Lubbock Youth Football League: Coaches Corner

Monday, June 27
Good page for coaches to review

Friday, September 30
Bulletin from the 9-30-2011 Coaches Meeting

Coaches and Parents:

Players are NOT allowed on the field wearing a SPIRIT BRACELET.  If you have a player come on the field the team gets a charged time-out, if they have any time-outs left.  If they do not have a time-out, it is a 5 yard penalty.   Additionally, we have noticed mouth pieces that are not being used, dangling from facemasks...the same penalty applies.  It is a charged time out.  If there are no time outs remaining it becomes a 5 yard penalty.

Friday, October 7
Weather and LYFL Games Announcement

From J.R. Castilleja:

Want to remind all the teams and coaches, we will not cancel any games unless the weather turns for the worse, and if we do, we will notify each head coach and they will contact the players and parents on that team.  There is a possibility that we could move back the games to see what the weather will do.  So make sure you do not just drop off your kids and come back later.  I understand some teams ask their kids to be there early, but we want to make sure everyone stays until we are able to decide if a game is canceled or not.  Thanks and have a safe weekend.

Tuesday, August 14
Practice Guidelines

Coaches, your team must practice at least five days in shorts and helmets before moving to helmet and pads for three days.  The first day for FULL pads practice is August 16 for teams who have completed the above.  Our GOAL is SAFETY 1st, for players and coaches.