Lehigh Valley Little Baseball League: Welcome

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Little Baseball League. Our league offers highly competitive baseball for players at the Biddy, Midget, and Knee Hi levels throughout the Lehigh Valley.


The next meeting is Wednesday, June 3 @ Triboro - 8:30 p.m. 

2015 Meeting Schedule (subject to change):

April 15 - Roster Night TBA (2015 Roster Night Instructions is located in Handouts)
May 6
June 3
June ??? - Playoff Meeting TBA


2015 Organization Fee: $170.00

2015 LVLBL Team Fee: $80.00 per team

Current Fines Due:

South Parkland Grey Biddy: Roster Form Submission $25.00

Schadt Ave: Representative not @ May 6 meeting: $15.00

Hokey: Knee-hi coach not @ May 6 meeting: $15.00 

Coplay: Biddy coach not @ May 6 meeting: $15.00 

Lower Macungie Biddy: late submission of game information: $20.00

Northwest Bethlehem Biddy: late submission of game information: $20.00 

Northern Valley Knee-hi: late submissioin of game information: $20.00 


Scorekeeping Fines:


Biddy: South Parkland Grey

Midget: Freemansburg

Knee-Hi: South Parkland

Congratulations to all!


Both teams are responsible for reporting the scores, pitchers, innings pitched and pitch counts for all players within 48 hours. No excuses will be accepted.

Report Your Scores

You will receive a confirming email that your score was received. If you do not receive confirmation within 12 hours, you should resend the information.