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Los Osos H.S. Cross Country
Michael Oravets
Rancho Cucamonga, California
2014 Team Picture

Los Osos H. S. has competed in the powerful Baseline League since the school opened in the Fall of 2002.

  • Girls: League Champions 2004, 2005, 2012 (Ind) 
  • Girls: Baseline runner-up 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
    Girls: CIF 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
    Boys: League Champion 2004 (Ind), 2007 (Ind)
  • Boys: Baseline runner-up 2005, 2006
  • Boys : CIF 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (Ind), 2009 (Ind), 2010 (Ind), 2013 (Ind)
  • Boys : State 2004 (Ind), 2005 (Ind)

Coaches Contacts
Coach "O"   (909) 260-9577

Coach Skiles    (909) 263-3317 

Friday, June 6


Monday, Sept. 29th - Regular Practice                    

Tuesday, Sept. 30th - Regular Practice

             *Deadline to tell coach that you cannot attend the Inland Empire Challenge on Saturday, October 11th (AM races)            

Wednesday, Oct. 1st - Regular Practice

                         *End of the quarter is this Friday!  Are your miles up to date on running2win???  If not it will cost you a letter grade (in PE syllabus).  You have until the end of the weekend to get updated! 

Thursday, Oct. 2nd - Regular Practice

                         *Deadline to tell coach that you cannot attend the Mt. SAC Invitational on Saturday, October 25th (races between 7am and 1pm)                                    

Friday, Oct. 3rd - Regular Practice                

Saturday, Sept 27th - Brea Invitational at Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea (details below...note a race schedule change due to projected heat)


Tuesday, September 30


I know some of you are looking for ways to help the team, but you don't know what you can do.  I have some answers for you.  If you are able to help with any of the following, please email me at 

Christmas Tree/Wreath Fundraiser  -  The Run-A-Thon did not bring in what we anticipated, so we have joined a majority of sports on campus for this athletics-wide fundraiser.  Because we have joined together, meeting the minimum number should be no problem.  Cross Country gets the proceeds of what Cross Country sells.  Flyers are being created now and there are a variety of products to sell.  However, we need additional help besides the selling part of it:

1.  Chairperson - Is there anyone who wants to head this up?  All you would need to do is collect the orders/money and keep track of them and to be the contact person if people have questions.

2. The trees will be delivered on Friday, December 5th and we will need people from each sport to help unload them.  The plan is to use the tennis courts to secure them by tree types so that pick-up will be smooth.  I don't have a time on this yet.

3.  The pick-up date will be Saturday, December 6th and we will need people from each sport to help retrieve them as people come to pick them up. Pick-up will be from 8am-3pm, so maybe we can have two shifts so people don't have to be there all day.

Chipotle Fundraiser Night  -  No need to contact me for this one.  Mrs. Madaloni has set up a fundraiser night at Chipotle on Tuesday, October 21st (we will also hold our next Booster Club meeting there that night).  I wanted to let you know well in advance.  We've done these before, but none have given 50% of the proceeds back to the program, so let's try to support this one.  More info later.

League Finals  -  Each league meet is co-hosted by two schools in the league in an attempt to spread out the workload.  Until this year, I have taken a day off every year to mark the Glen Helen course by myself, which takes many hours.  With the loss of the Glen Helen meet, we were reassigned to League Finals with Rancho Cucamonga.  If I could do what needs to be done myself, I would...but I can't.  We need about 6 adults at the finish line to sort runners and keep them moving in the chute.  It's not a difficult job, but it requires bodies.  The league will have a hired timing system, so we are not responsible for that.  I realize that no one wants to be in the chute during their son/daughter's race, so if we could have many volunteers, we could do it in shifts so you don't miss their race.  This is not an option, this is our responsibility, so please let me know if you can help.  Remember that League Finals was changed to Monday, November 3rd (only date Mt. SAC is available this year).

Again, if you can help with any of the above, please email me. 

Monday, September 29


When?  Saturday, October 4th, races start at 8:30am

Where?  Carbon Canyon Regional Park (Directions:  take 210 west to 57 south, exit Lambert Rd, turn left, park will be a couple of miles up the road on the right);  parents provide transportation

Who?  Open to all, but about a dozen indicated they could not go

Race Information:  NEW SCHEDULE this year (see below);  park opens at 6:30am, parking is $5 and limited...gate backs up, arrive well in advance;  plan on arriving at least an hour before your scheduled race;  approximate meeting place indicated on map to be handed out to athletes;  unique race format shown below

Forecast is for very hot weather, combined with a tough course (first major hill!)...hydrate well!

Burgi signed up for drinks;  Abrego for fruit/bagels...thank you!

Revised Race Assignments:  Due to the heat, some races have been combined to end the meet earlier

7:30am - Conquer the Canyon Community Run (this is in place of the coaches race...oh darn!  I was going to tear it up this year!), open to all levels of runners, $10 cash only to enter, registration on race day.  This could increase the parking problem.

8:30am - Boys F/S #6+ (Abrego, Bullock, Burgi, Carlmark, Combalacer, Finn, Gazzaniga, Ghonim, Hills, Jenkins, Kiehl, Larkins, Aaron O., Andrew O., Peterson, Plummer, Punzalan, Ramos, Reyes)

8:50am - Girls F/S #6+ (Berrios, Bode, Bolton)

9:10am - Boys F/S #1-5 (Mason, Ospina, Corona, Denbo, LaClaire)

9:30am - Girls F/S #1-5 (Myung)

9:50am - Girls Var #1-5 (Bock, Ruiz, Taylor) 

10:10am - Boys Var #1-5 (Ewart, Ramirez, DeMasi, Lopez, Madaloni)

10:30am - Girls Var #6+ (Han, Reyes)

10:50am - Boys Var #6+ (Armijo, Buettner, Benitez, Cao, Sullens) 

stan 14
Team from Twin Peaks
Sunday, September 28


The weather has never been better on this trip.  The Grizzlies made their 9th consecutive trip to the Bay Area, this time returning to the Stanford Golf Course to tackle the all-grass, full 5K course.  The boys didn't place as well as a year ago, but their team time was over 2 minutes better and 4 boys made the all-time list on this course.  

The vans made their way up the 5 on Thursday afternoon in cooler than normal conditions, even encountering rain (on the way home too).  We had dinner in Gilroy and arrived at our hotel around 9:00pm.  After breakfast and some relaxation, the team took off on the Bay Trail for a short run and time at the ultimate playground.  Cleaning up, the team made their way into the city and the Twin Peaks viewpoint for pictures and then a few hours in the Fisherman's Wharf area.  The evening activity was a movie this year...and, boy was that a treat.  Up the next morning for breakfast and off to the meet!

Busy as always, we settled in at our usual spot and caught a couple of alumni racing in the college race.  Elle Farrar, in her senior season at APU and Joel Sincock, a junior at LaVerne, got some extra cheering as they raced.  The boys were up first and Bradley Ewart ran a very good race to finish 7th with the 2nd fastest time ever by a Grizzly here.  Richard Ramirez, Dylan DeMasi and Luke Mason also posted times in the top 10 for Grizzlies.  A good effort at the end of a grueling week of 3 meets in 8 days.  The girls were in survival mode again as they could only send 5 to the line with Holloway and Stokes healing.  Sidney Spacher had the reins put on her (run with Jenna) and naturally, they didn't show very well.  Sara Bock continued her solid improvement as she knocked nearly 1 1/2 minutes off last year's time.  The others were all bunched well in the 21 minutes.

It was very cool to see 9 of the 14 athletes represented by's not easy to get away for a meet like this.  They appreciate that support...and a special thanks to the Bock's for the drinks.  Everything went smooth and the athletes represented LOHS well.  We are looking at the possibility of an alternative meet on a different weekend for next year in an attempt to get away from the league meet.  We will see what happens, but great job Grizzlies and thanks for a fun trip.

Complete Results (improvement from a year ago included):

Boys (15th of 36 teams; 247 total runners):  7. Bradley Ewart - 15:54 (-:47; #2 mark all-time);  91. Richard Ramirez - 17:05 (-1:12; #5 mark all-time);  108. Dylan DeMasi - 17:18 (#7 mark all-time);  115. Luke Mason - 17:25 (#10 mark all-time);  141. Tommy Lopez - 17:44 (-:30);  157. Jason Madaloni - 17:52;  159. Marco Ospina - 17:53

Girls (22nd of 30 teams; 205 total runners):  77. Sara Bock - 20:39 (-1:27; #10 mark all-time);  96. Kayla Ruiz - 21:01;  132. Carissa Myung - 21:35;  148. Jenna Taylor - 21:56 (-:42);  149. Sidney Spacher - 21:58   

After the race

Sunday, September 21



Fall was ushered in with a mini-heat wave that peaked on race day.  For all the parents and athletes who wonder why we don't run evening practices in August and continue to run modified workouts even when it's 100 you received your answer.  Hot days are going to happen and they are going to happen on race day, and the safest thing you can do for athletes is prepare them.  Sure it was no party out there, but the Grizzlies looked prepared and ran with great poise, in many cases, executing the plan that was laid out for them.

Susan Herrera is a fantastic example of this.  In just her second race, she entered the first of two climbs up the spine of the park in around 10th place, but coming up the climb the second time, she was in 2nd and had a sizable lead when she came back into view on the downhill.  In the end, she won the JV race and her time would have placed her in the top 20 in the varsity race.  Others in the girls JV race also stayed conservative on the first go-round, only to pick up many places on the second loop.  Lorenzo Corona led the JV boys with Nick Denbo and Blake LaClaire closing well to all finish in the top 25.

The varsity girls were in "survival mode."  With their top 3 dealing with injury, the plan was to try to get through this meet with limited damage.  #1 Sarah Holloway sat out, while Sidney Spacher and Jamie Stokes ran in pain, but did what they needed to do to secure a placing that wouldn't knock them out of CIF contention.  The girls finished 4th, which puts them in position to go after a spot after some healing.  A constantly-improving Carissa Myung was the key today.  Not feeling the pressure, the freshman stayed poised and moved up little by little throughout the race to finish 18th, while Sara Bock delivered another solid race to finish 21st.  Great job ladies!

2007...the last year the boys finished a league meet race with a top 3 finish.  The Baseline League has been much deeper on the boys side over the years and it's been a long time coming.  The day arrived today as four teams did battle for that third spot.  There will be great racing to come as 25 points was the difference between finishing 3rd and last (6th)!  It sure helps when you get to start your point tally with a's almost like having only four runners!  Poised doesn't begin to describe Bradley Ewart's effort today as he delivered a masterful performance to ease his way to the front and nail the door shut in the last half-mile.  The last Grizzly boy to win a league meet was Brett Valencia in 2007, when he swept his way to wins in all three.  Luke Mason's furious kick was certainly the difference between 3rd and 4th as he finished in front of a dead heat of five.  Congrats to the boys, but there is plenty of work to be done to finish the job.

Complete Results (improvement from last year noted):

Boys Varsity:  1. Chino Hills - 29;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 57;  3. LOS OSOS - 97;  4. Damien - 103;  5. Upland - 117;  6. Etiwanda - 122
Individual Results:  1. Bradley Ewart - 15:58;  17. Richard Ramirez - 17:06 (-:14);  21. Luke Mason - 17:26;  27. Tommy Lopez - 17:37 (-:38);  31. Marco Ospina - 17:53;  33. Dylan DeMasi - 18:04 (-1:45);  34. Jason Madaloni - 18:06 (-:21)
Girls Varsity:  1. Chino Hills - 38;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 39;  3. St. Lucy's - 64;  4. LOS OSOS - 103;  5. Etiwanda - 137;  6. Upland - 153  
Individual Results:  13. Jamie Stokes - 21:07;  18. Carissa Myung - 21:22;  21. Sara Bock - 21:36 (-:23);  25. Jenna Taylor - 22:18;  26. Kayla Ruiz - 22:22 (-:07);  27. Sidney Spacher - 22:26
Boys JV:  1. Chino Hills - 25;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 35;  3. LOS OSOS - 95;  4. Etiwanda - 98;  5. Damien - 125;  6. Upland - 190 
Individual Results:  19. Lorenzo Corona - 18:45 (-:23);  21. Nick Denbo - 19:55;  22. Blake LaClaire - 18:57;  28. Joshua Sullens - 19:11;  31. Daniel Armijo - 19:22;  33. Nick Hills - 19:28 (-1:01);  41. Sammy Abrego - 19:46;  45. Andrew Oravets - 19:54;  51. Filip Buettner - 20:09;  52. Duncan Carlmark - 20:10;  59. Scott Kiehl - 20:17 (-:56);  60. Spencer Jenkins - 20:18;  65. CJ Punzalan - 20:30;  66. Edward Cao - 20:32;  68. Jacob Garcia - 20:43;  88. Chandler Plummer - 21:10;  93. Tyler Gazzaniga - 21:25;  96. Jake Burgi - 21:37;  100. Noah Larkins - 22:08;  103. Drew Ramos - 22:12;  104. Andrew Combalecer - 22:13;  108. Joshua Nguyen - 22:29;  109. Nour Ghonim - 22:30;  112. Jack Peterson - 22:32
Girls JV:  1. Chino Hills - 34;  2. LOS OSOS - 58;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 65;  4. St. Lucy's - 80;  5. Upland - 139;  6. Etiwanda - 178  
Individual Results:  1. Susan Herrera - 21:29;  13. Areum Han - 23:01;  14. Frida Rueda - 23:04;  18. Marleah Bode - 23:39;  20. Sophia Sternberg - 24:30;  22. Sianna Berrios - 24:39;  26. Olivia Reyes - 24:41;  28. Madeline Bolton - 24:48  

Sunday, September 21


The Grizzlies returned to the Woodbridge Invitational to get a great early season test and to determine who will make the trip this weekend to the Bay Area.  In the last 10 years, there have been many changes to the course, but I will give them credit for coming up with a pretty time-comparable course each time.  The majority of our runners did improve, which they should, and not by obscene amounts, so we will preserve our Woodbridge lists!  

The 2014 meet, the third largest in the nation, moves to it's permanent home, the Orange County Great Park, although I don't believe this is the permanent course.  As the park continues to be developed, I think they have a planned course and this is not it.  Flat and fast, mostly on short grass and turf, the times were fast.  Don't expect the grass to be so nice at Red Hill this week.  There can be no complaints about making a spectator-friendly course, but something will need to be resolved with parking and traffic (I tried to tell you to come early).  Newcomers got a chance to race against other newcomers and we ran our frosh/soph in grade level races, which hurts your varsity team place, but the youngsters were able to test themselves against their own ages.  

Of course, those Stanford spots were on the line and the competition was fierce, with 3 seconds being the margin of error on the boys side and 16 seconds on the girls.  Not the closest gap we've had, but 3 seconds is tough.  Congrats to Jamie Stokes, who ran a completely focused race to take 3rd in the sophomore race with the 10th fastest time ever for a Grizzly in this meet.  Bradley Ewart led the boys with a solid effort to move a few spots up the list into a tie for 4th.

Complete Results (time improvement from a year ago included;  * designates Stanford qualifier):

Varsity Boys (7th of 16 teams;  109 total runners):  7. *Bradley Ewart - 15:22 (-:24; ties #4 mark all-time);  46. *Richard Ramirez - 16:20 (-:18);  51. *Tommy Lopez - 16:24 (-:16);  55. *Dylan DeMasi - 16:30 (-2:27);  69. *Jason Madaloni - 16:47 (-:26);  72. Lorenzo Corona - 16:58 (-:40);  91. Joshua Sullens - 17:47

Senior Boys (172 total runners):  80. Daniel Armijo - 17:38 (-:54);  98. Jacob Garcia - 18:04 (-:21);  104. Filip Buettner - 18:14;  148. Edward Cao - 19:22

Sophomore Boys (17th of 29 teams;  334 total runners):  37. *Luke Mason - 16:54;  97. Nick Denbo - 17:44;  111. Nick Hills - 17:53 (-1:00);  147. Andrew Oravets - 18:17 (-:36);  164. Duncan Carlmark - 18:26;  196. Scott Kiehl - 18:50 (-:50);  221. Tyler Gazzaniga - 19:05 (-:11);  268. Nour Ghonim - 20:02 (-1:08);  279. Jack Peterson - 20:16 (-:23)

Freshman Boys (20th of 34 teams;  368 total runners):  8. *Marco Ospina - 16:32;  37. Blake LaClaire - 17:31;  160. Sammy Abrego - 19:00;  225. Chandler Plummer - 19:47;  241. Noah Larkins - 20:05;  259. Drew Ramos - 20:24

Novice Boys (205 total runners):  6. Spencer Jenkins - 19:12;  15. CJ Punzalan - 19:57;  16. Jake Burgi - 20:05;  27. Andrew Combalecer - 21:00;  48. Ryan Reyes - 21:35;  68. Aaron Oravets - 22:12

Varsity Girls (16th of 21 teams;  147 total runners):  45. *Sara Bock - 19:23 (-:57);  78. *Sarah Holloway - 19:54;  82. *Kayla Ruiz - 19:55 (-3:12);  99. *Jenna Taylor - 20:16 (-:53);  135. Areum Han - 21:31

JV Girls (256 total runners):  24. Susan Herrera - 20:31

Sophomore Girls (174 total runners):  3. *Jamie Stokes - 18:56 (#10 mark all-time);  13. *Sidney Spacher - 19:50 (-:01);  60. Sianna Berrios - 21:41;  119. Sophia Sternberg - 23:00

Freshman Girls (219 total runners):  20. *Carissa Myung - 20:15;  51. Frida Rueda - 21:20;  66. Marleah Bode - 21:39;  118. Madeline Bolton - 22:53

Novice Girls (442 total runners):  8. Olivia Reyes - 22:50;  56. Catlyn Valle - 24:16;  71. Amariz Araiza - 24:35;  109. Katie Cordero - 25:13;  141. Ashley Surh - 25:38;  300. Awlien Brown - 28:18 

Saturday, September 13


Wow!  That felt nice.  As the Southland begins the first serious heatwave of the season, most of the team enjoyed a foggy, overcast getaway to California's Central Coast.  Fred was back at the helm of our very nice motor coach and we enjoyed a nice, cool ride north.  After lunch in Buellton, the team moved into the renovated, much-improved Motel 6 in Morro Bay.  With a quick change, we were off to run as much of the course as we could, stopping to instruct along the way.  There was even a tall, giraffe-like figure spotted running with the team...very rare indeed!  

It was time for some fun at the beach, which included actual swimming in water that is always cold, but amplified when there is no sun out.  Others played soccer, football, gathered shells or just hung out.  After cleaning up, the team was treated to a delicious pasta dinner with salad, garlic bread and dessert at the adjacent city park.  Soon it was time to turn in to get ready for real competition...finally!  Breakfast was back at the park, followed by check out and a walk across the street to the high school.  

The meet is a non-scoring affair with medals only going to the top 10 in each race...a low-key meet against teams we don't see very often...the perfect way to kick off the season, especially for the many first timers we brought with us.  The novice boys opened things up as Blake LaClaire held on for the last medal in 10th place, running under 19 minutes for the 2.5 to 3.0 mile course.  We are awaiting the official measurement, but while the course may look the same each year, the tide and the lifeguard tower placement has a major impact.  No doubt this year was longer than a year ago, because we ran very well, placed very well, but made no mark on our all-time list for this meet.  The home team claims not to even keep school records because the course varies so much.  In any case, Blake ran really well, as did Ryan Bullock and Sammy Abrego, who finished in the top 30.  

Welcome back Sarah Holloway!  After a forgettable, injury-filled year, Sarah was back to racing and took to the front, leading most of the way before relinquishing the top spot late to Ashley Davis of Paso Robles, who ran 18:23 at CIF Finals last November.  Jamie Stokes, Sara Bock and Sidney Spacher all finished in the top 20 to lead the Grizzlies to a 3rd place finish (they may not keep score, but I can).  Bradley Ewart battled with the top pack in the varsity boys race, finishing an impressive 5th, while a tight pack of Grizzlies, led by Richard Ramirez, Luke Mason, Jason Madaloni and Lorenzo Corona, rounded out the scoring as the boys finished 4th.  

The girls JV fab five all placed in the upper 1/3rd of the race, with Carissa Myung netting the 4th medal of the day with a 5th place finish.  Kayla Ruiz and Jenna Taylor were both in the top 20.  The bad luck JV boys had the only race in the sun as the clouds gave way and while it warmed significantly, it was still cool compared to what we train in.  Nick Denbo led the team with Duncan Carlmark making a big, late-race move to finish 2nd for the team.

This was our 9th year making this trip and the students' behavior and attitude this year causes me to already look forward to next year.  They really handled themselves well and grew together as a team, which is what it is all about.  While it is a lot to put together, it couldn't be done without the help and support of the parents.  So again, I can't thank the Garcia's enough for all they put into getting the dinner and breakfast ready for everyone...and keeping me filled with coffee!  They did an amazing job!  Thanks also to all who helped out...the Carlmarks, the Sullens, the Abregos, along with the trio of super moms...Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Ramirez.  Thanks to all those that came up to support your son/daughter...they do appreciate it, even if they don't tell you they do.

Coach O forgot his camera, so I am at the mercy of anyone who has a cool shot that would look good on the website (I can only put two up, so only send me your best).

Complete Results (25 schools competing;  improvement from a year ago indicated):
Boys Varsity (123 total runners):  1. Paso Robles - 54;  2. San Luis Obispo - 69;  3. Santa Ynez - 96;  4. LOS OSOS - 123;  Individuals:  5. Bradley Ewart - 16:14;  23. Richard Ramirez - 17:42;  29. Luke Mason - 17:58;  31. Jason Madaloni - 18:06;  35. Lorenzo Corona - 18:17 (-:35);  38. Dylan DeMasi - 18:20;  48. Tommy Lopez - 18:37;  73. Joshua Sullens - 19:42
Boys JV (194 total runners):  17. Nick Denbo - 19:01;  32. Duncan Carlmark - 19:57 (-1:59);  33. Andrew Oravets - 20:01 (-:15);  36. Tyler Gazzaniga - 20:03;  53. Daniel Armijo - 20:32;  76. Jacob Garcia - 21:12;  77. Scott Kiehl - 21:14
Boys Novice (149 total runners):  10. Blake LaClaire - 18:49;  21. Ryan Bullock - 19:58;  29. Sammy Abrego - 20:17;  34. Noah Larkins - 20:34;  49. Chandler Plummer - 21:18;  67. Jack Peterson - 22:01 (-:15);  68. Joshua Nguyen - 22:02;  70. Jake Burgi - 22:08;  76. Nour Ghonim - 22:17 (-1:16);  90. Michael Finn - 22:36;  94. Aaron Oravets - 22:43;  95. Kevin Benitez - 22:47
Girls Varsity (131 total runners):  1. Paso Robles - 97;  2. Stockdale - 112;  3. LOS OSOS - 114;  4. Centennial Bakersfield - 118;   Individuals:  2. Sarah Holloway - 20:03;  12. Jamie Stokes - 20:44;  17. Sara Bock - 21:09;  19. Sidney Spacher - 21:21;  63. Sophia Sternberg - 24:02
Girls JV (186 total runners):  5. Carissa Myung - 22:02;  15. Kayla Ruiz - 23:06 (-1:38);  16. Jenna Taylor - 23:06 (-:22);  39. Madeline Bolton - 25:21;  51. Katie Cordero - 25:55
Shameless Plug???  Looking to see what's going on in San Bernardino County high school cross country...go to "Links" and head to the County site for weekly wrap-ups and County rankings!   


Friday, September 5


We are down to 4 extra t-shirts from our order, so if you didn't get one or you want another one, they are first come-first serve at $12 each.  There are three large and one extra large. 

Monday, April 25


The Heat Is On  -  This is an ongoing issue as we had a few hot days this past week and no doubt more to come...YOU MUST HYDRATE PROPERLY.  The night before and during the school day is critical to keeping you safe during practice. Please drink plenty of water and use sports drinks...mix them up (not together)...don't drink all water or all sports drinks, maybe 2 bottles/cups of water, then 1 bottle/cup of sports drink.  We will be running in the heat very soon and we have to be ready. 

Blog Post Worth Reading  -  Want to get faster?  It's not the blog at   

Logging Miles:  You must log miles for cross country.  It's not only required but it's a great way of seeing progress and motivating yourself.  There's even a running2win app now to make logging easier!  Register now if you do not already have an account.  Miles begin to count on June 1st, but you can start today.  You need to "Join A Team" for us to see your activity.  Directions are below:

1 Go to this Free Web Site:
2.Register yourself with a username and password and some other basic information.
3.Once you've registered, click on the link within the site to "join a team." You will be prompted to enter a Team ID;  it is T-7864100205-20, then click "Submit Request". That sends an email to Coach O who will grant you access.
Fill out your mileage daily!!

Unsure of your mileage???  Go to Google Earth, click on the ruler icon in the toolbar above the image...when the window opens, click on Path, then measure your route and it keeps a running total of mileage!


Friday, May 23


During this past track season, we revamped our stretch session at the end of practice, switching to lines vs. a large circle.  This will continue in cross country and because of the numbers, we need more captains.  The six captains you see pictured all bring something different to the table.  Some lead by example, some are vocal leaders, but they all excel and we look to them to lead us in the 2014 season.  I want to thank them for taking on the added responsibility, especially the very important task of leading summer workouts. 

Tommy, Sarah, Brad, Jenna, Richard, Sara

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sat 10/4 runner Brea Invitational 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Brea
Sat 10/11 runner Inland Empire Challenge 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM Glen Helen Regional Park
Wed 10/15 runner Baseline League Meet #2 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Bonelli Park
Sat 10/25 runner Mt. SAC Invitational TBA Mt. SAC
Los Osos H.S. Cross Country
Los Osos H.S. Cross Country

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"We will not know unless we begin." - Howard Zinn