Lubbock Youth Football League: Rules

Friday, September 30
Coaches Meeting Notes 9-30-2011

Bulletin from the 9-30-2011 Coaches Meeting

Coaches and Parents,

Coaches and Parents please do NOT allow a player on the field who is wearing a SPIRIT BRACELET.  If you have a player come on the field with the bracelet the team will be charged with a time-out, if they have any time-outs left.  If they do not have a time-out, it is a 5 yard penalty.  

Additionally, we have noticed mouth pieces that are not being used, dangling from facemasks...the same penalty applies.  It is a charged time out.  If there are no time outs remaining it becomes a 5 yard penalty.

Thursday, April 21
2012 Weight Limits

Weight Limits by age group for Lubbock YFL 2012

11-12 year olds. limit is 145 lbs.

10 year olds limit is 125 lbs.

9 year olds limit is 100 lbs.

8 year olds limit is 83 lbs.

7 year olds limit is 73 lbs.

5-6 year olds limit is 53 lbs.

Any player above these weight limits will not be allowed to be a ball carrier and will also be required to start a play in a three point stance.