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Thursday, January 15
Practice starts soon
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Cardinals, We are going to start going to the Lee Summit Fitness center in Lee’s Summit once a week starting the week of January 19th. They have 2 batting cages and a pitching tunnel for us to use. The cost will be about $20.00 a week. We will divide the cost up evenly among the players. It will be from 6-7 on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Let me know which day will be best for you. I will email out the day after I get the team’s votes counted.

The plans remain the same about going to indoor practice once a week for 6 weeks before the weather turns warm and going to the indoor batting cages 4 weeks before the weather turns warm. More details will follow as we get closer to the actual start up dates.

I’ve set a team checking account at Commerce bank. I and Steve Williams will have access to the question. I’ve attached the new Cardinal team policy for your approval. Let me know if you would like to see any changes or additions.

If you have not mailed or given me a check yet (Jeremy, Luke and Ted, you can ignore this…for right now. J) please make out the $100.00 check to me and send it to the address below:

Doug Morris

2608 SW 10th Street

Lee’s Summit, Mo. 64081

Friday, January 16
First Practice date announced

We will have our first practice this Tuesday from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at Summit Fitness in Lee’s Summit. The time got changed from our original time of 6:00. It was already booked up for the next 4 weeks 6:00 -7:00. Wear your cup if you are a catcher. The rest of the team just bring your helmet and bat. Pitchers make sure to bring your glove. We have rented the 2 batting cages and the pitching tunnel for our teams use. Just go in the main door and have someone point you to the cages.

You need directions to the fitness center you can get them here http://www.eteamz.com/lscardinals/locations/

Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Tuesday, January 20
More Practice Dates Announced

Great practice tonight. It was really fun seeing the team again after having a few months off. It was also great to meet some new friends for the first time. I can see that we are going to surprise some teams. We are going to have good pitching. That will take you far into those tournaments.

The next practice is on Tuesday the 27th at 7:00 at Summit Fitness. Please look at the Cardinals website and see all of the rest of the practices and dates that we have something planned as a team. The calendar is located here:


We will be adding more batting cage practice’s to the calendar after the Coach’s staff meeting on Thursday. The full indoor practices are scheduled and posted on the site. We will mainly be going out to Sports City in Blue Springs but will go to the new MVP sports complex in Greenwood for one practice. The calendar is now correct and those dates won’t change.

After the Coach’s meeting on Thursday we also hope to post the tournaments and the weekends we will play this summer on the calendar.

You will see information on the home page about a baseball clinic I and David will attend. It’s only $20.00. Some of these clinics can cost you hundred’s of dollars. Think about going to the clinic. It is a good way to get a little more practice in before the weather turns warm.

We have 3 new members of the Cardinal team family.

Dillon Hill, Kyle Croy and Luke Wiles.

Welcome to the team!

I will get the 3 new members set up with memberships on the site tomorrow. You will then be able to vote as a full team member.

Team, if your son wants his own account and passwords for the site please send me the email for your son to use and I’ll set it up on the site. I’m going to send out an email about the Cardinal site soon.

For the new team members…..If you do see the “Please Reply” in the subject line of the email I’m expecting a reply. All I need is an Okay coach, got it nothing fancy. If you don’t see the “Please Reply” it’s just information. That saves me from having to get on the phone and call 12 team members and leave voicemails/messages with siblings that you may or may not get. I truly appreciate your help!

Coach Doug

Cards Spin
Friday, January 23
Cardinal Team and Tournament update
We have scheduled the 5 regularly scheduled tournaments we will play in this year. The dates are posted on the team’s website calendar. We scheduled every other weekend in May and June and a pre season tournament at Legacy in April. We are going to play on Memorial Day weekend but we will not play on the July 4th weekend.

We have several polls that you need to take out on the website. You will need a user ID and password if you haven't got one already. The only 2 places on the site you will need a password is the Roster and to vote for the team decisions. You need to vote on:

Which day you want to schedule the rest of the indoor batting/pitching practices until the weather gets warm.

Which days to practice on during the regular season?
The Nationals and Mo. State Championship idea.
Do you like our new Cardinals logo for the website?

We are going to consider playing in some post season tournaments. The coaches will not decide whether we play in the post season or not play. It will be a majority vote by the players/parents. Each parent/player family has one vote just like the rest of the surveys that the team does. The voting results are publicly available for all to see.

Look at the handout section. I've posted out there some information on the Nationals and State Championships. This will be in addition to the 5 tournaments already planned. Look at the information and decide if this is something you might like to do. There's a place to vote in the Survey says section here:
Cardinals Survey Says Section
You can get all the information about this idea here:
Coach Handout Section
If you haven't replied to let me know that you know about practice on Tuesday....Consider this a reminder.
See ya all on Tuesday!
Coach Doug.

Wednesday, January 28
Cardinal Regular Scheduled Tournament's Finalized.
Baseball Blink
We have finalized the 5 regularly scheduled tournaments that we will play this season. The tournaments are posted on the teams calendar here: Cardinals Calender

We will play 2 tournaments at Legacy Park. One tournament at Longview College. One in Oak Grove and One at the Field of Dreams complex in Basehor, Ks.(out by Bonner Springs, Ks.) These are all 3 game guarantee tournaments. We will not play in a 4th of July tournament. The cost will be:

Legacy Park pre season tourney $150.00
Oak Gove AA Sonic Slam $275.00
Field of Dreams in Basehor $265.00
Memorial Day tourney (Legacy) $275.00
Longview College USSSA AA Tourney $300.00
For a total = $ 1, 265.00

This will add 15-18 games to our 14 game league schedule for a total of 30- 31 games for the year......Now we need to talk the post season....

This is strictly optional for the team. Each player and his family get one vote. Majority rules. I don't decide for the team. The coaches don't decide. The parents/players decide. This is your team, not the coaches team.

If you haven't voted already then you need to vote on the website here:
Cardinals Survey Says Section

If you like the idea of going to the State Championship in Joplin, Mo and the "Nationals" in Lenexa, ks. There is lots of information in the Coaches Handout section on our website about this option. Look in the Tournament section here: Coaches Handouts

BTW, if we do go play in the State Championship in Joplin, Janet's uncle who lives down there close by Joplin said he'd get his whole church to root us on. LOL. Coach Doug.


What days do you want to practice on once the season starts?

Sunday, February 29
Should the team have drinks and snacks after games?

Deciding on Trading Pins, Team Magnets, Window clings

Sunday, February 8
Practice and Team Update
Baseball pulsate
Don’t forget that the next practice is on Wednesday at 7:00. There are several new practices that were added to the team’s calendar. You will need to go to the team’s website to get the latest practice dates.

There is a new rule in the Lee’s Summit League that says every player must slide into 2nd, 3rd or home if there is a play. If the player doesn’t slide he will be out. Every time you are on first and going to second to steal you will have to slide. If it’s a bad throw or late, doesn’t matter you are out if you don’t slide. And no pop up slides either. So with this new rule we will need to practice our sliding a lot this spring so the players don’t hurt themselves sliding into the base.

The Cardinals team will buy a sliding mat for us to practice our sliding form. All players will be required to wear sliding shorts to practice and games. This will help with the players getting less sliding burns and be more confident in their sliding ability. The player will be responsible for the cost of the sliding shorts. If you don’t already have a pair of sliding shorts I have 20% off baseball apparel coupons from Dicks Sporting Goods to give out to the team. I also have coupons for baseball cleats, bats, gloves etc…Just ask next time you see me. I’ve got a sheet of coupons for every player.

The Cardinals will be buying each player on the team a new baseball equipment bag for them to use to get their bats, gloves and equipment to practices and games. This purchase has been made possible by the generous donations from the team’s parents to help support their son’s team. Each bag will cost approx. $30.00. They are nice large Nike equipment bags. We can put the players name and or number on the bags if we choose to do so (sounds like another team poll to me…). When the other team sees all the same equipment bags hanging up in the dugout it can be quite intimidating, especially if they have the players name and numbers on them.

In addition to the generous donations from parents (if I’ve not twisted your arm yet…I’ll be visiting you soon. Lol.) We also have a verbal commitment to the Cardinals to sponsor the $1,400.00 league fee. More on that to follow later when all the t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.

We will soon launch our T-Shirt fundraiser for the team party. The money raised is used to fund the Cardinals end of the year team party. But to be honest the fundraising is secondary to the main goal…..To have every players Parent, Grandparent, Brother, sister and friend in the stands wearing the same Cardinals 2004 T-Shirt. We have done this on the Cardinals team the last 2 seasons. I’d like to see every player’s family member that comes to a game wearing the Cardinal T-shirt. The Cardinal T-shirt promotes the team unity and fun spirit the Cardinals are famous for (okay…. going to famous for). You can even have your son’s number put on your T-Shirt. Having the parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents sitting in the stand wearing the same color and shirt not only shows that you are proud of your son’s team is also says loudly to your son that you are here to support him wholeheartly. To the rest of the teams that the Cardinals play against it says that we are one way too cool team….tee hee.. You can see the order form and what the T-shirt will look like on the web in the Coaches Handout section under the Parent section.

The Cardinals will have the best quality uniforms. Every player will have the same equipment bag. The Cardinals catchers will have the latest and best in catcher’s equipment. We will have a Cardinals team banner to proudly display at games. A loud section of Cardinal fan’s wearing the same red Cardinal 2004 T-shirt cheering for their player and his teammates. We are going to be styling…….It’s going to be a great season!

Coach Doug

Playing in a tournament June 25th

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