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Last updated
01-29-15 08:52 PM
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Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League Website
Corey Eichenbaum
406 West Sixth street
Lowell, Massachusetts
Lowell Sunday Softball League Website

Hello and welcome to Lowell Sunday Softball League Website. A league that is fair, fun and balanced. This site should be very helpful and should help keep our league more organized. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the Sun you can get the latest weather report. If you are looking to join this league please visit our "How to join our league" page. 


League News:
First round playoffs time and location TBD
Warriors @ Bombers - North Common 12pm
All Stars @ Garcia Brogan's - North Common 4pm
Smokehouse @ Filthy Animals - Harry Allen 12pm
La Luna @ MisFits - Harry Allen 4pm
This years Paul Lanzillo Memorial One Pitch Tournament will be held on September 27 and 28 at Jokers in Dracut. For more information please see Greg Francis, Emily Francis, Tom Saucier, or Bobby Theriault.
Congratulations! Bobby Theriault for breaking the league home run record,Angel Nales held the record since 2004 with 20 HRs in 17 games, Jody McGill and Tom Clemm both tied Angel's record last season with 20 in 18 games, Bobby has an astonishing 22 Home Runs in 11 games with 7 games to go. Please vote on the poll below!
We had a great opening day, it looks like teams got stronger over the off season. Good luck to everyone the rest of the year! 
Any teams interested in joining the league please contact Corey Eichenbaum by email at

2014 Standings:

Team Won Lost Streak Pct RF RA GB
1- Bombers  17  1 Won 15 0.944 351 151 ___
2- Garcia Brogan's  14  4 Won 11 0.778 286 183  3
3- Filthy Animals  13  5 Won 2 0.722 306 160  4
4- MisFits  11  7 Won 1 0.611 243 182  6
5- La Luna  8  10 Won 1 0.444 217 222  9
6- Smokehouse  8  10 Won 1 0.444 220 229  9
7- All Stars  8  10 Won 1 0.444 216 222  9
8- Warriors  7  11 Lost 2 0.389 216 262  10
    Wombats  3  15 Lost 1 0.267 96 225  14
    Sunday Shenanigans  1  17 Lost 15 0.056 52 350  17

Final Homerun leaders:

ASA Non Approved bat list:  Click here for the list
Player Team HR
 Bobby Theriault  Bombers  25
 Greg Francis  Bombers  15
 Jeff Trainor  Bombers   15
 Bruce Brown  Smokehouse  10
 Tom Gowing  La Luna  10
 Angely DeLiza  Garcia Brogan's  8
 Don "Duck" Ouellette  Filthy Animals  8
 Misael Diaz  All Stars  7 
 Chris Dowd  Smokehouse  7 
 Kevin "Skooba" Hamel  Filthy Animals   7 
 Shaun Trainor  Bombers   7 
 Harry MacDonald  All Stars  6 
 Dennis Morrissette Jr  Filthy Animals  6
 Jonathan Ozuna  All Stars  6
 Angel Nales  Filthy Animals  5
 Ricky Smith  Garcia Brogan's  5
 Craig Harmon  Filthy Animals  4
 Dennis Ryan  Smokehouse  4 
 Joel Waithe  Garcia Brogan's  4
 Shawn Lemire  Bombers  3 
 Jody McGill  Garcia Brogan's  3 
 Angel Mercado  All Stars  3
 Shawn Moorhouse  Filthy Animals   3 
 Paul Sferrazza  Filthy Animals   3 
 Jon Rhynd  Warriors   3 
 Luis "Wiko" Rivera  All Stars  3
 John Bissonnette  MisFits  2
 Dave Boucher  Filthy Animals  2 
 Sam Davidson  Wombats  2
 Rick Killeen  La Luna  2 
 Jimmy Mailea  Smokehouse  2 
 Corey Sousa  La Luna  2 
 Matt Austin  Wombats  1 
 Jay Bozek  Bombers   1 
 Chris Cesario  MisFits  1 
 Kurt Chipman  La Luna   1 
 Mikey Collins  Warriors  1 
 Drew Doyle  Wombats  1
 Jimmy Giarrusso  Bombers  1
 Matt Golden  Sunday Shenanigans  1 
 Gary Groserer  MisFits  1 
 John Pasquariello  Warriors  1
 Derek Perez  La Luna   1 
 Milsiade Santana  All Stars  1 

 James Shaughnessy



 Alex Toms  All Stars  1 
 Ryan Tripp  Garcia Brogan's  1 
 Justin Woljcik  Smokehouse  1 
 All Other Players  tied with  0 

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    Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League Website
    Lowell Sunday Night Co-ed Softball League Website
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