Lehigh Valley Little Baseball League: Handouts

2016 LVLBL Constitution

2016 LVLBL Constitution2016 LVLBL Constitution

2016 LVL Directory

2016 LVL Directory2016 LVL Directory

2016 Roster Night Instructions

2016 Roste Night Instructions2016 Roste Night Instructions

2016 Player Contract

2016 Player Contract2016 Player Contract

2016 Schedule Biddy/Midget/Knee-hi

2016 Schedule Biddy Midget Knee-hi2016 Schedule Biddy Midget Knee-hi

2016 Biddy Schedule2016 Biddy Schedule

2016 Midget Schedule2016 Midget Schedule

2016 Knee Hi Schedule2016 Knee Hi Schedule

Background Check Form

Background Check FormBackground Check Form

Insurance Certificate

Attached is an example of an insurance certificate - in Adobe Acrobat. NOTE - this could take 5-10 minutes to download.


2016 Tournaments

2016 Tournaments2016 Tournaments

2016 Pete Kraft Scholarship

2016 Pete Kraft Scholarship2016 Pete Kraft Scholarship

2016 Meeting Minutes

June 2016 MinutesJune 2016 Minutes

May 2016 MinutesMay 2016 Minutes

April 2016 MinutesApril 2016 Minutes

March 2016 MinutesMarch 2016 Minutes

February 2016 MinutesFebruary 2016 Minutes

2015 Scorekeeping Handout

2015 Scorekeeping2015 Scorekeeping

2015 Schedules

2015 Biddy Schedule2015 Biddy Schedule

2015 Midget Schedule2015 Midget Schedule

2015 Knee Hi Schedule2015 Knee Hi Schedule

2015 LVL Roster Form

2015 Roster Form2015 Roster Form

LVL Umpire Waiver

Please mail the completed waiver form to:

Brian Muschko
307 E. 18th St.
Northampton, PA 18067

2016 Umpire Waiver2016 Umpire Waiver

Required Clearances For Umpires

Required Clearances for UmpiresRequired Clearances for Umpires

2015 Minutes

November 2015 MinutesNovember 2015 Minutes

May 2015 MinutesMay 2015 Minutes

April 2015 MinutesApril 2015 Minutes

March 2015 MinutesMarch 2015 Minutes

February 2015 MinutesFebruary 2015 Minutes

December 2014 MinutesDecember 2014 Minutes

November 2014 MinutesNovember 2014 Minutes

2014 Roster Night Instructions

All coaches are to bring one copy of their roster for each coach in their division. Another copy will be given to the Webmaster. The final copy (which will have attached all Contracts, Birth Certificates, Releases) will be given to the League during the meeting.


2015 LVL League Directory

2015 LVL Directory2015 LVL Directory

2014 Minutes


2014 Schedules

These schedules will not be altered. Any changes made will be reflected on the "Schedules" page of the website.




2014 Minutes






June 2014 MinutesJune 2014 Minutes

2014 League Directory

Updated 5/4 - 3:45 p.m.


2015 Constitution

2015 Constitution2015 Constitution

LVL Release Form


Appendix C & D

updated 3/11/2012


2014 Contract


2014 Coach Rep Form

This form is still good for the 2014 season.


Appendix C & D

updated 3/11/2012


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