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Next LVLBL Meeting

The next meeting of the Lehigh Valley Legion Baseball League will be held on Tuesday, September 22nd , at 7:00 PM, at Parkland High School, in Room A128.

Agenda is as follows: 

        1)      League Board Re-Structuring
        2)      Wrap-up of 2015 Season
        3)      Reports on All Star Game and Showcase Tournament
        4)      New Team Applications
        5)      Any Other New Business


Wednesday, September 9
Afflerbach, Hinkle Win Player and Pitcher of the Year

North Parkland's Justin Afflerbach and Lower Macungie's Trey Hinkle have won Player and Pitcher of the Year, respectively, in the Lehigh Valley Legion Baseball League for the 2015 season.

Afflerbach batted 0.479 in the regular season, with 2 doubles, 2 triples, and 17 RBI's.  He finished with a slugging percentage of 0.604, and when combined with an OBP of 0.569, he achieved an OPS of 1.173.  In the playoffs, Justin had 5 hits, including two doubles, while scoring 6 runs on 19 plate appearances.  

As Pitcher of the Year, Hinkle was the workhorse of the Lower Macungie staff, pitching 47 innings with a 6-0 record, striking out 77 and only walking 8.  He gave up 2 earned runs for an ERA of 0.30 and a WHIP of only 0.51.  On the offensive side of the ledger, Trey batted 0.313 with 4 doubles, one triple and 15 RBI's.

Congratulations to Justin and Trey on their successful 2015 seasons.  

Wednesday, August 12
Final Regular Season Batting and Pitching Leaders in the LVLBL

Final regular season batting and pitching leaders in the LVLBL:

Batting Leaders  
Batting Average  
(minimum 43 Plate Appearances)  
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 0.479
Dante Salerno (Northern Valley) 0.434
Gianni Sinatore (Coplay) 0.432
Noah Adams (Salisbury) 0.405
Joshua Williamson (Northern Valley) 0.404
Slugging Percentage   
(minimum 43 Plate Appearances)  
Justin Kratz (West Allentown) 0.659
Gianni Sinatore (Coplay) 0.622
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 0.604
Jordan Storm (Northern Valley) 0.525
Andrew Miller (Emmaus) 0.515
On Base Percentage   
(minimum 43 Plate Appearances)  
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 0.569
Andrew Miller (Emmaus) 0.545
Justin Kratz (West Allentown) 0.525
Dante Salerno (Northern Valley) 0.508
Gianni Sinatore (Coplay) 0.500
OPS (On base plus slugging)   
(minimum 43 Plate Appearances)  
Justin Kratz (West Allentown) 1.185
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 1.173
Gianni Sinatore (Coplay) 1.122
Andrew Miller (Emmaus) 1.061
Dante Salerno (Northern Valley) 1.018
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 19
Kyle Novobilski (South Parkland) 18
Charles Barebo (Emmaus) 15
Evan McAndrew (North Parkland) 15
Four tied with 14
Kyle Novobilski (South Parkland) 26
Zachery Miiller (South Parkland) 24
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 23
Dante Salerno (Northern Valley) 23
Joshua Williamson (Northern Valley) 21
Home Runs  
Jordan Storm (Northern Valley) 2
Tama Anoa'i (Salisbury) 1
Charles Barebo (Emmaus) 1
Tajae Bortz (West Allentown) 1
Travis Nelmes (Northern Valley) 1
Runs Batted In  
Zachery Miiller (South Parkland) 19
Justin Afflerbach (North Parkland) 17
Trey Hinkle (Lower Macungie) 15
Brett Kosciolek (North Parkland) 15
Justin Kratz (West Allentown) 15
Stolen Bases  
Eric Cichocki (Emmaus) 14
Evan Maruschak (Emmaus) 14
Charles Barebo (Emmaus) 13
Preston Amato (Southern Lehigh) 12
Three tied with 11
Pitching Leaders  
 (minimum 18 innings)  
Evan MacAndrew (North Parkland) 0.29
Trey Hinkle (Lower Macungie) 0.30
Brett Kosciolek (North Parkland) 0.33
Nathaniel Kern (North Parkland) 0.91
George Hambel (South Parkland) 1.04
 (minimum 18 innings)  
Trey Hinkle (Lower Macungie) 0.51
Brett Kosciolek (North Parkland) 0.52
Andrew Miller (Lower Macungie) 0.84
Evan MacAndrew (North Parkland) 0.92
Nathaniel Kern (North Parkland) 1.00
Trey Hinkle (Lower Macungie) 6
Ben Cordova (Northern Valley) 4
Nicholas Hook (Southern Lehigh) 4
Nathaniel Kern (North Parkland) 4
Tyler Kish (Emmaus) 4
Trey Hinkle (Lower Macungie) 77
Brett Kosciolek (North Parkland) 37
Justin Kratz (West Allentown) 32
Richard Yost (Coplay) 32
Tyler Kish (Emmaus) 29
Innings Pitched  
Trey Hinkle (Lower Macungie) 47
Chris Bishop (Salisbury) 44
Tyler Kish (Emmaus) 41
Austin Dreisbach (Coplay) 39
Justin Kratz (West Allentown) 33 2/3
Felix Martinez (West Allentown) 3
James Dyche (Southern Lehigh) 2
Ten tied with 1


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