Lehigh Valley Little Baseball League: Rules

2003 Lehigh Valley Little Baseball League Constitution
The 2003 Constitution is located in the "Handouts" section of the website.

Sportsmanship & Conduct Rule
(Formally adopted at the 3/3/03 meeting.)

Heckling - No player, coach, manager or other party associated with an LVLBL team shall abuse, heckle or make uncomplimentary remarks to opposing players, team officials or umpires. After one (1) team warning the umpire shall immediately eject from the game any individual violating this regulation.

Sportsmanship - Any player, coach, manager, or other party accompanying a team will be immediately ejected from the game from the point of infraction, if they:
      1) Use profane language
      2) Intentionally throw bats or other equipment
      3) Make unnecessary or obscene gestures to an umpire, fan or opposing players

Reinstatement - Any player, coach or manager ejected from a game by an umpire for unsportsmanlike conduct will also be suspended from their next scheduled and played game. A second (2nd) infraction in the same season will result in a three (3) game suspension. A third (3rd) infraction will result in suspension for the remainder of the season, which shall include playoff games.

When a violation occurs, both coaches must notify the scorekeeper, webmaster and an officer.