Lubbock Western Little League: Welcome

Sunday, March 1

2015 Schedules will be here soon! Please ask your coach for more information.


Team Jerseys will be here soon!!!

Sunday, March 1
2015 Dates To Remember

2015 Season Starts March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 1
2015 Field Day Program March 14, 2015 9:00 a.m.

2015 Field Maintenance Program

Western Little League


  • Managers/Coaches are encouraged to recruit parents and/or players to help.  
  • Start by 9:00 am so we are done in plenty of time.  
  • Please bring the following tools:  Trash bags, weed eaters, brooms, blowers, dust pans, edgers, wash rags, gloves.


Weekly responsibilities:


  1. Pick up trash in the inside and outside of the field to include stands, surrounding warm-up areas, batting cages, beyond the outfield and the concession area. Please try to put collected trash in trash bags, not in the trash barrels.  The barrels are supposed to be dumped by the city.  However, if they are full, please empty them and replace trash bag.  Empty all trash bags in the dumpster on the north side of the complex.
  2. Sweep or blow dirt/sunflower seeds, etc from under and around the bleachers.  If necessary, hose down the stands.
  3. Weed eat around the field and surrounding areas if needed.  This includes both sides of the outfield fence and around the batting cages.  
  4. We will try to have somebody there to open the score box.  They should be at the field at 8:30.  If it is open, then please take out trash, wipe counter tops, and clean the window.
  5. Check bathrooms to see if trash is emptied and there are toilet paper and paper towels.
  6. Rake the infield if necessary. Rake horizontally between the bases instead of pulling dirt onto the grass where it eventually causes shoulders to build up.
  7. If a pitching mound needs work, then rake dirt from the bottom of the mound upward and then tap it down.


We truly appreciate your help in maintaining the rich tradition of Western Little League.  These fields are a nice gift to our kids and a true source of pride for this community.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact 


Brad White Scot Henry

577-7082 cell 438-9765 Cell




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Thursday, January 9
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