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Lower Merion Rams Youth Football

Youth tackle football has returned to Lower Merion Township. The Lower Merion Rams youth football program will be playing in the prestigious Bert Bell Memorial Football Football Conference against other suburban Philadelphia teams. This is your child's opportunity to be a part of the townships grand football tradition. The Lower Merion Rams is a full contact, tackle football team, dedicated to providing area boys with superior instruction, training and competition. This program is opened to residents of LOWER MERION SCHOOL DISTRICT ( Lower Merion Township and Narberth Borough) as well as surrounding communities.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

 Dear Lower Merion Ram Parents,

 As you may or may not have heard by now, we havedecided to continue our efforts to start youth tackle football in Lower MerionTownship for 2012 as opposed to 2011.  This was not an easy decisionbecause there has been a tremendous amount of effort put toward making tacklefootball available to our community in 2011.  There have been severalmeetings, signs and footballs ordered, meetings with equipment providers andBert Bell representatives, acquired home game and practice field locations, andwe still had a long way to go.  After all of this effort, we asked twobasic questions, “Do we feel comfortable that we can provide a qualityprogram?” and “Would we feel comfortable in allowing our children toparticipate in this program?” The resounding answer to both of those questionswas, “NO”.


         1.      As of July 13, we had only 30 kids signed up and only enough for one 80lb team.  Our requirement with Bert Bell is fielding at least 3 teams on80lb, 100lb, 120lb, or 150lb team. Most organizations do not field a 150pound team. We only had enough for one 80lb team.  With other leaguesfilling up, we wanted to give you an opportunity to join other tackleorganizations in time so a late penalty will not be incurred.

 2.      We only had 3 coaches signed up to coach.  Even if we had bareminimum amount of coach participation, we would need at least 9 (3 coaches perteam.)  All coaches need to go thru background check and child abuseclearance.

         3.      We had a practice location secured at the JCC at a cost of $50 perevening. We feel it is important to practice 2 nights per week at a cost of$100 per week. In LM Township, there is not one field that has lights.  Wewould need to rent portable lights beginning in mid-October so we couldpractice when it becomes dark earlier in day.

        4.      In order to run program, we needed as estimated $20K for equipment,insurance, uniforms, balls, etc.  We were way behind in having enoughfunds and would be running program on credit.

        5.      The bulk of work was initiated by 5 people.  In comparison to otherleagues, football board has at least 10-12 members.  Outside of that, theyhave strong support from at least another 10-15 parents fulfilling variousresponsibilities outside of the coaches.  In order for LM Rams to besuccessful, we simply need more committed individuals to help launch program

       6. Kathleen McNulty has a web site (http://www.eteamz.com/lowermerionramsyouthfootball/ ) up andrunning. 

       7. We need additional volunteers for our executive board.

               Marketing Director- Need a couple of creativevolunteers

               Fundraiser- Need at least two volunteers; WE ARESTARTING AT GROUND ZERO, with a cost of about $300 - $350 per player

                Cheer leading- We need a volunteer

                 Equipment Director- We need a volunteer and we needa place to store our equipment

 Thefollowing options below are alternatives for your children:


1.       Full refund of registration.  Please email BobLee the address where he should mail your refund check.

2.       We’ve reached out to Haverford Youth Football andthey are extending their late fee due date for registration from July 15th toAugust 1st.   If you want a full refund, please letme know and I’ll process checks today. Marple Newtown, Connestoga and King ofPrussia have programs. You can get a full listing of programs by going to theBert Bell Web site, www.bertbell.org .

 3.       You can join in one of the flag football programs inLower Merion township and Narberth Next Level Sports (www.nlsports.org) .Contact Kyle Helton at kyle@nlsports.org with questions.

Narberth Athletic Association (www.narberthaa.com).Contact Kathleen McNulty at yipperk@gmail.com  with questions. 

If there is any lasting message, we want you toknow that LM Rams is not finished, we are still very determined to bring aquality program to Narberth and Lower Merion Township for our children. Ourweb site, (http://www.eteamz.com/lowermerionramsyouthfootball/) willhave updates posted as they happen. Please go to it often and direct anyoneelse interested to the site as well.

Wewill be having our next meeting in August and every month after to make surethis happens and that we’re prepared for next season.  You will benotified when we are having our next meeting and you are welcomed to attend, IFyou are willing to rollup your sleeves with us to help get this tackle footballprogram off of the ground.

 We sincerely thank the parents that were able tojoin us, and we continue to solicit your support and feedback.

 If you have any questions or suggestions, pleasefeel free to ask any current board member.


John Morgan ( mudderfw201@aol.com ) 

 Kathleen McNulty ( yipperk@gmail.com)

 Kyle Helton ( kyle@nlsports.org  )