softball


The Lambertville-West Amwell Youth Baseball & Softball Association (LWAYBSA) is a independent program for over 60 years provide youth sports activities (baseball & girls softball) for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 16 year old. Our program is ever evolving with the times. We are a all inclusive program and will always have a place for players of any level. Our program is mostly throughout the spring and early summer, but from time to time provide off season skill clinics open to all players in the region and is not exclusive to LWAYBSA players. We welcome all players from the region to participate in the All - American sports of Baseball & Girls Softball. 

We will be at South Hunterdon in the Middle School Commons for in person registration from 8am to 4pm tomorrow Saturday, January 17th to assist and answer questions about the new registration process and the upcoming 2015 LWAYBSA season.

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Thursday, February 19



The LWAYBSA is in the process of updating and revising our bylaws that govern the running of the league. As we move forward we are continuing the process of making sure the both our baseball and softball programs are running properly for the benefit all the children in our league and to run our association as a proper small business. The bylaws are to be reviewed every 2 years to assure the LWAYBSA continues to progress with the times. Posted are the current bylaws and the proposed revisions. These revision are put forward by the EEC (Elected Executive Committee). We ask the membership to read both the current document and the proposed document. All members are invited to comment or the proposed revisions. You are also encourage to send any revisions of your own for the membership to review. Any written comments should be sent by email only. Your written comments will be shared and made available to the other members of the LWAYBSA. These bylaws proposals will be discussed in part or as a whole and voted on at the March 2nd LWAYBSA meeting All written email comments can be sent to LWAYBSA President David Wintermute (


All written email comments can be sent to LWAYBSA President David Wintermute




Monday, February 9


The time has come for the LWAYBSA to prepare for it’s 2015 Season. We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to building the character and values of our youth through the all American game of Baseball and Softball. We teach and encourage teamwork, equality, goal setting, leadership, self discipline, and so many more positive values to today’s youth. Each year we seek assistance from businesses to participate in our Ad Board and Team Sponsorship program. Sponsorship money helps our league in many areas, from much needed repairs and equipment maintenance to supplying each child with uniforms and safety equipment. Additionally, we provide scholarships for individual children that need financial assistance, so no child is left behind. The LWAYBSA offers a large 3-foot by 3-foot sign for a fee of $300. All signs are based on a 2-color format and anything more must be negotiated with the LWAYBSA and the official sign company-River Signs. Team Sponsors is also $300.00, but we offer a combo of both Ad Board & Team for $500.00.

In exchange for your tax-deductible donation, you will receive the following:

The Ad Board promoting your business will be displayed at our Ely Field Sports Complex on North Main Street throughout the entire Baseball/Softball recreational season, Your sign will then be removed from display for the winter months and kept in a safe location until the spring. 

  • The Team Sponsor will have your business name on each of the player's uniforms for which you sponsor. A team picture sponsor plaque will be given to you display in your business.  

2015 Ad Board and Team Sponsorships are available now and will be renewed prior to the beginning of the following season. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the 2015 Ad Board and Team Sponsorship Program.  

Thank you in advance for your continued support!


Scott Conner, Chairman

LWAYBSA Sponsorship Program




Thursday, February 19

                             LWAYBA GENERAL MEETING

Monday, March 2nd, 7pm @ Lambertville Elks Club
66 Wilson Street, Lambertville, NJ.
This is a general meeting for both the baseball and softball programs. Anyone interested is being part of the LWAYBSA are invited to attend this meeting. As we move forward into the 2015 season. all involvement in any capacity is important. In 2014 we have taken great strides to reestablish your trust and faith in our association. We are continuing to tweak ...our business model. We are also striving even further to give all our children not only the knowelege of the sports of baseball and softball, but to assist in building life skills by not only learning how to win or lose, but above all sportsmanship. Each of our young players will be encourage to continue to grow as individual's, but learn to part of a team. I invite you to be part of our efforts and give whatever of your time in any capacity you can. Also please share this announcement on your Facebook page. and invite them to join our group.  

Saturday, August 16

The Lambertville-West Amwell Youth Baseball & Softball Association 2014 season has been a great sucess. I like to thank all the coaches, staffs, parents and players who made the 2014 season most enjoyable. We will be preparing for the 2015 LWAYBSA SEASON and announcements for upcoming meeting will be forthcoming. Until we set our next meeting and agenda you can all follow our offseason activities on our Facebook Group Page (  The goal of our group is to keep the membership up on the happenings in our youth baseball & girls softball association, but also a place to share the times when we were young. I invite all those who join us to feel free to share your youth baseball and softball memories whether played for our local league or if you played in another league where you have grown up. So feel free to share our group with those in your friend list. Lets share and remember old memories, and lets create new memories together.

Monday, September 8
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