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Los Osos H.S. Cross Country: 2013 CC Results  

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11-05-18 05:41 AM
Rancho Cucamonga Local Weather
Los Osos H.S. Cross Country
Michael Oravets
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Saturday, November 16



I goofed.  I've been doing this for a LONG time and I pride myself on getting a sense of a race as it is being run.  Whether it's "scoring" it as the runners pass by or knowing if the runners ran well or not.  I was completely fooled today, and when I saw the results, I felt a little foolish.  On paper this girls heat looked like a nice draw for us;  not that there was an expectation of moving the team to CIF Finals, but a heat that a short-handed squad would show well in.  The heat was fast...very fast.  And while I felt our girls didn't look great, I was deceived by how fast everyone else was.  Bottom line?  5 of the 6 girls that raced today ran their personal record, some by substantial margins, and the only one that didn't had REALLY run well at League Finals.

With the fear of the rain course looming on the drive to Mt. SAC, everyone was quite relieved to see clear skies and no flagging in the parking lot.  Cool weather, no wind and no dust as the Grizzlies would get another shot on the venerable course.  Alex Burkhart gave it her all to move forward as an individual and ran a personal record, lowering her #2 mark all-time, but it wasn't close to qualifying as everyone tore up the course.  A year ago Sarah Holloway ran 18:26 to finish 4th in the race.  4th place this year was 17:54!  It would take an 18:08 to move forward, which was asking too much from a young lady who gave all each week this season.  Alex wraps up the most dominating season by a Lady Grizzly EVER, running 18:34 over the hills at Mt. SAC.  Our freshmen duo of Taylor Ansara and Sidney Spacher ran well as they continue to learn the art of racing.  Taylor ran the 14th fastest time ever and Sidney was 16th all-time as she knocked an incredible 1:35 from her League Finals time.  Kayla Ruiz improved nearly 3 minutes from a year ago on this course.  The team didn't score very well, but with Sarah Holloway out again as well as the other injuries that struck the girls this season, that was expected.  We have a nice nucleus to build from for next season and today provided great race experience.

I was not fooled by Bradley Ewart's race today!  He ran patiently over the Valley Loop in the middle of the pack before working his way up to 21st place by the finish.  The goal was to break 16 minutes and as Coach Skiles and I walked down from Reservoir, I indicated that he met his goal.  With no clock on the race, I could see that it was a sub-16 minute effort.  In Grizzly history, only 4 boys have ever broke there are 5 as Bradley matched the #4 mark ever at 15:55.  That is a huge accomplishment considering where he was a month ago. 

Complete Results:

Boys (94 total runners):  21. Bradley Ewart - 15:55 (-:15;  ties #4 mark all-time;  #2 soph all-time)

Girls (99 total runners):  11th of 14 teams - TT=103:11;  13. Alex Burkhart - 18:34 (-:09;  improves #2 mark all-time;  #1 senior 35 seconds!!!);  44. Taylor Ansara - 19:52 (-:21;  #14 mark all-time;  #6 frosh all-time);  46. Sidney Spacher - 19:55 (-1:35;  #8 frosh all-time);  83. Kayla Ruiz - 21:42 (-1:13);  94. Aleena Sexton - 23:08;  95. Jenna Taylor - 23:15 (-:31) 

Sunday, November 3


The team traveled back to Mt. SAC on the warmest day of the week to compete in the Baseline League Finals.  This was round three against league foes and the stakes were high as this serves as half your season in the standings.  The girls came into the meet in 3rd place after narrowly finishing in that spot at Red Hill and then finishing 3rd by a wider margin at Glen Helen.  The job was simple...hold your spot.  Without a realistic chance to move up in the standings, the Grizzlies had to watch their back.  There was little drama as they easily defeated Etiwanda to wrap up 3rd place.  Instead of the Eagles in their rear view mirror, it was Upland...and that was a good thing because even if the Highlanders finished in front of us, we would still advance to CIF.  Alex Burkhart led the way with a 3rd place finish to earn All-League honors.  It was great to see Sarah Holloway back on the course, as she raced for the first time this season, and provided some insurance.  She was instructed to throttle back and did it perfectly to secure the strong team finish.  The injury bug continued to make it's way through the team and that required a last minute "call-up" for Aleena Sexton.  Most would shy away from that challenge, but Aleena rose to the occasion to knock 52 seconds off her invitational time and finish as our important 5th girl!

For the boys, the odds were very long.  They came in tied for 4th with Alta Loma.  Because of a 5th place finish at Red Hill, they needed to finish 2nd with some help in the order behind them.  After finishing 69 points out of 2nd in the first meet, they ran very well at Glen Helen and knocked that margin down to 34 points.  They would again race well today, finishing only 15 points off 3rd place Rancho and 18 points off 2nd place Etiwanda.  No, they didn't qualify, but they made great progression throughout the season.  Bradley Ewart led the team with a 6th place finish, running the 6th fastest time ever for a Grizzly at Mt. SAC!  That 6th place finish was just enough for him to earn another crack at the venerable course at CIF Prelims as well as All-League honors.  Taj Rai made the most of his opportunity today, running #4 for the team.

The JV boys were solid, placing 4 in the top 11, led by Jason Madaloni and David Metzgar.  Amanda Tuttle and Jenna Taylor ran very well to lead the JV Girls today, while Lorenzo Corona and Denis Montlouis were in front for the FS Boys. 

CIF Prelims will take place at Mt. SAC on Saturday, November 16th.

Complete Results (improvement from the invitational noted):

Boys Varsity:  Teams:  1. Glendora - 27;  2. Etiwanda - 70;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 73;  4. LOS OSOS - 88;  5. Alta Loma - 98;  6. Upland - 167;  Individuals:  6. Bradley Ewart - 16:10 (-:50;  #6 mark all-time;  #2 sophomore mark all-time);  14. Anthony Herchenroeder - 16:45;  19. Brandon Whittington - 16:56;  24. Taj Rai - 17:18 (-:11);  25. Richard Ramirez - 17:24;  26. Chris Greaves - 17:27;  36. Tommy Lopez - 18:07

Girls Varsity:  Teams:  1. Glendora - 32;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 53;  3. LOS OSOS - 82;  4. Upland - 99;  5. Etiwanda - 112;  6. Alta Loma - 135;  Individuals:  3. Alex Burkhart - 18:51;  11. Sarah Holloway - 20:05 (#6 sophomore mark all-time);  14. Taylor Ansara - 20:21;  23. Sidney Spacher - 21:30;  31. Aleena Sexton - 22:54 (-:54);  32. Kayla Ruiz - 22:55 (-:47);  42. Sara Bock - 24:56

JV Boys:  Teams:  1. Etiwanda - 27;  2. LOS OSOS - 44;  3. Glendora - 56;  4. Alta Loma - 114;  Individuals:  5. Jason Madaloni - 17:54;  6. David Metzgar - 17:54 (-:21);  8. Diego Saldonid - 18:30;  11. Steven Pham - 18:46;  19. Filip Buettner - 19:26;  21. Daniel Armijo - 19:41 (-:22);  23. Jacob Garcia - 19:54;  24. Edward Cao - 20:01 (-:23);  25. Robbie Pasma - 20:05 (-:24);  35. Andrew Acosta - 21:06;  36. Mehron Dhillon - 21:07;  37. Michael Ortega - 21:11;  38. Brian Lui - 21:40 (-:14);  42. Ken Calicdan - 22:17

JV Girls:  Teams:  1. Glendora - 20;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 52;  3. Etiwanda - 74;  4. LOS OSOS - 122;  5. Upland - 140;  6. Alta Loma - 146;  Individuals:  15. Amanda Tuttle - 23:26;  19. Jenna Taylor - 23:46;  40. Angel Khov - 25:09 (-:48);  41. Rosalyn Sexton - 25:16;  51. Amariz Araiza - 26:05 (-:44);  57. Samantha Whitten - 26:51;  60. Catlyn Valle - 26:57;  72. Nicole Vigdal - 27:32

FS Boys:  Teams:  1.  Rancho Cucamonga - 36;  2. Etiwanda - 41;  3. Glendora - 45;  4. LOS OSOS - 106;  5. Glendora - 129;  6. Upland - 187;  Individuals:  13. Lorenzo Corona - 18:44 (-:32; #12 frosh mark all-time);  17. Denis Montlouis - 18:49 (-:19);  25. Dylan DeMasi - 19:34 (-:33);  28. Conner Medel - 19:47 (-:33);  29. Andrew Oravets - 19:48;  30. Nick Hills - 19:48 (-:32);  39. Scott Kiehl - 20:23 (-1:05);  43. Matthew Maxfeldt - 20:34;  55. Tyler Gazzaniga - 21:51 (-1:51);  59. Duncan Carlmark - 21:58;  65. Nour Ghonim - 22:30   

Monday, October 21


It was a great day for racing.  Despite the crowds and the circus atmosphere, once the gun went up, the times came down.  Beautiful conditions greeted the morning participants with only an over-watered valley loop to contend with.  With our younger athletes forced to wait through the sweepstakes races, the heat and dryness certainly affected those conditions.  Not that it was hot, but it was significantly warmer. 

With four of the Stanford seven out and Holloway not ready to race, this may have been the fewest number of girls to race at this meet in a long time.  Denied entry into the individual sweepstakes race, the consolation prize was being placed into the "sub-sweeps" (never heard of that before) and Alex Burkhart made the most of it, finishing 11th in a very solid field.  Her 18:43 is the second fastest mark at the one course that has remained unchanged and that we have always attended over the school's existance.  Only Sarah Holloway's CIF Prelims mark from a year ago (18:26) is faster for a Grizzly.  It also is easily the fastest senior mark in school history and 48 seconds faster than a year ago.  Taylor Ansara didn't have her running buddy to pace off of (Sidney) but still moved up nicely in her first crack at the venerable course.  Her 20:13 is the 16th fastest ever and #8 frosh mark.  Ally Madole has steadily improved since "time trial-ing" on to the team in August.  Without any summer base, she has shown great promise for the coming years as she ran to a 23rd place finish in the sophomore girls race.

The varsity boys ran 6 strong and all six ran their best times ever at Mt. SAC to finish 6th out of 18 in their race.  Bradley Ewart ran in the sophomore race and battled his way to an 8th place finish as he copes with an injury.  He would have improved the boys finish in the varsity race, but they managed pretty well without him with a 42 second spread from 1 to 5 as Brandon Whittington led the way tying the #11 mark all-time at 16:37.  Anthony Herchenroeder, Richard Ramirez and Chris Greaves all made their respective grade level top 15 list as everyone raced well.  Tommy Lopez and Taj Rai had the largest improvement from a year ago. 

In the non-varsity boys races, Jason Madaloni knocked 50 seconds off a year ago to run only 14 seconds off Taj's varsity time.  Lorenzo Corona was our top frosh boy, running 19:16 and Andrew Oravets ran his best race of the season just 21 seconds back.

We will return to a much nicer environment for our Baseline League Finals in a week and a half for the last meet before the postseason.  After 2013, no one is sure when we will return to Mt. SAC as MAJOR construction will close the venue for at least a year.  CIF is in the process of searching for a site or sites to host CIF Prelims and Finals (cross your fingers...Glen Helen has been mentioned!).  If the plan is executed as advertised, we will return someday to an impressive facility and a one-of-a-kind cross country course.

Results below are missing a few runners.  Not sure if the runners removed the large rectangular chip on the back of the bib or if they got through the check-in procedure without getting the chip activated or if something else happened.  In the girls sophomore race, Catlyn Valle was last seen near Amariz.  In the boys frosh race, Duncan Carlmark finished between Scott and Tyler while Nour Ghonim was last seen near Tyler.  It was one of many problems with timing this year which affected scoring including in the sweeps races. 

Mostly Complete Results (improvement from best time at Mt. SAC from a year ago indicated):

Varsity Girls (158 total runners):  11. Alex Burkhart - 18:43 (-:48;  #2 mark all-time;  #1 senior mark all-time);  76. Taylor Ansara - 20:13 (#8 frosh mark all-time);  147. Sara Bock - 23:05

Varsity Boys (6th of 18 teams;  130 total runners):  22. Brandon Whittington - 16:37 (-:18;  ties #11 mark all-time;  ties #6 senior mark all-time);  29. Anthony Herchenroeder - 16:48 (-:29;  #13 senior mark all-time);  47. Richard Ramirez - 17:05 (-:37;  #12 junior mark all-time);  48. Chris Greaves - 17:05 (-:13;  #15 senior mark all-time);  60. Tommy Lopez - 17:19 (-2:53);  67. Taj Rai - 17:29 (-:47)

Sophomore Girls (9th of 13 teams;  122 total runners):  23. Ally Madole - 22:35;  46. Kayla Ruiz - 23:42;  47. Aleena Sexton - 23:46;  73. Cina Alvarez - 25:09;  103. Amariz Araiza - 26:49;  110. Nicole Vigdal - 27:32

Sophomore Boys (191 total runners):  8. Bradley Ewart - 17:00 (#8 sophomore mark all-time);  65. Denis Montlouis - 19:08;  105. Dylan DeMasi - 20:07

Freshman Girls (161 total runners):  79. Rosalyn Sexton - 24:04;  160. Dominique Morales - 30:02

Freshman Boys (15th of 17 teams;  190 total runners):  51. Lorenzo Corona - 19:16;  66. Andrew Oravets - 19:37;  91. Nick Hills - 20:20;  92. Conner Medel - 20:20;  127. Scott Kiehl - 21:28;  169. Tyler Gazzaniga - 23:43;  182. Daniel Adea - 25:50

JV Girls (203 total runners):  168. Angel Khov - 25:57;  192. Desiree Lenart - 27:54;  198. Candice Martorano - 28:30

JV Boys (17th of 34 teams;  341 total runners):  50. Jason Madaloni - 17:43 (-:50);  83. David Metzgar - 18:15;  123. Steven Pham - 18:40 (-1:25);  125. Filip Buettner - 18:41 (-:10);  146. Jacob Garcia - 18:54 (-:20);  209. Edward Cao - 19:38 (-:27);  233. Daniel Armijo - 20:03;  254. Andrew Acosta - 20:28;  256. Robbie Pasma - 20:29;  266. Mehron Dhillon - 20:42 (-1:58);  279. Michael Ortega - 20:58;  310. Ken Calicdan - 21:54 (-:18);  311. Brian Lui - 21:56;  328. Josh Woods - 23:00 




Sunday, October 13


We've had years when we placed higher;  we've had years when there was more on the line, but I'm not sure I can remember a year when I've been more proud of what we accomplished in a single day.  As hard as I try...and you know I am's my job...I cannot come up with anything negative about the meet today.  Did every single person improve and run their best race?  Of course not, but that day only happens in dreams.  From conduct, to team spirit, to intelligent racing, to was a great day!

There are no meets more important then league meets.  I say it every year, and today you ran like you believed it.  Having just run here Saturday, it was an opportunity to give it another go, only this time it was much warmer, windier, the races were smaller and you sat in school all day instead of coming off a night's rest. All those factors make it rare that someone would run faster today vs. Saturday.  As an example, only 6 people last year ran faster at League Finals than the Mt. SAC Invitational...and that was with a week and a half of additional training.  Four days later, we returned to Glen Helen and 19 athletes improved on their time from Saturday...and that is remarkable.  

Before the races kicked off, each group was given a blueprint of how to run this course correctly, and nobody followed through better then the JV Girls!  They raced well and moved up consistently throughout the race, and while I'm not yet sure what place they finished as a team (3rd), it was apparent to everyone watching that they ran a heck of a race.  Since it's a different course, one way to gauge your performance is to look at what place you finished at Red Hill against the same athletes.  Ally Madole continues to improve as she went from 21st at Red Hill to 7th here at Glen Helen and was our 6th fastest girl on the day.  Rosalyn Sexton knocked off 45 seconds from Saturday and moved up the entire race to finish 2nd for the Grizzlies.  Amanda Tuttle picked up 8 spots from the Red Hill race to finish as our 3rd girl.  The "new" girls who made their league meet debut showed why they deserved to be there, and that's because they earned it...great job girls!

We are also still waiting for boys JV team results (4th...4 points from 3rd), but Diego Saldonid and Jason Madaloni didn't wait around for anyone today.  Diego finished 4th...and ran the #10 mark all-time for LOHS on this course.  How good was Jason today?  At Red Hill, he finished in 27th place in the JV race.  Today he finished 7th!

For the girls varsity, every point would matter, and it starts at the top.  You have to love her competitive spirit, so to tell Alex Burkhart to let someone go is like trying to reign in a wild stallion.  But to protect that 2nd place spot and point, it was the smart play, and it worked.  The Lady Grizzlies finished 3rd at Red Hill, but were 6 points from a 5th place finish, so every position we could pick up today would be important.  Taylor Ansara, after a rough Saturday morning, bounced back strong to finish 13th and fellow freshman Sidney Spacher was solid again at 17th.  Kayla Ruiz made her varsity debut and was our 4th runner!  The girls finished 3rd again, but this time with a 12 point cushion.  Great news that only got better as we got the word that Sarah Holloway is cleared to return!

The boys varsity appeared locked in to a 5th place finish after losing to a much-improved Alta Loma squad by 29 at Red Hill.  They rallied with a great team effort to make up the 29 points and to beat the Braves by almost unheard of 52 point swing!  The gap from our first to our ninth runner was only 1:16 as the boys made incredible gains in place from the last league meet.  Anthony Herchenroeder moved from 26th to 16th, Chris Greaves moved from 38th to 26th and Brandon Whittington moved from 32nd to 15th.  Anthony moved to #3 all-time at Glen Helen and Richard Ramirez knocked off 19 seconds from Saturday to land at #7 all-time.

So many positives today and now we have the opportunity to do the work to continue to make progress to improve even more.  Let's make everyday count and work to reach even greater heights at the next important meet...the Baseline League Finals.

Complete Results (improvement from Saturday noted):

Boys Varsity:  Team Scores - 1. Glendora - 27;  2. Etiwanda - 57;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 59;  4. LOS OSOS - 91;  5. Alta Loma - 114;  6. Upland - 180;  Individual Results - 12. Bradley Ewart - 16:19;  15. Brandon Whittington - 16:27 (-:10);  16. Anthony Herchenroeder - 16:29 (#3 mark all-time; -:04);  22. Richard Ramirez - 16:41 (#7 mark all-time; -:19);  26. Chris Greaves - 16:55 (-:04);  28. Taj Rai - 17:13 (-:15);  34. Tommy Lopez - 17:26

Girls Varsity:  Team Scores - 1. Glendora - 27;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 46;  3. LOS OSOS - 93;  4. Etiwanda - 105;  5. Alta Loma - 124;  6. Upland - 125;  Individual Results - 2. Alex Burkhart - 18:21 (improves #2 mark all-time; -:02);  13. Taylor Ansara - 19:54 (#8 mark all-time);  17. Sidney Spacher - 20:06 (#10 mark all-time; -:24);  29. Kayla Ruiz - 21:04;  32. Sara Bock - 21:32;  36. Megan Trautwein - 21:45;  38. Jenna Taylor - 22:16

Boys JV:  Team Scores - 1. Rancho Cucamonga - 32;  2. Etiwanda - 37;  3. Glendora - 83;  4. LOS OSOS - 87;  5. Alta Loma - 125;  6. Upland - 178;  Individual Results - 4. Diego Saldonid - 17:10 (#10 mark all-time);  7. Jason Madaloni - 17:35 (-:02);  23. David Metzgar - 18:22;  28. Filip Buettner - 18:35 (-:04);  32. Lorenzo Corona - 18:38;  36. Jacob Garcia - 18:46 (-:19);  41. Denis Montlouis - 18:59;  45. Daniel Armijo - 19:11 (-:16);  46. Andrew Acosta - 19:12;  52. Dylan DeMasi - 19:26;  55. Connor Medel - 19:36 (-:02);  56. Steven Pham - 19:37;  61. Edward Cao - 19:45;  65. Andrew Oravets - 19:50 (-:09);  69. Robbie Pasma - 20:01;  70. Nick Hills - 20:03;  72. Scott Kiehl - 20:08;  75. Tyler Gazzaniga - 20:11;  78. Michael Ortega - 20:19 (-:04);  86. Matthew Maxfeldt - 20:44 (-1:18);  97. Duncan Carlmark - 21:43 (:05);  111. Jack Peterson - 22:45;  114. Daniel Purcell - 23:10

Girls JV:  Team Scores - 1. Glendora - 24;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 45;  3. LOS OSOS - 87;  4. Etiwanda - 103;  5. Alta Loma - 134;  6. Upland - 157;  Individual Results - 7. Ally Madole - 21:34 (-:49);  14. Rosalyn Sexton - 22:05 (-:45);  20. Amanda Tuttle - 22:41;  23. Aleena Sexton - 22:57;  31. McKenna Gonzalez - 23:12;  34. Cina Alvarez - 23:19;  43. Amariz Araiza - 24:11;  45. Catlyn Valle - 24:20;  46. Nicole Vigdal - 24:25;  53. Angel Khov - 24:45;  63. Samantha Whitten - 25:36;  70. Samantha Cisneros - 26:09



Tuesday, October 8


You would be hard-pressed to dial up better conditions for racing, but you could have dialed up better results.  The Inland Empire Challenge kills a couple of birds with one serves as both Riverside and San Bernardino County Championship meets, it has the "challenge" of Riverside vs. San Bernardino and this year it gives us the chance to preview the course prior to the Baseline League Meet held here on Wednesday.

The "challenge" was once again one-sided as Riverside, on the strength of Great Oak and Vista Murrieta, took the title.  Without SAT's today, teams would be at full strength, although some sent "B" teams.  The challenge for the Grizzlies was putting forth solid teams with missing members.  Bradley Ewart sat out another meet, nursing an injury, while Diego Saldonid missed due to illness.  Sarah Holloway is not yet ready to go, while Taylor Ansara gave what she could, but could not finish as she battled illness.  Others raced well, while some were flat.  We will need to collectively race better on Wednesday.

Alex Burkhart got the chance to race in the Girls Sweepstakes race against some of the Inland Empire's best and raced to the #2 mark all-time and just missed the San Bernardino County's All-County overall first team.  She qualified for the County's All-County senior first team.

The boys varsity finished 5th out of 15 teams without Bradley as Anthony Herchenroeder ran the #4 mark all-time to lead three sub-17 minute efforts (Brandon Whittington and Chris Greaves as well).  Richard Ramirez improved on the #9 mark while Tommy Lopez equaled the #10 mark.

Denis Montlouis led the sophomores while Lorenzo Corona was the first freshman to finish.  The girls freshmen may have finished as high as 2nd in their race, depending on where Taylor would have finished, but Sidney Spacher rose to the challenge to lead the young Grizzlies, finishing 14th in the large race.  Kayla Ruiz raced well today, leading the sophomores to a 4th place finish...she had the 3rd fastest time of the day for our girls.  Jason Madaloni looked solid in leading the boys JV team and closed in on the varsity.  I know she thinks she's hiding, but what a great race for McKenna Gonzalez today!  She was our 5th sophomore today and knocked nearly 2 1/2 minutes off of last year's time.

Complete Results:

Girls Sweepstakes (55 total runners):  14. Alex Burkhart - 18:23 (#2 mark all-time; -:56 from '12)

Boys Varsity (5th of 15 teams;  95 total runners):  17. Anthony Herchenroeder - 16:33 (#4 mark all-time; -1:18 from '12);  22. Brandon Whittington - 16:37;  33. Chris Greaves - 16:59;  34. Richard Ramirez - 17:00 (improves #9 mark all-time; -:09 from '12);  43. Tommy Lopez - 17:12 (ties #10 mark all-time; -1:26 from '12);  53. Taj Rai - 17:28

Girls Sophs (4th of 7 teams; 96 total runners):  17. Kayla Ruiz - 21:01;  22. Sara Bock - 21:18;  25. Aleena Sexton - 21:59;  32. Ally Madole - 22:23;  40. McKenna Gonzalez - 22:39 (-2:29 from '12);  43. Cina Alvarez - 22:54;  53. Amariz Araiza - 23:21;  62. Nicole Vigdal - 23:55;  63. Catlyn Valle - 23:58 (-1:56 from '12);  70. Samantha Whitten - 24:39

Boys Sophs (133 total runners):  50. Denis Montlouis - 18:01;  70. Dylan DeMasi - 18:28

Girls Frosh (6th of 9 teams; 119 total runners):  14. Sidney Spacher - 20:30;  33. Megan Trautwein - 21:41;  39. Amanda Tuttle - 22:02;  48. Roslyn Sexton - 22:50;  100. Lizette Fernandez - 26:36;  104. Destiny Duffey - 27:03;  112. Dominique Morales - 28:10

Boys Frosh (12th of 14 teams; 168 total runners):  40. Lorenzo Corona - 18:33;  58. Nick Hills - 19:11;  75. Conner Medel - 19:38;  80. Tyler Gazzaniga - 19:46;  84. Scott Kiehl - 19:53;  90. Andrew Oravets - 19:59;  128. Mario Zarate - 21:32;  131. Duncan Carlmark - 21:48;  136. Matthew Maxfeldt - 22:02;  137. Jack Peterson - 22:05;  140. Daniel Purcell - 22:11;  154. Nour Ghonim - 23:19;  155. Daniel Adea - 23:29

Girls JV (128 total runners):  94. Angel Khov - 25:49;  108. Candice Martorano - 26:47;  109. Desiree Lenart - 26:54

Boys JV (7th of 12 teams; 135 total runners):  31. Jason Madaloni - 17:37 (-:35 from '12);  39. David Metzgar - 17:48 (-:08 from '12);  62. Steven Pham - 18:32 (-:19 from '12);  64. Filip Buettner - 18:39;  73. Andrew Acosta - 18:58 (-1:31 from '12);  78. Jacob Garcia - 19:05;  87. Daniel Armijo - 19:27;  100. Robbie Pasma - 19:39;  102. Edward Cao - 19:41 (-1:14 from '12);  103. Mehron Dhillon - 19:43 (-1:28 from '12);  111. Michael Ortega - 20:23;  116. Anthony Malpartida - 20:44



Saturday, October 5



After a year away, the Grizzlies returned to Carbon Canyon Regional Park for the Brea Invitational.  Each invitational on our schedule is there for a specific reason, and one is always scheduled "just for fun."  Last year, a conflict with Stanford caused a change to Rockin' Rubidoux;  this year, the conflict was gone and while we had a great time at Rubidoux last year, we re-scheduled this meet. 

Since our last visit the course has changed.  What is the impact?  It's faster.  At least a quarter mile has been changed from fine, heavy silt to concrete.  In all fairness, since today's runners struggle to make the Red Hill "Top 10" list due to a slower course, we will let them all stand together on this course too.  This race format is different from any we attend as you are grouped by your standing on your team (1's and 2's run against other team's 1's and 2's). 

The "Top 10" list has been weak on this course because most seasons there is a league meet scheduled on the Wednesday between Stanford and this meet.  When that happens, the Stanford 14 don't compete at Brea, so this was only the 3rd year we have allowed everyone to compete and despite SAT depletion, the Grizzlies ran and competed well.  We have run this meet in drizzle more times then not, but hot, dry, gusty winds were a first and it didn't do the runners any favors.  Missing many upperclassmen, the varsity girls didn't have enough to score, but that didn't stop Alex Burkhart from destroying the school record (along with Coach O's ego), running the 3rd fastest time on the day at 19:03.  

The F/S girls finished 4th out of 17 teams, headlined by a fantastic race by Taylor Ansara, as she finished 5th in the F/S 1-5 race and had the 2nd fastest time on the day for freshmen.  She is now #4 all-time on our Brea lists.  Sidney Spacher finished 12th in the race and is #7 all-time.  All five runners medaled in the race and Roslyn Sexton actually had the 5th fastest time for the F/S today from the 6+ race as she finished 7th in that race.

Denis Montlouis led the way for the F/S boys running a great race in the 1-2 race, while Nick Hills looked sharp in the 6+ race, running a top 5 time on the F/S today.  

The boys varsity, hit hard by SAT's as well as a precautionary day off for Bradley Ewart, still managed to finish 11th out of 23.  Anthony Herchenroeder continued his hot hand, running the #2 mark all-time here, placing 18th in the 1-2 race.  All 3 boys in the 3-5 race hit the top 10 list and raced very well.  

Not many ran today that ran 2 years ago, but those who did knocked their course PR's down.  None more then Tommy Lopez, who lowered his time by 6:05 and Steven Pham was right behind at 5:17.  It was nice to see how much more confident the returners were this time around along with the newcomers who continue to learn with each race.  Jenna Taylor's confidence has soared since Stanford, as she was put in the varsity 3-5 and medaled with a solid time.  Another young lady who ran her second race ever and at the varsity level today was Angel Khov.  She has quietly done what we've asked each day and rose to the occasion on this day, finishing 39th out of 83 in the 6+ varsity race, nearly beating her Woodbridge time, where she was our 7th girl in the Novice Race.  She didn't earn a medal today, but she sure deserved one!

On a less serious note, without Coach Mendez here, Coach "O" felt the pressure to make a go of it in the Coaches-Turned-Ringer race (really...who were some of those guys?).  Still battling back issues, it was a racetime decision.  Having set the time at 21:00 if he didn't run, the early marks forced him on to the course...and a good thing, because that would have been a truckload of letter points.  Instead it was a carload as he finished at 19:55...ladies you get to subtract 3 minutes from your time.  On a more serious note, here's the deal!  On the boys side, 10 of you beat me...fair enough.  But if you beat me in a race, shouldn't you beat me in practice???  Hmm, makes sense to me, but that doesn't often happen, which tells me that some of you should be pushing yourself harder EVERYDAY and not just on race day.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a little more about the sport...that's what today was all about.  Battling the winds and coughing up dirt may not have been super-enjoyable, but it's a neat format and a great course to run.  Great job everyone!

Complete Results (3.1 mile course):

Boys FS 1-2 (46 total runners, top 30 medal):  27. Denis Montlouis - 19:02;  39. Lorenzo Corona - 20:43

Boys FS 3-5 (63 total runners, top 35 medal):  37. Dylan DeMasi - 20:28;  38. Conner Medel - 20:32;  39. Andrew Oravets - 20:32

Boys FS 6+ (251 total runners, top 25 medal):  68. Nick Hills - 20:32;  108. Tyler Gazzaniga - 21:21;  118. Scott Kiehl - 21:34;  186. Duncan Carlmark - 23:11;  190. Jack Peterson - 23:16;  220. Nour Ghonim - 24:27;  223. Daniel Adea - 24:30

Boys FS Overall - 16th of 24 teams;  team time (5 fastest runners added together) of 101:04

Girls FS 1-5 (79 total runners, top 60 medal):  5. Taylor Ansara - 20:52 (#4 mark all-time);  12. Sidney Spacher - 21:54 (#7 mark all-time);  23. Sara Bock - 22:27;  28. Kayla Ruiz - 22:45;  42. Aleena Sexton - 23:48

Girls FS 6+ (156 total runners, top 30 medal):  7. Roslyn Sexton - 23:40;  12. Cina Alvarez - 23:52;  42. Nicole Vigdal - 25:49;  44. Catlyn Valle - 25:52;  58. Samantha Whitten - 26:24;  87. Amariz Araiza - 27:23;  88. Samantha Cisneros - 27:23;  109. Neomi Gray - 28:24;  112. Lizette Fernandez - 28:44;  133. Dominique Morales - 30:39

Girls FS Overall - 4th of 17 teams;  team time of 111:36

Boys Varsity 1-2 (42 total runners, top 30 medal):  18. Anthony Herchenroeder - 17:20 (#2 mark all-time)

Boys Varsity 3-5 (60 total runners, top 35 medal):  11. Richard Ramirez - 17:39 (#4 mark all-time);  17. Taj Rai - 17:51 (#6 mark all-time);  26. Tommy Lopez - 18:08 (#8 mark all-time;  -6:05 from '11)

Boys Varsity 6+ (127 total runners, top 25 medal):  19. Jason Madaloni - 18:20 (-2:26 from '11);  31. David Metzgar - 18:57 (-1:50 from '11);  32. Steven Pham - 19:01 (-5:17 from '11);  51. Filip Buettner - 19:38 (-1:47 from '11);  52. Cameron Liska - 19:40 (-1:47 from '11);  68. Mehron Dhillon - 20:18;  73. Jacob Garcia - 20:25 (-:51 from '11);  75. Daniel Armijo - 20:27;  89. Michael Ortega - 21:00;  104. Edward Cao - 21:42

Boys Varsity Overall - 11th of 23 teams;  team time of 89:17

Girls Varsity 1-2 (30 total runners, top 30 medal):  3. Alex Burkhart - 19:03 (NEW SCHOOL RECORD;  -2:10 from '11)

Girls Varsity 3-5 (38 total runners, top 35 medal):  25. Jenna Taylor - 23:45

Girls Varsity 6+ (83 total runners, top 25 medal):  39. Angel Khov - 26:14;  76. Candice Martorano - 30:04



Sunday, September 29



The Grizzlies made their 8th consecutive trip to the Bay Area for an exhausting, but exciting three days.  Morro Bay rewards summer attendance, but Stanford rewards hard work and excellence;  top 7 times at Woodbridge determine the participants.  I've said many times that this trip isn't so much about the race, but about chemistry and bringing the team together;  however, if given the choice to run well or not, I'll take run well!

The team left around 1:00 on Thursday afternoon and we made our way up the scenic 5 Fwy.  After a not-so-memorable meal at Hometown Buffet (never again I tell you!) in Gilroy, we continued on and reached our always lovely accomodations before 9:30pm.  After sleeping in and enjoying breakfast, the team reassembled for our traditional workout along the San Francisco Bay Trail and we squeezed in a little time at the playground-to-end-all-playgrounds.  Everyone cleaned up and at 1:30, we made our way into the city.  Thwarted last year by fog, we made our way to Twin Peaks for pictures.  Without a cloud in the sky, it was absolutely spectacular!  (as you can see)  On to Fisherman's Wharf for about 3 hours to enjoy some good food and all the sights.  With no movie worth seeing, we altered the day's schedule, had about an hour at the mall and headed back to our rooms. 

We had breakfast, checked out at 8:30 and headed out for Stanford University.  We have had shocks in the past when we opened the van doors at the Stanford Golf Course, facing a 20-30 degree difference in temperature, but not this time.  Not only was the weather perfect in the city on Friday, but very mild at the meet.  This varsity-only meet also features a high level college race as well, so it's nice that our athletes can see what that race looks like (not much different by the way).  The course is a full 5K course and it is entirely on grass, so you will certainly not get your fastest time of the year here!  The boys were up first and represented themselves very well.  Bradley Ewart led the way, running the 4th fastest mark all-time here, finishing 15th overall.  Anthony Herchenroeder continued his impressive season, running #2 for the team and tying the #6 mark all-time on this course.  After looking flat at Red Hill, the team was anything but that here, knocking over a minute off last year's team time and finishing 9th out of 36 teams.

The girls featured four freshmen, certainly a first on this trip (never had more then 2) along with another Stanford rookie.  Sienna's knee bothered her so much on the training run on Friday that she was held out and Megan's knee was swollen to the extent that she was held out as well, which means we went to the line with 5 and they would all score.  Nervous I'm sure, but they didn't race nervous.  They did what you hope, channeled those nerves into positive energy and performed very well.  Alex Burkhart took her adrenaline and challenged in the front pack early on, fell back and then gathered herself to finish 10th and break Alex Gonzalez' school record.  Taylor Ansara and Sidney Spacher continued to race beyond their experience as they get a feel for the sport.  If Taylor isn't there, Sidney grabs the #10 mark all-time, but Taylor was there and finished ahead of her to keep her just outside the Top 10.  Taylor ran the #9 Grizzly mark as both ran very well.  Sara Bock was solid as well.  Nobody felt the added pressure like Jenna Taylor, who has gone from not making the bus for the first league meet last year to a Stanford qualifier this year...and now instead of a non-scorer, she would be a scoring runner.  Internal adversity was channeled in such a positive way as she went out and not only beat many team's #6 and #7 runners, but she defeated 7 school's #5 runner!

I always wonder how the trip will compare to previous trips and think they cannot go better then the last one...and each time they do.  Everything went smooth, the athletes were well-behaved and prompt...and they ran well.  Thank you for that, it's the reason we keep doing these.  I believe they are an important component of our program, but if they didn't go well, we wouldn't do them.  After the race, it was In-N-Out in Morgan Hill and back on the 5 Fwy for the long drive home.  Word is that the girls were quiet as mice on the way up and that they were whooping it up on the way home...mission accomplished!

Thanks also to all the parents who made the trip and were there to support the athletes.  Even if they don't tell you so, they do appreciate it.

Boys Results (9th of 36 teams; 243 total runners):  15. Bradley Ewart - 16:41 (#4 mark all-time; -:29 from '12);  61. Anthony Herchenroeder - 17:24 (#6 mark all-time; -:52 from '11);  66. Brandon Whittington - 17:28;  102. Diego Saldonid - 17:50 (-:10 from '11);  135. Chris Greaves - 18:05;  145. Tommy Lopez - 18:14;  153. Richard Ramirez - 18:17 (-:26 from '12)

Girls Results (17th of 30 teams; 209 total runners):  10. Alex Burkhart - 19:14 (NEW SCHOOL RECORD; -1:14 from '12);  56. Taylor Ansara - 20:32 (#9 mark all-time);  82. Sidney Spacher - 21:00;  140. Sara Bock - 22:06;  164. Jenna Taylor - 22:38   

Wednesday, September 25


A beautiful day greeted the Grizzlies at Red Hill Park on Wednesday.  The idea to switch the Glen Helen and Red Hill meets was for the hope of cooler weather out at Glen Helen, but you couldn't have dialed up any better weather today.  The Grizzlies came to take advantage of it and grind through the slow, grassy course. 

You always hope that everyone will put it together on the same day, but that magic rarely happens.  Instead, there tend to be mixed results as some have great days and others struggle.  Knowing that the lower half of the boys varsity teams from a year ago have all improved, today we would get a clue who has made the most improvement.  Glendora finally put down the Cougars as even Etiwanda pushed them down to third, but that divide between 3rd and 4th still exists.  Alta Loma has probably improved the most.  While the Grizzlies ran them close at Woodbridge, it was not close today as the Braves won by 29 points.  Bradley Ewart ran strong with the leaders to finish 5th and run the #6 mark all-time at Red Hill.  Anthony Herchenroeder and Richard Ramirez ran well to run 2-3 for the Grizzlies, but it's back to work to close that ground at the next meeting.

The girls are in survival mode.  Stay close enough to the others and weather the storm until Sarah Holloway can come back and add some needed punch.  To say this team is inexperienced is an understatement...only Alex Burkhart had run a varsity league meet before.  When you run four freshmen on varsity, there is some uncertainty when trying to predict where you might finish.  Burkhart has kicked off the season with two impressive races, but has read about freshman sensation Erin Holton of Rancho Cucamonga since the middle of summer.  With no common courses, Alex shadowed her early on, but the frosh ran away from...everyone and dominated a very strong field.  Alex finished 3rd, running the #4 all-time mark here and the fastest since the course change that really slowed things down.  Saving the day for the Lady Grizzlies were the frosh duo of Taylor Ansara and Sidney Spacher.  New to the sport, they followed directions and weathered the first loop and then consistently moved up, with both catching Etiwanda's #2 runner...and that proved to be the difference.  After doing this for 28 years, I pride myself on "seeing" the results as the race is being run, but I was blindsided to hear we finished 3rd.  It wasn't a large margin, but it was enough.  However, while we were missing Sarah, Etiwanda was down a couple of girls as well, so we have our work cut out for us.

The boys JV was led by Taj Rai, who had the 4th fastest time on the day for all Grizzlies, and Jason Madaloni, as they finished 5th.  The girls got a boost from Kayla Ruiz and the Sexton sisters to finish 3rd.

We have many newcomers and folks who didn't qualify to attend this meet a year ago, so the improvement from last year does not appear after as many names as usual.  In addition, this meet is usually held in mid-October, after a few more weeks of training, when our athletes would be running faster.

Complete Results:

Boys Varsity:  Team Scores - 1. Glendora - 34;  2. Etiwanda - 57;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 59;  4. Alta Loma - 97;  5. LOS OSOS - 126;  6. Upland - 163      Individual Results:  5. Bradley Ewart - 15:56 (#6 mark all-time; -:36);  26. Anthony Herchenroeder - 17:14 (-:36);  27. Richard Ramirez - 17:20 (-:38);  32. Brandon Whittington - 17:34;  36. Tommy Lopez - 18:15 (-1:09);  37. Diego Saldonid - 18:35;  38. Chris Greaves - 19:34

Girls Varsity:  Team Scores - 1. Glendora - 26;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 60;  3. LOS OSOS - 100;  4. Etiwanda - 103;  5. Alta Loma - 106;  6. Upland - 133      Individual Results:  3. Alex Burkhart - 18:54 (#4 mark all-time; -:51);  15. Taylor Ansara - 20:48;  17. Sidney Spacher - 20:54;  32. Megan Trautwein - 21:56;  33. Sara Bock - 21:59;  34. Jenna Taylor - 22:00;  40. Sianna Berrios - 24:23

Boys JV (157 total runners):  Team Scores - 1. Rancho Cucamonga - 16;  2. Etiwanda - 72;  3. Alta Loma - 74;  4. Glendora - 98;  5. LOS OSOS - 115;  6. Upland - 179      Individual Results - 7. Taj Rai - 17:32 (-:21);  27. Jason Madaloni - 18:27 (-:46);  31. David Metzgar - 18:35;  38. Steven Pham - 18:57 (-1:38);  41. Jacob Garcia - 19:04 (-34);  42. Cameron Liska - 19:05;  43. Filip Buettner - 19:06 (-:17);  44. Denis Montlouis - 19:06;  47. Lorenzo Corona - 19:08;  53. Andrew Acosta - 19:30;  56. Daniel Armijo - 19:36;  62. Dylan DeMasi - 19:49;  63. Andrew Oravets - 19:51;  67. Conner Medel - 19:54;  71. Mehron Dhillon - 20:03;  73. Robbie Pasma - 20:12;  81. Nick Hills - 20:29;  82. Tyler Gazzaniga - 20:31;  93. Michael Ortega - 20:55;  95. Anthony Malpartida - 21:04;  104. Matthew Maxfeldt - 21:45;  106. Scott Kiehl - 21:52

Girls JV (103 total runners):  Team Scores - 1. Glendora - 21;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 52;  3. LOS OSOS - 78;  4. Etiwanda - 99;  5. Upland - 145;  6. Alta Loma - 147     Individual Results - 10. Kayla Ruiz - 22:29 (-:33);  13. Aleena Sexton - 22:41;  14. Roslyn Sexton - 22:48;  21. Ally Madole - 23:23;  24. Cina Alvarez - 23:33;  28. Amanda Tuttle - 23:40;  36. Jess Fitzgerald - 24:17;  40. MaKenna Gonzalez - 24:23;  51. Nicole Vigdal - 25:20;  54. Catlyn Valle - 25:24 


Sunday, September 22



The Grizzlies made their annual trek to Orange County on a cool and breezy afternoon and evening to compete in the 3rd largest high school invitational in the nation.  It was a year of change as there was a late course change made necessary due to an environmental ruling.  That, along with a division change and the addition of varsity races for the boys, added some uncertainty.  What didn't change was the high drama, created by the Stanford meet qualifier, and the evidence of great performances and improvement. 

Let's start with the course...faster, slower, shorter, longer???  A few years ago, construction at Woodbridge HS in Irvine prompted a necessary change to the Estancia HS site.  Trust me, no coach likes a course change, but the overwhelming positive reaction to the new location and course prompted meet management to leave it at Estancia.  Times were comparable between the two courses, so I made the decision to leave our "top 10" list in place.  Looking at the marks this year compared to last year, there doesn't appear to be a glaring difference...great conditions (only improved if the wind laid down) and the best field ever assembled for this meet led to great marks, but not so great that the course must have been shortened or made "easier."  There was no hill to take out and this course had more grass (slower) and turns then the other course...and I would assume it was measured carefully to mirror the distance from before.  From a Los Osos perspective, we didn't let loose an all-out assault on the top 10 list that might suggest a shortened course, therefore, the top 10 list will remain.

Meet management added a varsity level race in place of straight grade level races.  I'm not fond of the change as making a varsity selection at this point is difficult...I would have preferred changing the girls to mirror the boys format.  On top of that, they had an "A" and "B" varsity race, which didn't seem to be determined by strength of was just a way to have fewer runners on the course in the varsity races.  Our boys missed a team award by one place by finishing 7th in their race, but their team time puts them 3rd in the "A" heat.  With four divisions at this meet (2 competed on Friday), the placement is not completely enrollment based, not completely strength based, but we were moved for the first time to the "larger" Blue division this year.  It didn't seem to make much difference.

How about the racing?  Well, it was intense.  Any discussion here must begin with Alex Burkhart and another amazing performance!  Coming off her "at the wire" victory at Morro Bay, Alex came onto the track in front with Crescenta Valley's Megan Melnyk stalking her and eventually overtaking her on the final turn.  There is no shame in being outkicked by a 2:13 800 runner.  The end result was a 2nd place finish;  Alex laid waste to the school record, besting it by 27 seconds!  Her 17:44 was the 69th fastest mark in the meet out of over 5000 runners.  It also was the major force in actually improving our team time from a year ago!  What appeared to be girls team disarray, ended up being the #5 team time in school history at this meet...without Sarah Holloway.  A healthy Sarah Holloway, even by conservative standards, runs 18:00, which shaves 2:21 off the team time, moving easily to #2 all-time, and if she runs faster, they have a shot at the school record.  One person does not make a team's actually five.  So how were they able to run as fast as they did?  The emergence of a solid freshmen squad.  The frosh girls finished 3rd overall, tied for 2nd but placed 3rd based on 6th runner placing, and only 11 points from winning the race.  The "soccer girls" made their debut and it was very impressive, as Taylor Ansara and Sidney Spacher were 3rd and 6th overall in the race, while Megan Trautwein and Sianna Berrios ran superb races.  These fab-four freshmen all qualified for this weekend's Stanford Invitational in the Bay Area!  Sara Bock and Jenna Taylor, along with Burkhart, rounds out the seven qualifiers.  Ally Madole turned in a great race in the sophomore race as she rounds into shape after a late start to the season.  She becomes the 2nd Grizzly to miss the top 7 by one second.

On the boys side, Bradley Ewart led the boys to a 7th place finish in their varsity race, landing in the #7 spot all-time at Woodbridge with an 8th place finish in the race and a time of 15:46.  Brandon Whittington just missed the top 10, running an impressive 16:02, while Anthony Herchenroeder turned in another fine performance.  Chris Greaves, Richard Ramirez and Diego Saldonid also ran strong, as 6 of 7 Stanford qualifiers came out of that race.

It's my hope that people actually read what takes a great deal of time to post on the website (but I'm never quite sure) and I hope EVERYONE has read the stories posted about former athletes that made a conscious effort to transform themselves from participants to competitors.  It really is the key to success in this sport and EVERYONE is capable of doing it.  Another great story is being written in 2013.  Two years ago, the 61st place finisher in the boys novice race, with a time of 22:06 was...Tommy Lopez.  This year Tommy is making the trip to Stanford after finishing 27th out of 231 juniors with a time of 16:40.  I'll save you the time...that's an improvement of 5:26 over two years!!!

It was great to see all the parents and families gathered together, which doesn't happen at many invitationals.  Your coaches and your athletes appreciate your support very much.  Thank you also to Mrs. Taylor for the fruit/snacks.  

With only a week between the meets this season, Stanford paperwork will go out on Monday to the 14 qualifiers, please return the consent form and cash by Wednesday.  Adding to the hectic week is our first league meet on Wednesday at Red Hill Park.  As mentioned at the meeting and written in the team rules packet, only one bus makes the trip on Wednesday...those attending will be posted later today.

Complete Results (improvement from last year noted;  ***indicates Stanford qualifiers):

Girls Varsity (105 total runners):  2. ***Alex Burkhart - 17:44 (NEW SCHOOL RECORD; -1:43);  97. Adrienne Austria - 22:26;  98. Jennifer Lee - 22:32

Girls JV (231 total runners):  55. ***Jenna Taylor - 21:09

Girls Sophs (8th of 14 teams; 170 total runners):  22. ***Sara Bock - 20:20 (-1:03);  42. Ally Madole - 21:10;  64. Cina Alvarez - 21:58;  95. Aleena Sexton - 22:30;  128. Jess Fitzgerald - 23:34 (-1:59);  130. MaKenna Gonzalez - 23:36 (-3:54)

Girls Frosh (3rd of 13 teams; 188 total runners):  3. ***Taylor Ansara - 19:42;  6. ***Sidney Spacher - 19:51;  13. ***Megan Trautwein - 20:21;  14. ***Sianna Berrios - 20:25;  51. Amanda Tuttle - 21:47;  52. Roslyn Sexton - 21:48

Girls Novice (449 total runners):  4. Kayla Ruiz - 23:07 (-:04);  24. Nicole Vigdal - 23:42 (-:45);  25. Catlyn Valle - 23:43;  59. Amariz Araiza - 24:11;  71. Samantha Neilson - 24:20;  81. Desiree Lenart - 24:32 (-3:03);  163. Sarah Chavez - 25:35;  197. Angel Khov - 25:54;  241. Neomi Gray - 26:24;  246.  Samantha Cisneros - 26:26 (-:03);  294.  Candice Martorano - 26:59;  315. Lizette Fernandez - 27:32;  341. Destiny Duffey - 28:04

Boys Varsity (7th of 13 teams; 86 total runners):  8. ***Bradley Ewart - 15:46 (#7 mark all-time; -:45);  16. ***Brandon Whittington - 16:02 (-:47);  28. ***Anthony Herchenroeder - 16:12 (-1:17);  44. ***Chris Greaves - 16:31 (-:39);  51. ***Richard Ramirez - 16:38 (-:21);  52. ***Diego Saldonid - 16:39;  64. Taj Rai - 16:55 (-:44)

Boys Seniors (150 total runners):  104. Andrew Acosta - 19:00 (-3:03);  116. Michael Ortega - 19:36 (-:40);  117. Robbie Pasma - 19:40;  123. Anthony Malpartida - 19:46

Boys Juniors (11th of 23 teams; 231 total runners):  27. ***Tommy Lopez - 16:40 (-3:11);  61. Jason Madaloni - 17:13 (-:43);  87. Steven Pham - 17:42 (-2:22);  94. David Metzgar - 17:46 (-:39);  97. Filip Buettner - 17:49 (-:24);  106. Cameron Liska - 17:55 (-:17);  131. Jacob Garcia - 18:25 (-:20);  137. Daniel Armijo - 18:32;  158. Edward Cao - 18:55;  159. Mehron Dhillon - 18:55 (-2:17);  228. Ken Calicdan - 22:26

Boys Sophs (348 total runners):  203. Denis Montlouis - 18:36;  225. Dylan DeMasi - 18:57;  303. Addison Ford - 20:28 (-:53);  321. Kevin Benitez - 21:10

Boys Frosh (19th of 29 teams; 370 total runners):  49. Lorenzo Corona - 17:38;  111. Conner Medel - 18:43;  127. Andrew Oravets - 18:53;  128. Nick Hills - 18:53;  164. Tyler Gazzaniga - 19:16;  174. Matthew Maxfeldt - 19:23;  195. Scott Kiehl - 19:40;  267. Jack Peterson - 20:39

Boys Novice (168 total runners):  24. Mario Zarate - 20:54;  31. Nour Ghonim - 21:20;  37. Daniel Purcell - 21:27;  54. Michael Finn - 21:54;  97. Daniel Adea - 22:38

Sunday, September 15



And the racing begins!  With school starting so soon, the cross country season drags into September as the team craves races to break up the routine of practice.  Many young Grizzlies got their first taste of real competition with the team's 8th consecutive trip to the Central Coast to take part in the Morro Bay Invitational.  Solid competition and running on the beach with a relaxed racing environment is why we make the trip...and the cool temperatures too!  Summer practice attendance is the only qualifier, and this year about half the team was in action.  Everyone else will debut at Woodbridge on Saturday.

The trip began very well with our old friend Fred at the wheel.  We arrived at the motel at 2:30, quickly changed and got to our pre-meet workout, going over the course in advance of the race.  The sun was out the entire afternoon, which made the beach more enjoyable.  Some went with an "ice bath," braving the cold water temperature, while most enjoyed each other's company and made new friends.  After cleaning up, the team walked to the park next door for our team dinner.  Everyone enjoyed a great meal and more time to bond with one another before turning in for the night. 

After breakfast at the park, we checked out and walked across the street to the high school.  The course is very flat, but much of it is on grass and there are extended sections of beach sand, which simulate hills.  It is anything but a fast course and this year was measured at 2.75 miles;  it is different every year (and from race to race) due to the tides and the placement of the lifeguard tower.  While we keep course records, Morro Bay does not, so know that the times are difficult to compare year to year.

Lorenzo Corona led the novice boys with a 23rd place finish, followed by Conner Medel and Andrew Oravets.  While the entire group went out too slow, they learned about racing and what they can do differently next time.  Fog/overcast conditions were with us through 3 races, which this year was the novice boys and two varsity races.  With many newcomers on the trip, Alex Burkhart was all alone in the varsity girls race.  She ran a race to remember, hanging with the lead pack through the first mile and when the leader started to separate, Alex responded and made sure not to allow her to get out of reach.  With 800 meters to go, the gap was about 20 yards, but Alex closed within 10 as they came on the track and while it looked like that gap would remain, Alex dug deep into her summer training and incredible track season to find another gear, outleaning her at the line for the win!  We have had many great performances at Morro Bay, but no one has won a varsity race until now.  Her time places her 2nd all-time on our Morro Bay list, but that performance was second to none!

A veteran squad, although not a complete varsity team, was assembled for the boys varsity race.  Bradley Ewart shadowed the lead group through the first half of the race and as things started to shake loose, he maintained contact with the duo from San Luis Obispo, but couldn't reel them in, just missing 2nd place.  The sophomore ran the 4th fastest time ever on the course.  Anthony Herchenroeder closed well in the second half to finish second for the team, while Tommy Lopez showed huge improvement over a year ago to land in the team's top 5.  The boys finished 5th out of 15 teams.

The JV boys finished 2nd out of 8 teams as Ventura dominated the race.  Steven Pham, Jacob Garcia and Cameron Liska led the tight pack of Grizzlies.  The JV girls finished 4th out of 14 teams...a nice accomplishment with mostly newcomers.  Aleena Sexton and Cina Alvarez led the ladies.

I want to thank the team for their cooperation on the trip.  Any gathering of 40 plus high school students has the potential for problems, but once again you have exceeded expectations and conducted yourself in a manner that makes a trip like this not just worthwhile, but a great deal of fun.  Also, without our parent support this trip wouldn't happen.  A huge thank you to the Garcia's, who once again led the charge with the meals.  While they handle the bulk of the work, thanks to the others that assisted them...the Metzgars, Burkharts, Ewarts, Carlmarks, Greaves and Lopez family.  Also, thanks to the Holloways for providing firewood.

Results (incomplete, will update when they become available...improvement from last year included):

Varsity Girls (109 total runners):  1. Alex Burkhart - 18:57 (-1:56;  #2 mark all-time)

Varsity Boys (5th of 15 teams;  132 total runners):  3. Bradley Ewart - 15:51 (-1:12;  #4 mark all-time);  31. Anthony Herchenroeder - 17:31 (-1:05);  37. Taj Rai - 17:45 (-:47);  49. Chris Greaves - 18:03 (-:28);  51. Tommy Lopez - 18:07 (-3:13);  69. Diego Saldonid - 18:54

JV Girls (4th of 14 teams;  188 total runners):  18. Aleena Sexton - 22:35;  26. Cina Alvarez - 23:00;  28. Roslyn Sexton - 23:04;  35. Jenna Taylor - 23:28;  44. McKenna Gonzalez - 23:55;  62. Kayla Ruiz - 24:44;  77. Nicole Vigdal - 25:21;  87. Amariz Ariaza - 25:44;  110. Catlyn Valle - 26:32 (-:21);  151. Samantha Cisneros - 27:56 (-:21);  165. Dominique Morales - 29:09;  173. Destiny Duffey - 29:47 

JV Boys (2nd of 8 teams;  90 total runners):  11. Steven Pham - 18:45 (-2:12);  17. Jacob Garcia - 19:04 (-1:03);  18. Cameron Liska - 19:06 (-:05);  20. David Metzgar - 19:09 (-:32);  24. Filip Buettner - 19:26 (-:07);  27. Mehron Dhillon - 19:39 (-2:47);  32. Daniel Armijo - 20:05;  53. Michael Ortega - 20:58 (-:43);  70. Addison Ford - 21:49 (-1:12)

Novice Boys (160 total runners):  23. Lorenzo Corona - 18:52;  55. Conner Medel - 20:14;  57. Andrew Oravets - 20:16;  73. Denis Montlouis - 20:44;  87. Matthew Maxfeldt - 21:01;  113. Duncan Carlmark - 21:56;  122. Jack Peterson - 22:16;  136. Mario Zarate - 23:33;  138. Doug DeLong - 23:04;  140. Nour Ghonim - 23:33   

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