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Los Osos H.S. Cross Country
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Los Osos H. S. has competed in the powerful Baseline League since the school opened in the Fall of 2002.

  • Girls: League Champions 2004, 2005, 2012 (Ind) 
  • Girls: Baseline runner-up 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
    Girls: CIF 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
    Boys: League Champion 2004 (Ind), 2007 (Ind), 2014 (Ind)
  • Boys: Baseline runner-up 2005, 2006
  • Boys : CIF 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (Ind), 2009 (Ind), 2010 (Ind), 2013 (Ind), 2014
  • Boys : State 2004 (Ind), 2005 (Ind)

Coaches Contacts
Coach "O"
   (909) 260-9577

Coach Skiles    (909) 263-3317

Coach Hawkins    (909) 223-4308  

Saturday, October 31


Monday, November 30th  -  Weight Training Begins  -  If you are interested and serious about it, Coach Hawkins will be running a comprehensive weight program five days a week from 3:00pm to 4:00pm out of the small weight room at school.  Some of you have asked for this, so please take advantage of it.  We will still be doing short runs during 6th period.

Thursday, December 3rd  -  Cross Country Awards Banquet  -  A no-cost potluck held in the LOHS cafeteria.  It will begin at 6:00pm.  Girls and senior boys are bringing desserts while the rest of the boys are to bring appetizers.  Coffee will be provided, but if you want something else, you will need to bring your own.  See the info about pictures below.

Wednesday, December 9th  -  Final 1st Semester Time Trial  -  only for those that did not attempt the first one or did not make it.  Held at Central Park and you will not be back to school before school ends, so make appropriate arrangements.  See additional info below.

Other announcements: 

1.  Everyone will remain in 6th period cross country through the end of the first semester unless you are leaving for a Winter Sport (soccer, basketball, wrestling, girls water polo).  If you are trying out for any of those sports, you must check in at 2:10 in our regular spot before being released.  If you are successful and transferring to another sport, you must have the "blue card" completed by the coach of the team you are going to before I will sign it.  If they have a 6th period PE class for that, then you will be enrolled in it for 2nd semester.  If not, you will not have 6th period PE.

2.  CAUTION!  This is the stretch of time when PE grades drop because the season is over and people choose not to dress out or participate.  You MUST dress out EVERYDAY and you must participate to maintain your grade.

3.  If you are not interested in participating in track and field, you need to let me know.  Anyone not participating in a sport must be removed from 6th period PE to make room for those who have waited through 1st semester to get in.  

4.  To be rolled over into the 6th period track and field class, you will have to complete the same time trial from the summer, with times for this season determining your target time.  There will be two on November 19th and one on December 9th.  Anyone who does not make their time will be removed from 6th period PE for 2nd semester.  You MUST maintain that same level of fitness over the winter break.  Early in 2nd semester, those in 6th period PE will have to complete the time trial AGAIN to remain in the class.  If you don't make it, you will have two additional opportunities before track season begins (mid-February) to get back in via time trial. 

Wednesday, November 11


A big thank you to Denislav for taking on the task of putting together our end of season slide show.  I've seen many parents taking pictures this season.  We want to gather as many pictures as possible, so if you can send them Denislav's way, it would be appreciated.  If you only have a small amount, you can email them to  If you have a large amount, you would need to put them on a jump drive for him to access them.  

Seniors and senior parents:  We would like to have some pictures from the past, kind of a through the years pics on beyond.  

The only way to ensure EVERYONE on the team is represented, is for you to send pics. 

Saturday, November 21


Qualifying for the State Meet is difficult.  Only 5 individuals not on qualifying teams will advance and even then they have to be in the top 20 overall.  Unlikely, but it's possible to run 6th and not make it.  Running on "house money," there was nothing to lose today.  From the outside, Sarah advanced to Finals when she wasn't supposed to, so what was the harm in trying the same strategy as the week before?  None, and she executed it beautifully.  Give yourself a chance, and she did just that.  Racing up Poopout Hill, she was in between her two Baseline League foes and sat in 17th place, and she had a shot.  It's a landmark that lived up to it's name today, and Sarah became one of many victims.  Like the race at Red Hill Park, things tightened up and the last mile probably felt like ten.  She fell back to 61st place, still finishing in the top half of the race, but ending her season in the same place it ended her freshman year.  Of course, victory was achieved in getting here, a place she probably doubted was possible after the past couple of years.  Her hard work, dedication, and perseverance made it possible, and we are very proud of the great season she had.  Congrats Sarah!  

Saturday, November 14


Sarah Holloway has gained a lot of experience dealing with adversity over the past three years.  After a freshman season when everything went right, everything went wrong beginning over Labor Day weekend of her sophomore year.  A person's character shows itself when circumstances don't go the way they plan, and Sarah showed she has enough for a dozen people.  Coming full circle and taking care of unfinished business, she defied the odds and her seeding to move through CIF Prelims and advance to CIF Finals.  

There were two ways things could have went after a disappointing performance at Red Hill Park midway through the season.  This is where Sarah gained from her experiences and took that bump in the road and refocused herself.  After a race in Monterey that was difficult to assess because she essentially ran alone in finishing 3rd, she has put together a string of outstanding races in the latter portion of the season and maybe none finer then her race on Saturday.  

In unfamiliar territory at the new Riverside Cross Country Course, all the uproar about dust, parking, and number of heats disappeared when the gun went off and it became another race over rolling terrain with plenty at stake.  With the quality of talent, there is no way to recover from a slow start if you have visions of advancing as part of the top 12.  In a field of 199, Sarah was seeded in the 20-25 range on paper, so it would take a great race to get to the top 12.  "Give yourself a chance" was the message...put yourself in the top 25 after the initial stretch, maintaining contact with the top runners.  She did just that and at the halfway point, she had worked her way up to 10th, just 5 seconds behind the leaders.  Giving herself a chance and carrying two plus years of frustration with her, she showed that great character and heart to keep it together and fend off enough competitors to finish 11th overall.  While time is meaningless to move forward, she ran 17:45 on the new course, a very solid three mile time anywhere.  With her tremendous effort, she earned one more shot at the hills of Mt. SAC in a power-packed field.  Congrats on a job well done!  

Tuesday, November 3


Many good things happened at the Baseline League Finals on Tuesday, but neither the boys or girls could make up 30 point deficits to move into a CIF qualifying position.  Wild weather made things a little crazy, but we got the meet in despite some downpours and plunging temperatures.

Our league finals contests boys frosh-soph and Blake LaClaire and Josh Atkinson led the team to a 2nd place finish.  LaClaire ran the 6th fastest time by a Grizzly on the day to finish 4th, while Atkinson took 8th.  At Bonelli Park, 77 points separated 1st from 5th in the girls JV it was just 11.  The Grizzlies finished 4th, but were only 6 points from winning it!  Marleah Bode wrapped up a tremendous last month of the season to take 3rd, while Rylee Noreen took the last medal, finishing 10th.  Frida Rueda and Tali Adri were close behind at 12th and 13th.  Duncan Carlmark and Nick Hills led the JV boys to a 4th place finish, with Carlmark running the 8th fastest time on the day for Los Osos.

The girls varsity got the worst of the weather without a doubt.  The winds picked up, the rain came down, and it got downright cold.  That did not stop Sarah Holloway from knocking 16 seconds off her extraordinary freshman mark on this course to take 3rd and advance to CIF as an individual.  It was a very controlled effort as she pulled ahead of the Chino Hills pack to pursue the Rancho pair that would hold her off towards the end.  The gap between our 1st and 2nd has plagued us all season and it remained at 18 in this one, and that could not happen if the team had any chance to make up 24 points on St. Lucy's.  While the team fell to 5th place in this one, they finish the season 4th in the final standings.  

In 2015, the boys varsity made up a small deficit to Damien by all seven improving on that course from the invitational and advanced to CIF by a single point.  5 of the 7 did it today and while they did knock the gap from 36 to 28 points, it wasn't nearly enough.  The order of finish for the boys' teams was exactly the same in every meet with the Grizzlies taking 4th to end their season.  Bradley Ewart led the way with an all-league performance and knocked a second off his school record on this course, but it was not enough to get to the post-season.  Lorenzo Corona and Marco Ospina both finished in the top 25.

While the final standings were not what we were hoping for, the athletes performed extremely well as 75% of those that ran this course twice this year improved their time today.  You may be tempted to say that they should since they had a couple of weeks of additional training.  However, it is not as easy as it sounds.  The IE Challenge was held under ideal conditions on a Saturday morning with larger races and more competition.  The weather was not near as beneficial today and more importantly, they were all in class this morning, which is usually a negative for racing (AM vs. PM).  Great job everyone!  

Thanks to the Carlmark's for the drinks and to the Carlmarks, Myungs and Garcias for their help at the finish line.  Sarah will compete at CIF Prelims on Saturday, November 14th at the new CC course in Riverside.  Details will be posted when available.

Complete Results (improvement from IE Challenge noted):
Boys Varsity Team Results:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 24;  2. Chino Hills - 48;  3. Damien - 76;  4. LOS OSOS - 104;  5. Etiwanda - 123;  6. Upland - 159
Individual Results:  7. Bradley Ewart - 15:42 (-:01; IMPROVES SCHOOL RECORD ON THIS COURSE);  19. Lorenzo Corona - 16:11 (-:06; improves #3 mark all-time);  21. Marco Ospina - 16:32;  28. Dylan DeMasi - 16:56 (-:35);  29. Andrew Oravets - 16:57 (-:07);  34. Luke Mason - 17:21 (-:38);  41. Joshua Sullens - 18:27
Girls Varsity Team Results:  1. Chino Hills - 39;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 45;  3. St. Lucy's - 75;  4. Upland - 101;  5. LOS OSOS - 109;  6. Etiwanda - 130
Individual Results:  3. Sarah Holloway - 17:53 (-:38; IMPROVES SCHOOL RECORD ON THIS COURSE);  21. Susan Herrera - 19:54 (-:17; #9 mark all-time);  24. Sara Bock - 20:02 (-:37);  30. Kayla Ruiz - 20:29;  31. Sabrina Parra - 20:36;  36. Carissa Myung - 20:56 (-1:28);  39. Sidney Spacher - 21:09
Boys FS Team Results:  1. Chino Hills - 23;  2. LOS OSOS - 70;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 70;  4. Damien - 86;  5. Etiwanda - 107;  6. Upland - 180
Individual Results:  4. Blake LaClaire - 17:18 (-:06);  8. Josh Atkinson - 17:37 (-:33);  20. Sammy Abrego - 18:14 (-:13);  23. Roberto Solis - 18:23 (-:30);  27. Chandler Plummer - 18:35 (-:01);  30. Aiden Peltier - 18:37;  35. Noah Larkins - 18:44;  44. CJ Punzalen - 19:06;  49. Drew Ramos - 19:13 (-:13);  58. Karl James - 19:47 (-:20);  60. Luke Garcia - 19:54 (-:52);  62. Jack Holloway - 20:00;  65. Damian Vasquez - 20:03;  73. Aaron Oravets - 20:33 (-1:23);  74. Steven Perez - 20:36 (-:26);  75. Marcos Rodriguez - 20:37 (-:13);  76. Conor Farren-Stroud - 20:38 (-:22);  79. Troy Larson - 21:00;  80. Andrew Combalecer - 21:01;  88. Chase Pellitteri - 24:35 (-:42)
Girls JV Team Results:  1. St. Lucy's - 63;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 66;  3. Etiwanda - 68;  4. LOS OSOS - 69;  5. Chino Hills - 74;  6. Upland - 166
Individual Results:  3. Marleah Bode - 20:32 (-:06);  10. Rylee Noreen - 21:09 (-1:31);  12. Frida Rueda - 21:14 (-:56);  13. Tali Adri - 21:26 (-:51);  32. Hollie Genualdi - 22:45 (-:32);  40. Kaiya Sanabria - 23:09;  60. Diana Dahlan - 24:31 (-:05)
Boys JV Team Results:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 15;  2. Chino Hills - 40;  3. Etiwanda - 95;  4. LOS OSOS - 100;  5. Damien - NS;  5. Upland - NS
Individual Results:  13. Duncan Carlmark - 17:25 (-:47);  22. Nick Hills - 18:00 (-:14);  29. Joshua Nguyen - 19:17 (-:03);  34. Kevin Maldonado - 19:37 (-:14);  38. Denislav Nikolov - 20:23;  39. Jack Peterson - 20:24 (-:16);  41. Tyler Gazzaniga - 20:35 (-1:25)    

Sunday, October 25


On a warm, dry October Saturday, the Grizzlies made what may be their only visit of the year to the legendary course in Walnut.  Construction that has been delayed left the complex unchanged from a year ago.  It will close temporarily, but the question is when.  League Finals were already moved away, CIF Prelims were already moved away, and in reality, the only shot to face it again this year belongs to individuals at CIF Finals.  Dusty as always, the temperatures reached into the 90's, which may be welcome in August, but is hot for October.

The highlight belonged to the veteran senior girls.  Sarah Holloway, Sara Bock, and Kayla Ruiz, who have had injury issues over their four years in the program, all took advantage of that "one last shot" with two running their best times ever and the other exceeding all expectations for 2015.  It's been a great October for Sarah Holloway.  After all she has been through over her sophomore and junior years, she went out and ran the 3rd best performance in school history on this course, only exceeded by her own school record performance in 2012 and an excellent run by Alex Burkhart in 2013.  She has worked very hard to get it back and was only 17 seconds off her record time.  Sara Bock has been a steady force for our varsity program all of her years at LOHS, and she capped it off with a stellar performance over the hilly course, and Kayla Ruiz showed the grit and determination she always brings with a top 30 finish in the race.  Despite missing their other two seniors, the team still placed 3rd in their race.

Marco Ospina knocked nearly 20 seconds off his frosh time from last year, but it was the racing he displayed that was more impressive, as he pulled away to win the sophomore race.  Bradley Ewart and Lorenzo Corona both brought top 20 finishes in the varsity race, with Lorenzo cracking the top 15 list ever at Mt. SAC, coming in at #9.  Another senior took advantage of their last go as Joshua Sullens knocked over 2 minutes off his best to run 3rd for the varsity boys.  

Marleah Bode has also enjoyed a fine October and she capped it off with a big PR and a 12th place finish in the sophomore race.  Blake LaClaire had a top 15 finish in the sophomore race.  Josh Atkinson and Aiden Peltier were impressive in the frosh race with top 40 finishes, while Nick Hills led the JV boys and Tali Adri led the frosh girls in those races.  

We are looking forward to another solid, full week of practice before League Finals on the 3rd at Glen Helen.

Complete Results (improvement from 2015 noted):

Girls Varsity (3rd of 12 teams; 100 runners):  2. Sarah Holloway - 18:43 (-1:43);  20. Sara Bock - 20:48 (-:33);  29. Kayla Ruiz - 21:16 (-:27);  41. Carissa Myung - 21:45;  48. Sidney Spacher - 21:54

Boys Varsity (8th of 20 teams; 131 runners):  7. Bradley Ewart - 16:21;  16. Lorenzo Corona - 16:34 (-:42; #9 mark all-time);  56. Joshua Sullens - 17:31 (-2:09);  62. Luke Mason - 17:38;  68. Andrew Oravets - 17:50 (-:32);  88. Dylan DeMasi - 18:18

Girls Sophs (105 runners):  12. Marleah Bode - 22:24 (-1:30);  44. Frida Rueda - 23:39

Boys Sophs (8th of 16 teams; 146 runners):  1. Marco Ospina - 17:01 (-:19);  15. Blake LaClaire - 18:08;  44. Chandler Plummer - 19;20 (-:34);  80. Sammy Abrego - 20:23;  100. Noah Larkins - 20:55;  102. Troy Larson - 20:56;  104. Jack Holloway - 20:58;  116. Drew Ramos - 21:27 (-:17);  124. Damian Vasquez - 21:51;  137. Aaron Oravets - 23:36

Girls Frosh (10th of 13 teams; 124 runners):  39. Tali Adri - 22:59;  72. Kaiya Sanabria - 24:31;  78. Rylee Noreen - 24:47;  83. Jenna Madaloni - 25:17;  84. Diana Dahlan - 25:32;  94. Anaya Villasenor - 26:19

Boys Frosh (16 of 18 teams; 135 runners):  23. Josh Atkinson - 19:02;  39. Aiden Peltier - 19:23;  83. Karl James - 21:23;  104. Marcos Rodriguez - 22:22;  114. Luke Garcia - 22:50;  117. Chase Pellitteri - 23:10

Boys JV (24th of 25 teams; 200 runners):  60. Nick Hills - 18:23 (-1:54);  142. Joshua Nguyen - 19:52 (-2:18);  164. Kevin Maldonado - 20:41;  173. Jack Peterson - 20:56 (-1:29);  185. Denislav Nikolov - 21:54;  191. Tyler Gazzaniga - 22:50  

Sunday, October 18


This was one of the many date changes on our schedule, but the one we were most pleased with.  Traditionally, this meet is contested the previous Saturday, which is always in conflict with the SAT, and many seniors are missing.  There was added importance since this will be the League Finals course this season and probably a couple more too with construction at Mt. SAC.  Instead of weakening the varsity by running grade level or pulling Sarah and Bradley out and placing them in the Sweepstakes race, we put the top 7 on the line together (at least as they were when entries were due).  The results were very positive as we put together our best team times here for the IE Challenge, which should be expected with the above info and the beautiful weather conditions.  However, there were some tremendous individual efforts that caused big changes to our "Top 10" list on this course, which has been run twice every year since 2009 (with the exception of last year when we ran here only once).  

This is a "2 for 1" serves as the San Bernardino County Championships and there is a challenge aspect to it (hence the name) with San Berdoo vs. Riverside County.  The boys finished 5th in the varsity race and had the 7th fastest team time of County schools, which pretty much where they should based on the current County rankings (see links to San Bernardino County Cross Country website).  Bradley Ewart finished 3rd in the varsity race to lower his school record on this course and to qualify for the All-County Senior Team.  Lorenzo Corona and Marco Ospina both ran under 16:30 to take the #3 and #4 spots all-time on this course for LOHS.  Andrew Oravets and Joshua Sullens rounded out the scoring for the team.  

Although the girls didn't appear to be having their best day, the scores and times indicate otherwise.  They finished 4th in the varsity race and posted the 6th fastest team time of all County schools, running faster than several schools ranked ahead of them.  Sarah Holloway just missed the All-Senior Team, which she would have had if she ran in the Sweeps race.  She looked very solid in winning the varsity race in 18:31 as she continues to race well.  Kayla Ruiz is back in style as she moved from our #7 runner on Tuesday to #2 on Saturday, running the #9 mark ever.  She was followed by Sabrina Parra, the senior rookie, that continues to learn and improve with every race.  She ran the #10 mark all-time for LOHS.  Susan Herrera and Sidney Spacher were not far behind to round out the scoring.  

In other races, Marleah Bode certainly has put together a great week of races.  As impressive as she was on Tuesday, she was still nearly a minute from any of our varsity girls.  Not so on Saturday with a time that was #6 for us on the day, just 17 seconds from our varsity #5.  Ruben Ruiz also ran a varsity time for the second time this week, finishing 12th in 17:22, which was the 6th fastest time for a Grizzly on the day.  Same story with Blake LaClaire who was 27th in the sophomore race, running just 2 seconds off of Ruben's time.

I hope everyone enjoyed their experience here because we will return on November 3rd with much more at stake.  Thanks to the Bode and Hernandez families for providing drinks and snacks.  Mt. SAC is up next on Saturday!

Complete Results (improvement from 2014 indicated):

Boys Varsity (5th of 15 teams; team time = 82:42; 102 runners):  3. Bradley Ewart - 15:43 (-:07; IMPROVES SCHOOL RECORD);  17. Lorenzo Corona - 16:17 (#3 mark all-time);  24. Marco Ospina - 16:27 (-:42; #4 mark all-time);  50. Andrew Oravets - 17:04 (-1:10);  54. Joshua Sullens - 17:10;  67. Dylan DeMasi - 17:31;  80. Luke Mason - 17:59

Girls Varsity (4th of 11 teams; team time = 99:08; 86 runners):  1. Sarah Holloway - 18:31;  31. Kayla Ruiz - 20:01 (#9 mark all-time);  32. Sabrina Parra - 20:02 (#10 mark all-time);  37. Susan Herrera - 20:11 (-:33);  39. Sidney Spacher - 20:21;  44. Sara Bock - 20:39 (-:14);  65. Carissa Myung - 22:24

Boys Sophomores (10th of 12 teams; 128 runners):  27. Blake LaClaire - 17:24 (-1:04);  54. Sammy Abrego - 18:27 (-:51);  61. Noah Larkins - 18:36 (-:47);  62. Chandler Plummer - 18:36 (-1:06);  68. CJ Punzalen - 18:52 (-1:23);  69. Roberto Solis - 18:53;  88. Drew Ramos - 19:26 (-1:19);  89. Jack Holloway - 19:26;  94. Troy Larson - 19:49;  104. Andrew Combalecer - 20:30 (-:33);  105. Liam Austin - 20:32;  109. Jake Burgi - 20:39;  118. Aaron Oravets - 21:56

Girls Sophomores (73 runners):  13. Marleah Bode - 20:38 (-1:15);  35. Frida Rueda - 22:10;  42. Hollie Genualdi - 23:17;  44. Natalia Hernandez - 23:45

Boys Freshmen (10th of 15 teams; 167 runners):  12. Ruben Ruiz - 17:22;  31. Josh Atkinson - 18:10;  50. Tor Nilson - 18:50;  97. Karl James - 20:07;  116. Luke Garcia - 20:46;  120. Marcos Rodriguez - 20:50;  128. Conor Farren-Stroud - 21:00;  129. Steven Perez - 21:02;  147. Kyle Buchanan - 22:31;  163. Chase Pellitteri - 25:17

Girls Freshmen (7th of 12 teams; 118 runners):  37. Tali Adri - 22:17;  45. Rylee Noreen - 22:40;  52. Kaiya Sanabria - 22:54;  72. Anaya Villasenor - 24:07;  82. Melissa Boulware - 24:33;  83. Diana Dahlan - 24:36

Boys JV (8th of 15 teams; 137 runners):  40. Duncan Carlmark - 18:12 (-:48);  43. Nick Hills - 18:14;  67. Joshua Nguyen - 19:20 (-2:21);  82. Kevin Maldonado - 19:51;  104. Jack Peterson - 20:40;  125. Tyler Gazzaniga - 22:01  

Tuesday, October 13


On a hot and humid October day, there was nothing pretty about it, but the team ended the day in the same place they began.  As long as they maintained their position, they would have a shot to take their best shot at League Finals at Glen Helen on November 3rd.  Despite pressure from behind them, both the boys and girls did just that.  This was only the second experience here on the slow 5K course and few found their time better on the second go-round.  Maybe there were some marking discrepancies from a year ago, because we have seen much improvement from so, only 8.  

Things got off to a very good start as the JV Girls went from a 5th place finish at Red Hill to a 2nd place finish here with some fine racing.  Marleah Bode was 11th at the Red Hill race, but ran to a second place finish this afternoon.  Tali Adri finished well in 6th place and the Grizzlies put 5 in the teens to solidify their team position.  While we don't have the Boys JV scores, Ruben Ruiz ran well to take 7th, with Blake LaClaire taking 13th and Nick Hills in 18th rounding out the top 3 Grizzlies.

The varsity girls ran a very tactical race last year, going into survival mode to buy the team another 3 weeks of healing.  With better health in 2015, it was in some cases, their first crack on the 2 loop course.  It was a very strong race for Sarah Holloway, as she vaulted from 11th at Red Hill to 3rd here.  Carissa Myung gutted out a tough race to finish 2nd for the team as they held off Upland to hold onto 4th place, giving them a shot at St. Lucy's in November.  Part of the gap to the Regents grew because they enjoyed the return of their #1 runner, but part of it was because there is no margin of error for this team.  If we are going to make up those points, everyone will have to have a great day, and we didn't today.

The boys were in a similar position, but with less pressure from behind.  A lackluster effort overall brought Etiwanda 20 points closer to the Grizzlies.  Bradley Ewart led the boys with a 4th place finish while Lorenzo Corona improved 12 spots from Red Hill to take 17th.  Like the girls, all hands will need to be on deck for the finale with a whopping 36 points to make up to catch Damien.

Thank you to the Vasquez, Plummer and Ramos families for providing drinks and fruit! 

Complete Results (improvement from 2014 indicated):
Boys Varsity:  Team Scores:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 33;  2. Chino Hills - 46;  3. Damien - 67;  4. LOS OSOS - 103;  5. Etiwanda - 115;  6. Upland - 138
Individual Results:  4. Bradley Ewart - 16:29;  17. Lorenzo Corona - 17:29 (-:49);  24. Marco Ospina - 17:48 (-:01);  27. Joshua Sullens - 18:01;  31. Luke Mason - 18:19;  33. Andrew Oravets - 18:34 (-:24);  35. Dylan DeMasi - 18:52
Girls Varsity:  Team Scores:  1. Chino Hills - 39;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 41;  3. St. Lucy's - 80;  4. LOS OSOS - 104;  5. Upland - 109;  6. Etiwanda - 125
Individual Results:  3. Sarah Holloway - 19:27 (-1:59);  21. Carissa Myung - 21:43;  24. Sara Bock - 21:57;  27. Susan Herrera - 22:01;  29. Sabrina Parra - 22:03;  31. Sidney Spacher - 22:21;  32. Kayla Ruiz - 22:21
Boys JV:  Team Scores:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 17;  2. Chino Hills - 45;  3. LOS OSOS - 79;  4. Damien - 102;  5. Etiwanda - 142;  6. Upland - 190
Individual Results:  7. Ruben Ruiz - 18:16;  13. Blake LaClaire - 18:35;  18. Nick Hills - 19:08;  29. Duncan Carlmark - 19:45;  30. Josh Atkinson - 19:46;  42. Sammy Abrego - 20:16 (-:09);  46. Chandler Plummer - 20:24 (-:17);  48. William Fernandez - 20:26;  59. Roberto Solis - 20:57;  67. Noah Larkins - 21:19;  68. CJ Punzalen - 21:20;  74. Aiden Peltier - 21:40;  77. Jack Holloway - 21:44;  81. Kevin Maldonado - 21:47;  83. Joshua Nguyen - 21:54 (-:14);  86. Drew Ramos - 22:01;  94. Damian Vasquez - 22:17;  96. Luke Garcia - 22:18;  102. Tyler Gazzaniga - 22:47;  103. Chase Pellitteri - 22:53;  105. Marcos Rodriguez - 22:57;  121. Joseph Salcedo - 24:14
Girls JV:  Team Scores:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 34;  2. LOS OSOS - 45;  3. Chino Hills - 84;  4. St. Lucy's - 95;  5. Etiwanda - 111;  6. Upland - 165
Individual Results:  2. Marleah Bode - 23:02 (-:16);  6. Tali Adri - 23:39;  11. Frida Rueda - 24:22;  12. Natalia Hernandez - 24:25;  14. Kaiya Sanabria - 24:34;  16. Hollie Genualdi - 24:49;  19. Anaya Villasenor - 25:00;  36. Diana Dahlan - 26:48  


Post-Meet Team Picture
Sunday, October 4



There are many wasy to measure success, but by any measure this was a successful trip.  Taking a break from the circus atmosphere of the Stanford Invitational and hectic driving of San Francisco, the team made their annual trek up north to a different location on a different weekend to compete in a different meet.  And we loved it!  What's not to love about the Monterey Peninsula?  

The vans departed on Thursday at 1:15 and headed up the 101 as opposed to the 5...this trip was already better.  The team arrived in San Luis Obispo for dinner around 5:00 and most followed the Oravets' lead and hit Firestone Grill, while others ate at Woodstock Pizza.  There are so many great places to eat here that it's really hard to go wrong.  Thursday night means Farmers Market downtown and this is a big one with most restaurants set up along with street performers...a really cool atmosphere.  The team arrived in Monterey just before 10:00 and turned in.

Friday morning began with breakfast (waffles!) and a morning swim for most.  At 10:00am, it was time for our run and we made our way down to the Peninsula Coastal Trail.  We've never seen deer on our run on the San Francisco Bay Trail, but we did this morning.  After cleaning up, it was off to Santa Cruz with a lunch stop on the way.  It was a beautiful day at the Beach Boardwalk, and even though we missed the roller coaster, everyone had fun in the arcade and playing Laser Tag (congrats to our winner, Carissa).  We drove back to Monterey, where everyone had some free time at the Cannery, along with dinner.  After parking the vans, we walked across the street to the movies and saw Everest.  It was a successful day!

In the morning we checked out and made the 10 minute drive to the meet.  The format was completely unique...grade level races and the team scoring was based on a track invitational, 10 for first, 8 for second, 6-4-2-1, so only the first 6 in each race scored, but all grade level races counted.  On paper, it favors a big team, not a team of 7, but we made it work and if you combine the boys and girls score, the Grizzlies raced to victory.  They didn't give a combined award, but the boys took first by one point, while the girls finished second.  

One of the best parts of the day was being able to focus on just one or a couple of runners in each race instead of all being in the same race.  When everyone listens and executes the strategy laid out, that makes for a successful meet.  This was a 5K course (3.1 miles) that may not have had any big hill, but had substantial elevation changes along with some slow grass surface and we preached patience and a plan to move up throughout the race and everyone did a fantastic job with that.  All 14 runners finished in the top 15 in their respective race and nearly all medaled.  The most enjoyable part may have been wearing a sweatshirt the entire meet without even thinking about taking it off...overcast, cool conditions the entire meet.

For the boys, Ruben Ruiz picked up 2 important points in the frosh race to kick things off, with Marco Ospina coming back for a 3rd place finish in the soph race.  Lorenzo Corona went off course briefly but ran strong to finish 4th with Andrew Oravets moving up to finish 10th and Luke Mason, after a nasty fall, finishing 12th.  Bradley Ewart took 2nd in the senior race with Joshua Sullens finishing 15th.  That all adds up to a one point win over another traveling squad, Newport Harbor, with the host school 4 points back.  

In the girls race, Tali Adri, in just her 3rd race, took 12th while Carissa Myung finished 5th and Hollie Genualdi 11th in the sophomore race.  Sidney Spacher ran strong in the junior race, finishing 3rd and picking up 6 big points.  The seniors closed things out in impressive fashion with a 3-4-7 finish by Sarah Holloway, Susan Herrera and Sabrina Parra.  It all added up to a 2nd place finish, 4 points behind North Tahoe.  There is a twist...the meet allows athletes to move up into higher grade races (frosh could run in sophomore race), although it doesn't appear to be advantageous unless you knew there was a stud in the junior race that couldn't be beat and you had someone who could win the senior race.  That was not the case, as two sophomores went 1-2 in the senior race...if they run in the sophomore race, they still go 1-2, but we go 1-2-5 in the senior race and win the meet by 4 points.

The estimated return time was 9:00pm and we pulled in at 8:59pm.  Thanks to all who attended and behaved very well.  Thanks to the parents that were on hand for support, especially the Holloway's, who provided an EZ Up and a run to the store for us.  The drive was better, the Friday was better, the meet was better, so as long as our schedule would support it, we will look to return in 2016.

Complete Results:
Boys Team Results (those with at least 10 points):  1. LOS OSOS - 20;  2. Newport Harbor - 19;  3. Pacific Grove - 16;  4. King City - 14;  5. Bret Harte - 11;  t6. Trinity - 10;  t6. North Salinas - 10;  t6. Watsonville - 10
Boys Individual Results:
Seniors (63 runners):  2. Bradley Ewart - 16:43;  15. Joshua Sullens - 18:17
Juniors (76 total):  4. Lorenzo Corona - 17:05;  10. Andrew Oravets - 18:09;  12. Luke Mason - 18:18
Sophomores (74 total):  3. Marco Ospina - 17:42
Freshmen (86 total):  5. Ruben Ruiz - 18:38
Girls Team Results (those with at least 10 points):  1. North Tahoe - 22;  2. LOS OSOS - 18;  3. North Salinas - 17;  t4. Live Oak - 10;  t4. Branham - 10;  t4. Greenfield - 10
Individual Results: 
Seniors (38 total):  3. Sarah Holloway - 20:04;  4. Susan Herrera - 21:44;  7. Sabrina Parra - 21:50
Juniors (44 total):  3. Sidney Spacher - 21:23
Sophomores (60 total):  5. Carissa Myung - 22:27;  11. Hollie Genualdi - 23:12
Freshmen (45 total):  12. Tali Adri - 23:08  

Group Picture at Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Wednesday, September 30
The first League Meet finally took place on Wednesday and the message was simple.  Nothing we do today will solidify anything, so run loose, race hard, and have fun.  Some took that to heart, while others were anything but loose, and in the end, we move to the next meet with nothing decided.  A pair of 4th place finishes leave us pointing towards another League Finals showdown for the final CIF spot.
The day of racing began with the girls JV race and Marleah Bode ran a steady race to lead the girls with an 11th place finish.  It was a pleasure all day long to provide a course strategy and watch many runners execute it to perfection.  Kaiya Sanabria and Rylee Noreen ran very smart, determined races, improving their position throughout the race.
Duncan Carlmark, Blake LaClaire, and Nick Hills really shined in the boys JV race as the team finished 3rd, the highest finish of the day.  Duncan and Blake were probably 25th to 30th after a half of a mile, but steadily moved forward to finish 6th and 10th.
A year ago, the girls varsity took a beating by St. Lucy's here and chipped away each meet after to close the gap.  In 2015, every team in the league is better, maybe with the exception of St. Lucy's, as they graduated their #1 runner, so there is little margin for error.  With mixed results, the Grizzlies came up 5 points short, but managed to hold off Etiwanda for 4th place.  Susan Herrera debuted in impressive fashion, finishing 16th while the team got a huge lift from Sabrina Parra, who finished 20th in her first race in the Baseline League.
Look below and see the level of improvement by the varsity boys, and it still left them 32 points behind Damien, whose top runner struggled on the day.  Despite the improvement, these boys have not had their best day, and they will need to chip away at that point lead over the next month.  Bradley Ewart won this race a year ago and ran 20 seconds faster today, but fell just short of Chino Hills' Peter Torres.  He ran the #4 mark in school history, which is an accomplishment because of the course change in 2010.
If we are going to reach the postseason, we cannot have bad days...everyone will have to have a good day, as that margin of error is very small.  The good news today is that there was no damage done and we did not have our best day.  Some had a fantastic day, and that is the result of the hard work you have put forward.  Continue to do that and good things will happen.
Thanks to the Carlmarks and LaClaires for the water and fruit.  This very busy week continues as the coaches and 14 hit the road for the Monterey Peninsula tomorrow.
Complete Results (improvement from 2014 indicated):
Varsity Boys:  Team Scores:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 31;  2. Chino Hills - 47;  3. Damien - 67;  4. LOS OSOS - 99;  5. Etiwanda - 131;  6. Upland - 140
Individual Results:  2. Bradley Ewart - 15:38 (-:20; #4 mark all-time);  16. Marco Ospina - 16:48 (-1:05);  26. Luke Mason - 17:22 (-:04);  27. Joshua Sullens - 17:26 (-1:35);  28. Andrew Oravets - 17:34 (-2:20);  29. Lorenzo Corona - 17:39 (-1:06);  34. Dylan DeMasi - 18:18
Varsity Girls:  Team Scores:  1. Chino Hills - 20;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 69;  3. St. Lucy's - 90;  4. LOS OSOS - 95;  5. Etiwanda - 109;  6. Upland - 128
Individual Results:  11. Sarah Holloway - 20:04;  16. Susan Herrera - 20:32 (-:57);  20. Sabrina Parra - 20:49;  23. Sidney Spacher - 21:03 (-1:23);  25. Sara Bock - 21:07 (-:29);  30. Carissa Myung - 21:41;  36. Tali Adri - 22:39
JV Boys:  Team Scores:  1. Rancho Cucamonga - 15;  2. Chino Hills - 47;  3. LOS OSOS - 85;  4. Damien - 114;  5. Etiwanda - 190;  6. Upland
Individual Results:  6. Duncan Carlmark - 17:42 (-2:28);  10. Blake LaClaire - 17:48 (-1:09);  17. Nick Hills - 18:11 (-1:17);  19. Ruben Ruiz - 18:20;  33. Tor Nilson - 18:57;  34. Josh Atkinson - 18:59;  35. Sammy Abrego - 19:01 (-:45);  37. Chandler Plummer - 19:10 (-2:00);  46. Roberto Solis - 19:36;  48. CJ Punzalen - 19:40 (-:50);  52. Joshua Nguyen - 19:50 (-2:39);  57. Aiden Peltier - 20:03;  60. Noah Larkins - 20:05 (-2:03);  61. Kevin Maldonado - 20:06;  70. Chase Pellitteri - 20:22;  71. Drew Ramos - 20:23 (-1:49);  78. Karl James - 20:39;  85. Troy Larson - 20:44;  90. Jack Holloway - 20:56;  94. Luke Garcia - 21:02;  97. Denislav Nikolov - 21:12;  98. Marcos Rodriguez - 21:16;  107. Tyler Gazzaniga - 21:51;  119. Andrew Combalacer - 22:47
JV Girls:  Scores not available, will update later...1. Rancho Cucamonga;  2. Chino Hills;  3. Etiwanda;  4. St. Lucy's;  5. LOS OSOS;  6. Upland
Individual Results:  11. Marleah Bode - 22:50 (-1:16);  18. Kaiya Sanabria - 23:21;  19. Hollie Genualdi - 23:32;  23. Rylee Noreen - 24:17;  24. Frida Rueda - 24:22;  26. Natalia Hernandez - 24:32;  37. Anaya Villasenor - 25:24 

Sunday, September 20


Okay, the power never really went out in Irvine, it was more like a rolling blackout.  Each year the team attacks this invitational with intensity and vigor.  It's flat and fast and has served as the qualifier for the upcoming trip up north.  A conscious decision to try to avoid the Wednesday letdown that tends to follow this meet, the incentive of the trip qualifier was changed to this week's league meet.  In other words, we want that intensity and vigor to be there when it really counts!  The downside is that with the unfortunate conflict of Homecoming, many opted out of the meet and there seemed to be a lack of electricity in the air with the exception of a couple of races.

Another Woodbridge...another course change and from the feedback, a slower course from last year.  That means those that did improve their time really accomplished something.  Not sure of the future of the meet as this may have been the last go-around at the Great Park.  Also not sure of our future in this meet...if we are not using it as the trip qualifier, is it worth what amounts to a major drive and hassle, and an expensive one at that?

One race where the electricity seemed to be there was the varsity boys.  Missing a couple to Homecoming and taking any Frosh/Soph out to run grade level, they still managed an 8th place finish.  Bradley Ewart is still rounding into shape and finished 7th with Lorenzo Corona trying to run him down on the finishing stretch to take 8th just 3 seconds back.  Lorenzo has really been working hard and knocked 1:14 off his time from last year as he ran the 8th fastest time at this meet in school history.  Running 4-5 for the boys in that race, Andrew Oravets trimmed 1:20 off last year's mark to break 17 for the first time on any course while Duncan Carlmark ran well, shaving a full minute.  Marco Ospina was solid in the sophomore race, finishing 12th while Ruben Ruiz finished 30th in the freshmen race.  Our untested boys followed race strategy very well as Tor Nilson moved up throughout the race to take 4th in the novice race.  Julian Castillo, Aaron Oravets and Luke Garcia also notched top 25 finishes.  

The girls were VERY shorthanded as only 8 of our 21 girls attended.  Sarah Holloway ran a very smart race, methodically moving up to finish 5th in the varsity race, running the 4th fastest time at this meet for a LOHS runner.  She was 1:24 faster than a year ago when she limped her way over the finish line.  The novice girls, like their male counterparts, also executed a smart race plan of starting conservatively and picking their way forward in the second half of the course.  Leading the way was Anaya Villasenor, who finished 20th in the race of 454.

Next up is our first league meet at Red Hill Park on Wednesday, where much more will be at stake...and I'm not referring to Monterey.

Complete Results (improvement from a year ago included):
Varsity Boys (8th of 14, 99 runners):  7. Bradley Ewart - 15:41;  8. Lorenzo Corona - 15:44 (-1:14;  #8 mark all-time);  53. Dylan DeMasi - 16:52;  59. Andrew Oravets - 16:57 (-1:20);  79. Duncan Carlmark - 17:27 (-:59);  98. Nick Denbo - 18:33
Varsity Girls (137 runners):  5. Sarah Holloway - 18:30 (-1:24;  #4 mark all-time);  73. Sidney Spacher - 20:16
Senior Boys (188 runners):  137. Kevin Maldonado - 19:26;  174. Denislav Nikolov - 21:23
Junior Boys (240 runners):  108. Nick Hills - 18:16;  167. Joshua Nguyen - 19:24;  207. Tyler Gazzaniga - 20:23
Sophomore Boys (27th of 35;  380 runners):  12. Marco Ospina - 16:30 (-:02);  101. Blake LaClaire - 17:52;  154. Sammy Abrego - 18:28 (-:32);  244. Roberto Solis - 19:37;  262. Jack Holloway - 19:48;  302. Damian Vasquez - 20:27
Sophomore Girls (195 runners):  45. Carissa Myung - 22:09;  77. Hollie Genualdi - 22:58
Frosh Boys (351 runners):  30. Ruben Ruiz - 17:41;  128. William Fernandez - 19:19;  228. Karl James - 20:38
Novice Boys (207 runners):  4. Tor Nilson - 19:50;  16. Julian Castillo - 21:05;  20. Aaron Oravets - 21:12 (-1:00);  23. Luke Garcia - 21:32;  26. Marcos Rodriguez - 21:38;  43. Dylan Greco - 22:14;  49. Kyle Buchanan - 22:26;  73. Conor Farren-Stroud - 22:56;  76. Steven Perez - 23:01;  116. Devon Sternberg - 24:12
Novice Girls (454 runners):  20. Anaya Villasenor - 24:30;  53. Melissa Boulware - 25:24;  126. Laila Johansson - 26:37;  134. Diana Dahlan - 26:43  

Coaches on duty!
Saturday, September 12


There are many reasons we begin the season with a road trip;  September heat in the IE being at the top of the list...and it has been brutal this past week.  Morro Bay offers relief and despite it being warm for them, it sure was nice for us.  Great weather and a great group make for a great trip, and not only did most race well, but they came together as a team and made lasting friendships and memories.  The meet is not the lure, although it's become more competitive over the ten years we have 10 years!  It's very low key, operating on beach team scores, medals only the last two years, a course that changes with the tides, and lots of sand.  It's a tough course that runs like 3 miles with the sand, grass and sharp turns.  

There were games on the bus, a chance to run over the course on Friday, the remodeled Motel 6, the beach time that included the most people in the frigid water ever, and the team dinner and breakfast.  All in all, a really fun time!  Oh, and races.  Sarah Holloway matched her best time on the 2.76 mile (this year) course at 19:47 to take 4th overall...a great job considering she spent the better part of two weeks on a stationary bike.  Sabrina Parra finished 4th in the JV race with Tali Adri and Hollie Genualdi placing in the top 25.  For the boys, with Bradley Ewart not making the trip, Lorenzo Corona stepped up and improved nearly 1:30 from a year ago to finish 21st in the varsity race.  Marco Ospina and Luke Mason finished 2-3 for the team, both placing in the top 50.  The competition was fierce after that as 5 boys came in within 14 seconds of each other, led by Andrew Oravets, who knocked the most time off from a year ago.  Duncan Carlmark, dealing with a knee problem, moved to the JV race and took a strong 8th place.  William Fernandez was the winner of the 15 LOHS entrants in the novice boys race, as he finished 43rd.

A huge thank you to all the parents who assisted to make the trip a success and to the many parents who made the long trip to watch their kids compete.  Even if they don't say it, know that it means a great deal.  This meet was all about experience and a step in working toward running our very best at the end of the season, and simply put, it would not happen without our fantastic parents stepping up to handle the meals.  Quarterbacking the effort for so many years now, we have to start by thanking the Garcia's.  Thanks also to the Carlmark, Hernandez and Sullens families for assisting with both meals and to the Abrego's for keeping me "coffeed up" and for the amazing desserts!

I dropped the ball on pictures this year, so if you have any really good ones to pass along for the website, please email me.  For now, you can enjoy Jessica Garcia's contribution.

Complete Results (no team scores, improvement from 2014 included for those that ran here last year):
Varsity Girls (134 total runners):  4. Sarah Holloway - 19:47 (-:16)
JV/Novice Girls (180 total runners):  4. Sabrina Parra - 22:21;  15. Tali Adri - 23:22;  22. Hollie Genualdi - 23:57;  39. Rylee Noreen - 24:55;  46. Melissa Boulware - 25:11;  78. Natalia Hernandez - 26:23;  79. Awlien Brown - 26:26
Varsity Boys (152 total runners):  21. Lorenzo Corona - 16:53 (-1:24);  38. Marco Ospina - 17:31;  46. Luke Mason - 17:44 (-14);  61. Andrew Oravets - 18:05 (-1:54);  62. Joshua Sullens - 18:07 (-1:35);  70. Blake LaClaire - 18:12 (-:37);  76. Dylan DeMasi - 18:17 (-03);  78. Nick Denbo - 18:19 (-:42);  111. Ruben Ruiz - 19:25;  120. Sammy Abrego - 20:07 (-:10)
JV Boys (111 total runners):  8. Duncan Carlmark - 18:59 (-:58);  32. Kevin Maldonado - 20:52;  39. Tyler Gazzaniga - 21:06;  48. Denislav Nikolov - 21:36
Novice Boys (192 total runners):  43. William Fernandez - 19:46;  67. Noah Larkins - 20:46;  75. Karl James - 20:58;  87. Drew Ramos - 21:15;  98. Jack Peterson - 21:36 (-:25);  99. Jake Burgi - 21:37 (-:31);  103. Damian Vasquez - 21:46;  104. Jack Holloway - 21:46;  127. Liam Austin - 22:34;  128. Aaron Oravets - 22:37 (-:06);  129. Steven Perez - 22:38;  132. Luke Garcia - 22:50;  138. Conor Farren-Stroud - 22:58;  151. Devon Sternberg - 23:52;  160. Kyle Buchanan - 24:11     

The 4:00am shift

Monday, April 25


Logging Miles:  You must log miles for cross country.  It's not only required but it's a great way of seeing progress and motivating yourself.  There's even a running2win app now to make logging easier!  Register now if you do not already have an account.  Miles begin to count on June 1st.  You need to "Join A Team" for us to see your activity.  Directions are below:

1 Go to this Free Web Site:
2.Register yourself with a username and password and some other basic information.
3.Once you've registered, click on the link within the site to "join a team." You will be prompted to enter a Team ID;  it is T-7864100205-20, then click "Submit Request". That sends an email to Coach O who will grant you access.
Fill out your mileage daily!!

Unsure of your mileage???  Go to Google Earth, click on the ruler icon in the toolbar above the image...when the window opens, click on Path, then measure your route and it keeps a running total of mileage!


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