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Last updated
07-26-15 08:51 PM
Get Directions to Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League WebsiteLowell Local Weather
Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League Website
Corey Eichenbaum
406 West Sixth street
Lowell, Massachusetts
Lowell Sunday Softball League Website

Hello and welcome to Lowell Sunday Softball League Website. A league that is fair, fun and balanced. This site should be very helpful and should help keep our league more organized. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the Sun you can get the latest weather report. If you are looking to join this league please visit our "How to join our league" page. 


League News:
The rain out from week 4 (5/31) will be made up at the end of the season.
Opening Day is scheduled for April 19, 2015 but will most likely be delayed due to the permits not being released.
The Lowell Sunday Softball League would like to thank the Bombers and the MisFits for all the wonderful seasons they allowed us to play against them. 

Any teams interested in joining the league please contact Corey Eichenbaum by email at

2015 Standings:

Team Won Lost Streak Pct RF RA GB
1- Garcia Brogan's  12  3 Won 2 0.786 299 167 ___
2- Boathouse  11  3 Won 6 0.769 237 111 0.5
3- Bustonians  10  4 Lost 2 0.769 189 105 1.5
4- All Stars  10  5 Won 1 0.692 212 168 2.0
5- Filthy Animals  9  5 Lost 1 0.692 199 134 2.5
6- Smokehouse  7  6

Lost 1 

0.545 156 171 4.0
7- L.Y.L.  4  9 Lost 1 0.333 130 188 7.0
8- Warriors  3  11 Lost 7 0.231 129 218 8.5
    Master Batters  3  12 Won 1 0.143 103 249 9.0
    Sons of Pitches  1  12 Won 1 0.000 60 239 10.0

Final Homerun leaders:

ASA Non Approved bat list:  Click here for the list
 Player  Team  HR
 Tom Klemm  Boathouse  12
 Jorge Lorenzo  All Stars  11
 Dan Jones  All Stars  10
 Keith Aucoin  Bustonians  9
 Justin Dietz  Boathouse  8
 Greg Francis  Boathouse  8
 Misael Diaz  All Stars  7
 Kevin "Skooba" Hamel  Boathouse  7
 Matt Hebert  Warriors  6
 Harry McDonald  All Stars  5
 Todd Shulman  Boathouse  5
 Jeff Gallison  Bustonians  4
 Brian Jacobs  Garcia Brogan's  4
 Rick LeDuc  Garcia Brogan's  4
 Ricky Smith  Bustonians  4
 Ryan Tripp  Garcia Brogan's  4
 Bruce Brown  Smokehouse  3
 Brian Gardner  Garcia Brogan's  3
 Craig Harmon  Filthy Animals  3
 Dan Loureiro  L.Y.L.  3
 Don "Duck" Ouellette  Filthy Animals  3
 Chris Pope  Bustonians  3
 Jay Raschi  Garcia Brogan's  3
 Paul Sferrazza  Filthy Animals  3
 Scotty Sodre  Smokehouse  3
 Derek Anderson  Boathouse  2
 Dan Aucoin  Boathouse   2 
 Ricky Bennett  Master Batters  2
 Dave Brady  Warriors  2
 Brett Frazier  Master Batters  2
 Gamaliel Martinez  Smokehouse  2
 CJ Monoxelos  Smokehouse  2
 Shawn "Tool" Moorhouse  Filthy Animals  2
 Angel Nales  Filthy Animals  2
 BJ Nelson  Garcia Brogan's  2
 Braulio Rodriguez  Filthy Animals  2
 Dave "Sleeves" Texiera  Smokehouse  2 
 Joel Waithe  Garcia Brogan's  2 
 Mike Abdindor  Boathouse   1 
 Phil Aucoin  Bustonians  1
 Josh Clark  Bustonians  1 
 Mike Collins  Warriors  1 
 Chris Dowd  Boathouse  1 
 John Henry  Master Batters  1
 Evan Iliopoulis  Bustonians  1
 Angel Mercado  All Star's  1
 Jody McGill  Garcia Brogan's   1 
 Jon Pasquariello  Warriors  1 
 Ed "Lefty" Sanchez  Boathouse   1 
 Kevin "Smitty" Smith  Filthy Animals   1
 Mike Smith  Bustonians  1 
 Ryan Tuttle  Bustonians  1
 All other players  tied with  0 

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    Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League Website
    Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League Website
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