Loudoun Xtreme Basketball Club: Teams

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."  Michael Jordan

   9th Grade - Xtreme Pride

   9th Grade - Xtreme Force




 5th Grade - Xtreme Boys 



10th Grade - Xtreme Elite

10th Grade - Xtreme Semper Fi




Loudoun Xtreme Basketball Club is looking for committed Players for our 2014 Spring/Summer AAU Season. Please contact us at LoudounXtremeBasketball@gmail.com for more information.

Eligibility Requirements:  Loudoun Xtreme eligibility requirements adhere to Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) rules.  

Team Composition:  The composition of all Loudoun Xtreme teams is formed on the basis of competitive tryouts. Any future alterations to team memberships must be based on either group or individual tryouts.

Players must represent the values of the organization and must retain good academic standing. Coaches shall consult with parents to ensure that participation with the Loudoun Xtreme does not jeopardize a member's academic performance. All parents, coaches, and volunteers must represent the values of the organization as well.

Team Fees and Funding:  The organization is an AAU 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thus, all team costs are borne by the team membership and put back into the team. Fees will be itemized and collected after the composition of each team is determined each season.

The cost to play per season will be roughly between $400 - $500.  The following estimates are subect to change or variation depending, for example, on how many tournaments the team plays in:

  • Uniform Costs: $150
  • Warm-Ups: approx. $80 (optional)
  • Gym Space: range $60-80
  • League Fees:  approx. $500-800 
  • Tournament Fees: approx. $250-500
  • Club Admin Fees: approx. $30 (covers AAU club registration, practice uniforms, cost of running tryouts, supplies).
  • Player AAU Fee: $14

Where possible, the team will seek to defray membership costs either through fundraising or by seeking sponsorships.