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Get Directions to LOYOLA COLLEGEBaltimore Local Weather
Sean MacDonnell
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland

Pete Wolf (FOUNDER 1988, CLUB PRESIDENT 1988-1990)

Get Map to Pete Wolf  (FOUNDER 1988, CLUB PRESIDENT 1988-1990) 13 Buena Vista Court
Allenhurst, New Jersey
Started Club & sold t-shirts for Recreation Dept..

Slammed hand in disgust during a match vs Jesus & the rest of George Mason's Club team in 1991.

Wife   Meredith
Daughter Malia
Son      Mason
Phone: 7325315338

Bill Murray (HEAD COACH 1998-2003), (CLUB PREZ 1991-1993)

Get Map to Bill Murray  (HEAD COACH 1998-2003), (CLUB PREZ 1991-1993) 1 Gunview Farm Court
Perry Hall, Maryland
Currently Living in Perry Hall, MD
Got Married to Susan Vach of Timonium, MD on April 27th 2002
Working at Office Depot Columbia, MD
Coaching IND HS Volleyball & Loyola Men's Club
Superskins Fan
Had backsurgery in summer of 2001 to Repair Damage done while hitting for the Hounds in early 90's.
Phone: 4102482873

Bobby Love (CLUB PRESIDENT 1999-2001), HEAD COACH 2004

Get Map to Bobby Love  (CLUB PRESIDENT  1999-2001), HEAD COACH 2004 6033 Jerrys Drive
Columbia, Maryland
Loyola Club President   1999-2001
"Club Officer of the Year 2001"

A "Dad" to just about everyone...

Still one of the most favorite presidents in Loyola Club History... Total Charm...Like Brandon Walsh..90210
Phone: 4107078072

$$$$Evan Curran (CLUB PRESIDENT 2001-2003)$$$$

Get Map to $$$$Evan Curran  (CLUB PRESIDENT 2001-2003)$$$$ 1 Fraternity Lane
Stony Brook, New York
4 Year Starter (1999-2003)
2-Time All Conference Selection (2002 & 2003)
2003 Centennial Conference Administrator of the Year


While Cash was team president, he led Hounds to 2 Consecutive Centennial Conference Championships and a 20-4 Conference record.

Cash is currently a Kindergarten Teacher on Long Island. He also a member of a formidable beach team with Dinero.
Phone: 6318716568

DR Greg Booth (CLUB PRESIDENT 1994-1995)

Get Map to DR Greg Booth  (CLUB PRESIDENT 1994-1995) 1674 Bay Road
Miami Beach, Florida
DR. Booth tried to break down the door at Jackal's apt in 1992 during a lame ass volleyball party...
Phone: 3057903988
Fax: 2673541231

Chris Edwards (CLUB PRESIDENT 1996-1998)

Get Map to Chris Edwards (CLUB PRESIDENT 1996-1998) 3807 Hamilton Drive
Voorhees, New Jersey

Club President 1996-1998
Phone: 856-651-0208

Pat Richard

Get Map to Pat Richard 3 1st Tee Court
Baltimore, Maryland
Wife: Annie
Daughter : Liza
Phone: 4104868306

Andy Pokora

Loyola Club 1998-2001 4yr starter
"Most Valuable Player 2001"
Led team in kills,aces,passing

Aaron Schissler

Get Map to Aaron Schissler 7066 Ridge Road
Marriottsville, Maryland

wife   Jen
Phone: U

Matt Reder

Get Map to Matt Reder 3826 Beachwood Place
Seaford, New York
Wife to be Nicole
Phone: 516-783-5325

Edgar Palerm

  B-2 Villas de Caparra
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Played on Club team 1988-1991.

"Can somebody go down to Gardens & find Edgar again?"    "Wasn't he at Gator's last night ?"

Tim Moeller

Get Map to Tim Moeller 8526 Rosecroft Terrace
Ellicott City, Maryland
Phone: 4107502790

Brian Leavy

Get Map to Brian Leavy 405 Oakton Way
Abingdon, Maryland
Phone: 410-569-7047

Steve Kang

Get Map to Steve Kang 909 West University Parkway
Baltimore, Maryland
Phone: 4104672243

Craig Weaver

Get Map to Craig Weaver 913 Breakwater Drive
Annapolis, Maryland
Phone: 4102957381

Matt Ward

Get Map to Matt Ward 201 Larch Place
Stevensville, Maryland
Matt & Sherri live on Eastern Shore of MD. Matt Teaches HS.. coaches cross-country & track.   

two sons.. Ryan   5 yr old, Jake 2 yrs old
word on street: kids can take Matt in Lax.
Phone: 4106042889

Ryan Tures

Julio Dinero "Ryan", started weakside or middle all 4 yrs of his college career for the houndzzz. A Strong Island Native. Named First Team All EIVA Centennial Conference in 2002. One half of the legendary E-Z Money Tandem with Johnny Cash "Evan."

Rick Wisniewski

Get Map to Rick Wisniewski 105 Emily Lane
Mullica, New Jersey
"Tripod"...currently playing in a coed vball league. Looking to play beach
this summer. Needs a partner. Working for Campbell Soup

& "B-Eagles Fan"
Phone: 8562235243

Greg Goodrich

Get Map to Greg Goodrich 1650 Sunstone Drive
McLean, Maryland
Put up with our crap....all 4 yrs...
Phone: 7033564513

Dave Burke

Get Map to Dave Burke 26 Tilton Court
Nottingham, Maryland
Current Assistant Coach for Loyola Men's Club team.

Played on Club team from 1988-1991.
Phone: 4109336671

Jim Schmidtlein

Get Map to Jim Schmidtlein 10301 Grosvenor Place #1610
Rockville, Maryland
Played well at Club Nationals in Austin, TX in 1993
Phone: 2404472032

Rob Royer

Get Map to Rob Royer 6 Ozark Court
Durham, North Carolina
Phone: 9194052176

Rick Schwenk

Get Map to Rick Schwenk 5420 Premire Hills Circle
Suite 212
Woodland Hills, California
Phone: 818-635-1531

Matt McLaughlin (HEAD COACH 1995-1998)

Get Map to Matt McLaughlin   (HEAD COACH 1995-1998) 9222 Deer Xing
Lorton, Virginia
Head Coach 1995-1998
Phone: 7036904901

Sue Gelston Dumars (HEAD COACH 1989-1990)

Get Map to Sue Gelston Dumars  (HEAD COACH 1989-1990) 150 Leeds Rd
York, Pennsylvania
Head Coach 1989-1990

After coaching the Hounds at Frostburg Tourney in 1990, "Do you want me to leave???"
Phone: 7178452463

Jake Wisbeck

Get Map to Jake Wisbeck 928 Ryecroft Ct
Severna Park, Maryland

Phone: 4105444935

Bill Constantakis

Get Map to Bill Constantakis 85 North Third Street
Brooklyn, New York

Phone: 7189637032

Kevin O'Hara

Get Map to Kevin O'Hara 303 E 83rd Street
Apt 18C
New York, New York
Phone: 2034222327

Jim Gower

Jerry Campbell

Steve Fabijanski

Get Map to Steve Fabijanski 6802 Maple Leaf Court, #202
Baltimore, Maryland
Played on Club team 1989-1990

Set up a Big Lunch at his folks place in Big Pool, MD ...after a Frostburg Tourney.
Phone: 410-580-1374
Fax: 4105452544

Dr. Pedro Piza

Get Map to Dr. Pedro Piza Edgar Palerm C/O Dr. Pedro Piza
PO BOX 9091
Santurce, Puerto Rico

Mike Booth (HEAD COACH 1994)

Head Coach   1994

John Condon

Tim Buckland

Get Map to Tim Buckland 1777 North Vermont Avenue
Apt 204
Los Angeles, California
Phone: 3236679762

Dave Rauser

Dave Lotierzo

Joe Kinslow

Get Map to Joe Kinslow 23 E. Fort Ave
Baltimore, Maryland
Phone: 4102300682

Dan Orlaski

Get Map to Dan Orlaski 11 Andover Drive
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Phone: 5164735283

Mike Cooper

Get Map to Mike Cooper 109 Margate Road
Lutherville, Maryland

Phone: 4105831840

Dan Carr

Get Map to Dan Carr 6 Clear Skys Court
Apt 201
Baltimore, Maryland
Current Coach of Loyola Women's Club
Phone: 4105801182

Dave Piacente

Get Map to Dave Piacente 189 Lockwood Avenue
Yonkers, New York
"Little Penny"
Hurt other teams with very bad words...

Phone: 9149697541

Jim O'Connor

Get Map to Jim O'Connor 2 Vannina Place
Huntington, New York

Ryan Woodcock

Get Map to Ryan Woodcock 2572 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut
Best Middle Ever.... 1996-2000

Even DIV 1 teams were scared from his hitting... EIVA Centennial All-Star 2000
Phone: 5187981915

Paul Rapp

Get Map to Paul Rapp 2044 Larkin Street
San Francisco, California
Phone: 4155723840

Paul Boemler

Get Map to Paul Boemler 11312 Second Avenue
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Phone: 6093680194

Brad Guyton

Get Map to Brad Guyton 1018 Lindsay Lane
Hagerstown, Maryland

Phone: 2024631200

Bill Diffendale

Get Map to Bill Diffendale 5929 Western Run Drive
Apt A
Baltimore, Maryland
Current Loyola Women's Club Volleyball Coach

Tristan Reyes Alvarado

Get Map to Tristan Reyes Alvarado 612 Hoare Street
Apt# 301
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Unintentionally left at Austin Bar on 5th Street...was chased by wild dogs but did manage to make it back to hotel during texas nationals in 1993.

....sorry Tristen
Phone: 7873603893

Cam Mao

Todd Boukamp

  #1 Boukamp Place
Grad Student who simply loved the game & ...

"Kicked butt @ Irish Sea...Military Training paid off."

Matt Casio

Neil Wolfe "PRIMETIME"

Get Map to Neil Wolfe   301 Longwood Road
(parents address)
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Simply....Primetime... Just like Stevie Francis, he played major college ball for one yr. Not sure if he actually went to school at Loyola...but he was good.
Phone: 4107668366

Jeffrey Pelligrino


"thanks" ...Tim Moeller

Josh Semler

Get Map to Josh Semler 5260 Earles Ct
Frederick, Maryland
Tallest Player EVER for Loyola Vball at 6'8"
Could not stop blocking opposing teams setter.
Presented team with "Safety Moose" in 1992.

Phone: 3016680860

Danny Chung

Laura McCall-Something (HEAD COACH 1988-1989)

Laurie Snow-Something (HEAD COACH 1991-1993)


In an attempt to model his lifestyle after the other meatheads on the team Peter hits the weight room with the same resolve with which he aproaches the Bible and organic chemistry. While currently showing no results of muscle gain or toning from his efforts Pete never misses a day. In a related study opponents ranked Peter as one of their favorite opponents because he "scores more points for us then some of our hitters do"

Wenger has been unable to focus on volleyball full time this year. With offers coming in from everywhere to model, the pube twist has been unable to fulfill all of his requirements. He can now be seen in stuff magazine, as well as his recent campaign for Aeropostale. He may not be the smartest med student, but he can "lift heavy things."

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