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Los Osos H.S. Cross Country
Michael Oravets
Rancho Cucamonga, California
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Los Osos H. S. has competed in the powerful Baseline League since the school opened in the Fall of 2002.

  • Girls: League Champions 2004, 2005, 2012 (Ind) 
  • Girls: Baseline runner-up 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
    Girls: CIF 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 (Ind)
  • Boys: League Champion 2004 (Ind), 2007 (Ind), 2014 (Ind)
  • Boys: Baseline runner-up 2005, 2006
  • Boys : CIF 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (Ind), 2009 (Ind), 2010 (Ind), 2013 (Ind), 2014, 2016
  • Boys : State 2004 (Ind), 2005 (Ind)

Coaches Contacts
Coach "O"
   (909) 260-9577

Coach Skiles    (909) 263-3317

Sunday, November 5


Qualifying for CIF Finals is no easy task and for most, you have to have a great day and run your best.  Javier Ruedas has had a fantastic season and an incredible 2nd place finish in the Baseline League, but Friday was not his day.  In good position at the mile mark on the CIF course in Riverside, a cramp set in and he drifted back in the pack.  He has had many memorable races, but this won't be one of them.  Getting out of our league is a tough task, and he should be proud of accomplishing that.  He still managed to run 16:47, but in a CIF race that translated to a 114th place finish. 

Saturday, July 15


***If you checked out a uniform top, it should have already been turned in.  Do NOT give it to anyone except Coach Riden and make sure he checks it off or you will be charged for it.

***You are now free to tryout for a winter sport.  To move to another sport, you must get the blue card and the coach of the sport you are going into must sign it before I do.

***You must continue to dress out and participate or your PE grade will suffer.  When the season ends is when we tend to rack up the non-suits.

***I will assume you are continuing into track and field unless you tell me otherwise.  If you are staying with the long distance crew, you may be subject to the same time trial used for cross country, which for most of you shouldn't be a problem at this point.  If you want to do track but not with the long distance crew, you need to be attending after school practice daily.  If you don't, you will be removed from 6th period PE at the semester.  If you don't make the time trial, you will be removed from 6th period PE at the semester.  If you are not interested in track and don't make another sport, you will be removed from 6th period PE at the semester. 

Wednesday, November 1


The Grizzlies made the short trip to a new course for League old friend called Central Park.  Most weeks of each season start with a Monday at Central Park and when Glen Helen became unavailable, the co-hosts, us and Rancho Cucamonga, decided to create a course right here in town and turned to the best option we had.  Creating a course, clearing the course, and monitoring the course was certainly a team effort.  The Cougars and Grizzlies worked together to put on an excellent close to the regular season.
Having an advantage of course knowledge, senior Javier Ruedas ran a masterful race to finish 2nd in the league to not only secure an individual qualifying spot to CIF Prelims, but also All-League honors.  Juan Argueta, from barely making the cut to attend track league prelims last year, showed what hard work can do.  He may have missed a CIF spot by one place, but in 5 months to vault to #7 in the Baseline League is a pretty special accomplishment.  The boys team needed to not only beat out the two teams they were tied with, but needed a collapse by one of the top three, which did not happen.  They finish the year in 5th place, ahead of a team that was ranked in CIF just a week ago. 
The girls varsity did not have the math to move forward, so they set their sights on improving their position.  Trailing Upland by 16 points in the last meet, they managed to cut that deficit in half with a spirited effort.  Hollie Genualdi had her best race of the season to finish 18th, with Reese Garcia and Emeline Myung close behind in the top 25.
A huge thank you to the Martin's and Bode's for bringing drinks today and for their work on the course.  It takes many folks to make a meet go off without problems and the Genualdi, Myung, Gonzalez, Poe, Rivas, and Berge families did a great job pitching in. 
Javier will race at CIF Prelims on Friday morning, November 10th, at the Riverside CIF course.  Time to be determined. 
Complete Results:
Boys Varsity
1. Chino Hills - 48;  2. Etiwanda - 54;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 68;  4. Upland - 103;  5. LOS OSOS - 113;  6. Damien - 127
Individual Results:  2. Javier Ruedas - 15:49 (CIF Qualifier; All-League);  7. Juan Argueta - 16:15 (All-League);  32. Samuel Hsiao - 17:20;  35. Ruben Ruiz - 17:26;  37. Damien Vasquez - 17:35;  39. Jack Holloway - 17:43;  40. Roberto Solis - 17:55
Girls Varsity:
1. Chino Hills - 24;  2. Etiwanda - 58;  3. St. Lucy's - 76;  4. Rancho Cucamonga - 91;  5. Upland - 125;  6. LOS OSOS - 133
Individual Results:  18. Hollie Genualdi - 20:14;  22. Reese Garcia - 20:28;  24. Emeline Myung - 20:39;  33. Ireland Bode - 21:08;  36. Trinity Poe - 21:37;  39. Natalia Hernandez - 22:33;  41. Keila Cummings - 23:05
Boys JV
1. Etiwanda - 24;  2. Chino Hills - 52;  3. LOS OSOS - 84;  4. Damien - 100;  5. Upland - 105
Individual Results:  8. Marcos Rodriguez - 17:44;  12. Luke Garcia - 18:16;  14. Jade El-Gaouny - 18:29;  26. Ryan Mannion - 18:56;  30. Sammy Abrego - 19:25;  31. Conor Farren-Stroud - 19:39;  35. Wyatt Rivas - 20:07
Girls JV:
1. Chino Hills - 19;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 70;  3. St. Lucy's - 82;  4. LOS OSOS - 112;  5. Etiwanda - 119;  6. Upland - 143
Individual Results:  20. Selena Mondragon - 23:01;  21. Isabel Larkins - 23:04;  23. Yuke Chen - 23:06;  25. Isabella Goltara - 23:23;  26. Faythe Berge - 23:23;  28. Maralyn Ontiveros - 23:51;  30. Emilyann Hively - 23:57;  31. Anaya Villasenor - 23:59;  33. Adeline Martin - 24:00;  34. Maddy McCarthy - 24:01;  35. Jessica Fernandez - 24:28
Boys FS:
1. Chino Hills - 41;  2. Etiwanda - 58;  3. Damien - 71;  4. LOS OSOS - 102;  5. Rancho Cucamonga - 113;  6. Upland - 129
Individual Results:  15. Devan Cadogan - 18:22;  16. Daniel Amaya - 18:23;  23. James Dingle - 18:36;  24. Drew Warbritton - 18:44;  28. Robert Gibson - 19:08;  33. Luke Jennings - 19:22;  38. Ethan Lee - 19:41;  39. Aidan Contreras - 19:42;  43. Esteban Marquez - 19:49;  48. Jaden Bunch - 20:01;  52. Justin Cacucciolo - 20:12;  58. Tyler Smith - 20:32;  62. Tyler Dinh - 20:59;  69. Max Melton - 21:27;  70. Isaac Mendez - 21:30 

Monday, April 25


Save the Date:  Awards banquet will be on Thursday, December 7th at 6:00pm.  Details to follow.

Pictures:  If you have taken pictures this season, it is time to get them to the Rivas family.  You can bring them to school and we can pass them to Wyatt...disc or flash drive.  Will get an email address to send them to as well, but for now, get them organized.  Seniors...there are usually some "through the years" segment, so we need baby and beyond pictures. 

Half Marathon Challenge:  Coach O has registered for his 2nd half marathon and it is on December 10th in Pomona (Holiday Half Marathon).  He has issued an incentive...beat him and you letter in cross country (girls subtract 14 minutes from your time).  You must be registered in the race and that runs about $100, so it's not cheap. The idea is to encourage you to continue to run and train.  Bring it on!  I will be ready! 

Logging Miles:  You must log miles during cross country season.  It's not only required but it's a great way of seeing progress and motivating yourself...even during the rest of the year when it is not required.  There's a running2win app now to make logging easier!  Register now if you do not already have an account.  You need to "Join A Team" for us to see your activity.  Directions are below:

1 Go to this Free Web Site:
2.Register yourself with a username and password and some other basic information.
3.Once you've registered, click on the link within the site to "join a team." You will be prompted to enter a Team ID;  it is T-7864100205-20, then click "Submit Request". That sends an email to Coach O who will grant you access.
Fill out your mileage daily!!

Unsure of your mileage???  Go to Google Earth, click on the ruler icon in the toolbar above the image...when the window opens, click on Path, then measure your route and it keeps a running total of mileage!


Sunday, October 22


Given their first chance to run together, the frosh/soph girls looked very good finishing 5th in a large field of teams.  Getting all five scorers inside the top 51 played a big role in finished 5th out of 15 teams.  Reese Garcia finished 11th and was backed up nicely by Emeline Myung who came in 13th, while the team got a big breakthrough performance from Ireland Bode, who finished 3rd for the team and 32nd overall. 

The team ended up in Riverside due to the chaos that was likely to cause havoc at the Mt. SAC Invitational.  Major construction is happening there and while the course was mostly intact, the other logistics were a nightmare.  The Grizzlies shortened their morning, saved money, and had the opportunity to run the CIF course in the process.  Drawing the early races, we escaped the hotter parts of the day and that was nice.

James Dingle and Drew Warbritton led the boys sophomores, while Devan Cadogan had a huge performance in the frosh race, finishing 27th out of 218.  The boys varsity ran shorthanded and were all packed together, while Hollie Genualdi ran solo in the varsity race, but ran a time right in line with our other top girls.  Ryan Mannion led the boys JV in the final race of the day for the Grizzlies.

No races this week as we gear up to co-host the League Finals meet at Central Park.  We will need parent help on Wednesday, November 1st in the finish chute, on the course, and for traffic control.  The meet will begin at 2:00 and include 5 races...if you can help that day, please email me at

Complete Results:
Boys Varsity (23rd of 23;  187 total runners):  156. Marco Ospina - 17:14 (-:14 from CIF a year ago);  160. Jack Holloway - 17:20;  161. Samuel Hsiao - 17:21;  168. Roberto Solis - 17:30;  176. Damien Vasquez - 17:40;  180. Jade El-Gaouny - 17:48
Girls Varsity (160 total runners):  105. Hollie Genualdi - 20:29
Boys Sophs (14th of 16;  179 total runners):  88. James Dingle - 18:31;  97. Drew Warbritton - 18:40;  103. Daniel Amaya - 18:49;  107. Luke Jennings - 18:51;  159. Aiden Monsale - 22:07
Boys Frosh (16th of 18;  213 total runners):  27. Devan Cadogan - 17:57;  83. Robert Gibson - 19:15;  92. Esteban Marquez - 19:19;  107. Aidan Contreras - 19:34;  124. Ethan Lee - 19:53;  146. Jaden Bunch - 20:31;  168. Tyler Dinh - 21:13;  185. Sterling Vieau - 21:56;  193. Jason Bailey - 22:22
Girls Frosh-Soph (5th of 15;  198 total runners):  11. Reese Garcia - 20:24;  13. Emeline Myung - 20:25;  32. Ireland Bode - 21:10;  37. Trinity Poe - 21:20;  51. Selena Mondragon - 21:42;  82. Yuke Chen - 22:27;  106. Isabel Larkins - 22:59;  107. Maddy McCarthy - 23:03;  111. Maralyn Ontiveros - 23:10;  112. Emilyann Hively - 23:11;  126. Jessica Fernandez - 23:33;  150. Adeline Martin - 24:46;  180. Hannah Ismael - 26:55 

Tuesday, October 17
The 5K course at Bonelli Park has turned into a Grizzly house of horrors in recent years.  I can't say the team has ever had a good day here, but I can say they have never had a worse day.  It was going to take a lot of work to get a team to CIF this year and the boys had positioned themselves to have a shot at League Finals and all they needed to do was not take themselves out of it.  After finishing last today, they find themselves in a 3-way tie for 4th with Damien and Upland.  The problem is that they all trail Rancho Cucamonga by 4 points and that means the Cougars will advance to CIF as long as they finish no worse than 4th at League Finals, provided Chino Hills and Etiwanda go 1-2.
The gap that sunk the team at Red Hill was between our 3-4 runners, but the difference today was that gap was between our 2-3 runners.  Decent day or bad day, the times will not overwhelm's a tough 5K course.  Instead, figuring out whether you improved can be done by looking at your place finish today vs. the rest of the league at Red Hill.  Javier Ruedas again ran strong to finish 4th, and managed to become only the second Grizzly to break 17 minutes, while Juan Argueta ran the 4th fastest time in school history to take 9th overall.  Unfortunately, the team lost 19 points since Red Hill, not the direction you want to be heading.
The girls headed in the opposite direction and gained 13 points on the league and closed within 16 of Upland.  There is almost no chance of finishing any better than 5th and that would be an improvement and send the team to the off-season with momentum for the very young squad.  Emeline Myung made it three meets in a row with the fastest time for the team as she tied the 8th best mark in school history on this course.  She was followed closely by Reese Garcia.
Yuke Chen led the girls JV with a strong race while Damien Vasquez and Marcos Rodriguez led the boys JV to a 4th place finish. 
The team will travel to Riverside on Saturday and this represents a schedule change.  Construction at Mt. SAC and their race schedule have made attending that meet much less desirable, so we will attend the Riverside Invitational instead...details posted tomorrow.
Results (improvement from a year ago noted):
Boys Varsity:  1. Chino Hills - 39;  2. Etiwanda - 75;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 77;  4. Damien - 94;  5. Upland - 103;  6. LOS OSOS - 114;  Individual Results:  4. Javier Ruedas - 16:59 (-:14; #2 mark all-time);  9. Juan Argueta - 17:16 (#4 mark all-time);  30. Marco Ospina - 18:25;  34. Roberto Solis - 18:44 (-1:28);  37. Josh Atkinson - 19:13;  38. Samuel Hsiao - 19:13 (-1:51);  40. Jack Holloway - 19:22 (-:33)
Girls Varsity:  1. Chino Hills - 22;  2. Etiwanda - 75;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 75;  4. St. Lucy's - 89;  5. Upland - 113;  6. LOS OSOS - 129;  Individual Results:  20. Emeline Myung - 21:55;  21. Reese Garcia - 22:02;  26. Hollie Genualdi - 22:30;  30. Trinity Poe - 22:46;  32. Ireland Bode - 22:51;  35. Nicole Gonzalez - 23:09 (-2:24);  38. Natalia Hernandez - 24:00
Boys JV:  1. Chino Hills - 19;  2. Etiwanda - 57;  3. Damien - 69;  4. LOS OSOS - 109;  5. Upland - 159;  6. Rancho Cucamonga - 160;  Individual Results:  14. Damien Vasquez - 19:06 (-2:33);  15. Marcos Rodriguez - 19:06 (-1:08);  33. Jade El-Gaouny - 20:11 (-:41);  38. Ruben Ruiz - 20:17;  44. Sammy Abrego - 20:28 (-:13);  47. Tor Nilsen - 20:34;  50. Devan Cadogan - 20:42;  51. Drew Warbritton - 20:43 (-:49);  54. Daniel Amaya - 20:47 (-2:41);  56. James Dingle - 20:51;  59. Luke Garcia - 21:05;  60. Ryan Mannion - 21:10;  68. Conor Farren-Stroud - 21:31;  76. Robert Gibson - 21:53;  78. Luke Jennings - 22:02 (-:06);  80. Ethan Lee - 22:03;  85. Jaden Bunch - 22:16;  timing malfunction on remaining runners;  94. Wyatt Rivas;  96. Aidan Contreras;  101. Tyler Dinh; 102. Esteban Marquez;  104. Max Melton; 110. Tyler Smith;  111. Isaac Mendez     
Girls JV:  1. Chino Hills - 17;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 50;  3. St. Lucy's - 74;  4. LOS OSOS - 107;  Individual Results:  13. Yuke Chen - 24:49 (-:55);  22. Anaya Villasenor - 26:28;  24. Selena Mondragon - 26:59;  25. Isabella Goltara - 27:13;  27. Faythe Berge - 27:23;  28. Isabel Larkins - 27:23;  30. Emilyann Hively - 27:56;  31. Maddy McCarthy - 28:03;  33. Adeline Martin - 28:41 

Wednesday, October 11


It was not the best conditions for a cross country meet at Glen Helen Regional Park this morning.  Warm, dry winds hampered runners throughout the morning, making it difficult to demonstrate improvement from a year ago, yet many did.  Missing many runners also made placing well at the varsity level a challenge and all freshmen and sophomores ran in their grade level races, regardless of their standing on the team.
The freshmen girls brought home a team award after taking 3rd place, led by Emeline Myung's 8th place finish as she once again ran the fastest time on the day for the team.  Trinity Poe and Ireland Bode both ran strong in the top 25.  Reese Garcia and Nicole Gonzalez led the sophomore girls to a 4th place finish in the large schools division, while Natalia Hernandez ran a very nice time in the varsity race.
The boys were without their top 3, all top 15 finishers in the first league meet.  But 6 of the 7 improved their time from a year ago, which was no easy task in the winds, with Roberto Solis and Samuel Hsiao leading the charge.  Devan Cadogan has been really pushing in practice in recent weeks and it paid off on Saturday as he was well ahead of his freshmen teammates, while Robert Gibson ran strong to finish 2nd for the team.  James Dingle led the way in the sophomore race with Drew Warbritton and Daniel Amaya close behind.
The team gets little rest as some will travel to Bonelli Park for the 2nd Baseline League Meet on Tuesday. 
Complete Results (improvement from last year noted):
Boys Varsity (15th of 20 teams; 131 total runners):  61. Roberto Solis - 17:20 (-1:14);  75. Samuel Hsiao - 17:32 (-1:07);  79. Jack Holloway - 17:39 (-1:01);  92. Damien Vasquez - 18:06 (-1:08);  94. Ruben Ruiz - 18:08;  95. Luke Garcia - 18:09 (-:37);  97. Jade El-Gaouny - 18:13 (-:44)
Girls Varsity (98 total runners):  77. Natalia Hernandez - 22:13;  91. Anaya Villasenor - 25:05
Boys JV (132 total runners):  69. Ryan Mannion - 19:32;  88. Conor Farren-Stroud - 20:10;  89. Tor Nilsen - 20:11;  114. Wyatt Rivas - 21:41
Boys Sophs (13th of 15 teams; 117 total runners):  48. James Dingle - 18:42;  56. Drew Warbritton - 18:49 (-:47);  57. Daniel Amaya - 18:50 (-2:21);  87. Luke Jennings - 20:02 (-:20);  110. Aidan Monsale - 22:37
Girls Sophs (4th of 6 teams; 56 total runners):  9. Reese Garcia - 21:09;  13. Nicole Gonzalez - 21:39 (-1:08);  26. Selena Mondragon - 22:41 (-:02);  32. Yuke Chen - 23:12 (-:08);  34. Isabel Larkins - 23:28 (-:06);  37. Isabella Goltara - 24:38;  40. Faythe Berge - 25:33
Boys Frosh (13th of 17 teams; 169 total runners):  33. Devan Cadogan - 18:19;  91. Robert Gibson - 19:50;  103. Esteban Marquez - 20:30;  104. Aidan Contreras - 20:31;  109. Jaden Bunch - 20:46;  114. Ethan Lee - 21:00;  118. Max Melton - 21:08;  120. Isaac Mendez - 21:08;  135. Tyler Dinh - 21:42;  150. Sterling Vieau - 22:24;  156. Marcos Torres - 22:45;  158. Jason Bailey - 23:23
Girls Frosh (3rd of 5 teams; 72 total runners):  8. Emeline Myung - 20:58;  17. Trinity Poe - 21:45;  21. Ireland Bode - 22:22;  40. Maddy McCarthy - 23:41;  44. Emilyann Hively - 24:17;  47. Jessica Fernandez - 24:25;  50. Adeline Martin - 24:51;  72. Vanessa Vasquez - 30:50   

Sunday, October 8
Trophy Winners (minus Reese)


Three years ago, we made a change to the Pacific Grove Invitational and abandoned the Stanford Invitational, the Mt. SAC of the north.  Since then, the team has never returned without some team award.  While the boys were very shorthanded, the girls got a nice confidence booster with a 2nd place finish.

The trip began with a 1:00pm departure on Thursday that took us up the 101 and a traffic-free drive to San Luis Obispo.  The team had two hours for dinner and to enjoy the Thursday night Farmers Market that really is an entire town event.  We finished up the drive and arrived at the hotel around 9:30.  Straight to the rooms as Friday was going to be a big day!  After breakfast, we made the drive to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park.  Unfortunately, it was during rush hour traffic through San Jose.  The two hour tour of really just a small part of the Facebook facility was nothing short of amazing.  From the work environment to the incredible amenities they offer their employees, it was a great opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of the world's largest corporations at a place that does not offer tours.  Coach Skiles' sister is a team leader in the company and our "large" group was divided into two groups of 7 and we were given 2 hosts per group, which allowed a lot of interaction and opportunity to ask questions.  We were very proud of the athletes as they came well prepared about the latest doings of the corporation.  The hosts were also very impressed with the level of knowledge the students had and the questions they asked.  While Coach Skiles' sister was flying back from a Data Center in Sweden and couldn't be with us, she did come to the meet and was also very impressed as the athletes were like sponges, taking in everything they could.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and went well beyond the access to the Sweet Shop and free snacks...although how cool was that?

We had some relaxation at the hotel before heading into Monterey for the evening.  We had about three hours to enjoy Fisherman's Wharf and the Cannery and to have dinner.  After, we headed back to the hotel. 

This is a small meet with mostly local schools and probably all within 100 miles except for North Tahoe.  It is a 5K course that seems longer and has some deceptive hills, grass, and tight turns, which results in times that aren't going to wow anyone.  Unique scoring has it done like a track meet...10-8-6-4-2-1, so high points win and you accumulate the points in grade level races.  This favors large teams...when you only bring 7, only 7 could possibly get any points, and only the top 6 in each race are earning points.  For the girls, four of our 7 girls scored points and everyone was easily in the top half of their race.  We had a disadvantage with no juniors.  Emeline Myung and Trinity Poe both picked up critical points in the freshman race, finishing 5th and 6th.  For Emeline, she ran our fastest time on the day!  Reese Garcia finished 3rd in the sophomore race to add 6 points to our 3, and then Hollie Genualdi secured the trophy with another 6 points in the senior race by finishing 3rd.  SAT's decimated the boys as 5 of our top 7 could not attend.  Javier Ruedas was in the hunt for the win for most of the senior race and finished 4th, while Josh Atkinson led the trio of junior boys.

It was a fun time for all and more good race experience.  Thanks to all for a good trip and we move forward to the Inland Empire Challenge this Saturday at Glen Helen which begins a string of 3 meets in a 8 day period.

Results (team scores will be available later;  any improvement from last year is noted):
Girls - 2nd place overall:
Seniors (28 runners):  3. Hollie Genualdi - 22:44;  10. Carissa Myung - 24:05
Sophomores (46 total):  3. Reese Garcia - 22:15;  10. Nicole Gonzalez - 23:09 (-:53);  14. Yuke Chen - 23:55
Freshmen (36 total):  5. Emeline Myung - 21:44;  6. Trinity Poe - 22:46
Seniors (37 total):  4. Javier Ruedas - 17:12 (-:10)
Juniors (94 total):  20. Josh Atkinson - 18:59;  25. Marcos Rodriguez - 19:20;  27. Luke Garcia - 19:32 

Ready for Facebook!

Wednesday, September 27


The team traveled across town to Red Hill Park to take part in the first Baseline League Meet, which represents 25% of the season.  Warm temps, lots of grass, deceptive inclines, always adds up to a challenging afternoon.  The Baseline League is a powerful league and always delivers top notch competition.

On the boys side, the season began with no clear favorite and all 6 teams capable of qualifying for CIF.  In early meets, Etiwanda became the favorite, followed by Chino Hills.  If that holds, that will leave four schools battling for one spot.  Based on previous meets, things would be close today with a chance to finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th.  All things considered, the 4th place finish was a positive thing.  With a history of closing the season well, it's important to not take yourself out of the equation.  Without a doubt, the top 3 carried the day.  Javier Ruedas stepped up and ran with the big boys, finishing 3rd and running the 8th fastest time on this course in school history.  Juan Argueta made his league debut and the rookie ran to a 7th place finish, while Marco Ospina ran a masterful race on this course, picking his way up through the runners to finish 14th.  The 20 points between our 3rd and 4th runners were a problem that must be reduced to have a chance to reach CIF.

The girls have struggled in recent years and have lost key runners.  Choosing to embrace the youth, the Grizzlies sent six sophs and frosh to the line in the varsity race along with a sick Hollie Genualdi.  They raced hard and were competitive, but there will be a bit of a learning curve to this season.  The young runners gained some valuable experience running varsity.  Reese Garcia led the way with a 24th place finish, while Emeline Myung was close behind in 26th.  A positive was the 1:04 that separated our 1st and 5th runners, but the challenge will be to move that pack forward in the future meets.

Thank you to the Gibson and Farren-Stroud families for the drinks and fruit today.  Next up is the trip north to Monterey and the Inland Empire Challenge at Glen Helen Regional Park. 

Incomplete Results (improvement from last year noted):
Boys Varsity:
Team Scores:  1. Chino Hills - 56;  2. Etiwanda - 59;  3. Rancho Cucamonga - 78;  4. LOS OSOS - 95;  5. Upland - 110;  6. Damien - 113
Individual Results (42 total runners):  3. Javier Ruedas - 15:54 (-:37; #8 mark all-time);  7. Juan Argueta - 16:16;  14. Marco Ospina - 16:41 (-:33);  34. Ruben Ruiz - 17:34;  37. Roberto Solis - 18:03 (-1:33);  38. Samuel Hsiao - 18:14 (-1:21);  41. Marcos Rodriguez - 18:24 (-:54)
Girls Varsity:
Team Scores:  1. Chino Hills - 21;  2. Etiwanda - 57;  3. St. Lucy's - 79;  4. Rancho Cucamonga - 107;  5. Upland - 125;  6. LOS OSOS - 142
Individual Results (40 total runners):  24. Reese Garcia - 21:14;  26. Emeline Myung - 21:23;  28. Hollie Genualdi - 21:33 (-:03);  30. Selena Mondragon - 21:44 (-1:21);  33. Nicole Gonzalez - 22:18 (-2:10);  35. Trinity Poe - 22:21;  40. Ireland Bode - 23:33
Boys JV:
Team Scores:  1. Chino Hills - 16;  2. Etiwanda - 57;  3. Damien - 98;  4. LOS OSOS - 128;  5. Upland - 223;  6. Rancho Cucamonga - 227
Individual Results (127 total runners):  7. Jack Holloway - 17:33 (-2:09);  15. Damian Vasquez - 18:07 (-2:33);  est.22. Josh Atkinson - 18:46;  30. Luke Garcia - 19:00 (-:01);  32. Jade El-Gaouny - 19:05 (-1:41);  33. Daniel Amaya - 19:06;  53. Devan Cadogan - 19:51;  54. Tor Nilsen - 19:51 (-:28);  55. Drew Warbritton - 19:52 (-1:03);  57. Sammy Abrego - 19:55 (-:20);  58. Aidan Contreras - 19:56;  67. Ryan Mannion - 20:12 (-:08);  68. Luke Jennings - 20:15 (-1:18);  81. Robert Gibson - 20:47;  83. Esteban Marquez - 20:48;  84. Ethan Lee - 20:48;  89. Jaden Bunch - 21:03;  90. Justin Cacucciolo - 21:09;  93. Tyler Smith - 21:11;  95. Max Melton - 21:31;  96. Conor Farren-Stroud - 21:34;  101. Tyler Dinh - 21:49;  109. Aidan Monsale - 22:14;  111. Isaac Mendez - 22:24;  115. Sterling Vieau - 22:44
Girls JV:
Team Scores:  1. Chino Hills - 29;  2. Rancho Cucamonga - 59;  3. LOS OSOS - 100;  4. St.Lucy's - 106;  5. Upland - 196;  6. Etiwanda - NS
Individual Results (53 total runners):  13. Carissa Myung - 23:03;  15. Yuke Chen - 23:23;  21. Natalia Hernandez - 23:38;  25. Maddy McCarthy - 24:12;  26. Anaya Villasenor - 24:32 (-:12);  30. Emilyann Hively - 25:39;  32. Jessica Fernandez - 25:56;  34. Maralyn Ontiveros - 26:22;  39. Isabella Goltara - 27:31

Sunday, September 24


When?  Wednesday, September 27th at 2:00pm  -  Release from class at 12:20, bus leaves at 12:40 - anyone missing the bus will not run.  NO street clothes on the bus...must be either in uniform or wearing LOHS gear.

Where?  Red Hill Park in Rancho Cucamonga - race goes throughout the park, but start and finish is in the southern portion of the park

Who?  As indicated in the Team Rules Packet, only one bus makes the trip and the coaches will determine who runs each league meet.  No sick or injured go.  Coaches chose most and then conducted a runoff for remaining spots on Friday.

Meet Information:  All seven Baseline League schools will run on three different dates to determine who advances to the post-season.  Top three teams advance with 25% determined at this meet, 25% at Bonelli Park, and 50% at League Finals at Glen Helen.  In addition, the 7 fastest boys and girls will be invited to make the trip north for the Pacific Grove Invitational in Monterey in October.  The early start is to allow us to be finished before soccer and softball practices begin.

Gibson signed up to bring drinks, Farren-Stroud volunteered for fruit.  Thank you both!

Race Schedule (official race times were emailed to us, after the first race, they are probably approximate):

Girls JV - 2:30pm  -  Berge, Chen, Fernandez, Goltara, Hernandez, Hively, McCarthy, C.Myung, Ontiveros, Villasenor

Boys JV - 3:00pm  -  Abrego, Amaya, Atkinson(?), Bunch, Caccuciolo, Cadogan, Contreras, Dinh, El-Gaouny, Farren-Stroud, Garcia, Gibson, Holloway, Jennings, Lee, Mannion, Marquez, Melton, Mendez, Monsale, Nilson, Rivas, Smith, Vasquez, Vieau, Warbritton

Girls Varsity - 3:30pm  -  Bode, Garcia, Genualdi, Gonzalez, Mondragon, E.Myung, Poe

Boys Varsity - 4:00pm  -  Argueta, Hsiao, Ospina, Rodriguez, Ruedas, Ruiz(?), Solis 

Sunday, September 17


When your meet gets too popular, you have to limit schools or find a facility to handle it.  The Woodbridge Invitational has done both.  It has always been a large meet that has been popular...from it's humble beginnings on the campus of Woodbridge HS to what you saw yesterday.  With half the meet run on Friday and half on Saturday, that meet could never be held on their school campus in Irvine.  The dream was to eventually move it to the incomplete Great Park in Orange County, but meet management and park management have not seen eye to eye, so it came to Silver Lakes last year, where it will remain, at least until the Great Park is complete.  This is great news for us as it is a much better commute.  The weather was also great compared to what it could have been, although the afternoon wind was an issue with it laying down after the sun went down for improved conditions.
Traditionally this has been the qualifying meet for the northern California trip coming up in three weeks.  Since it wasn't, a large portion of the team opted to attend the Homecoming Dance, which took it's toll on team times and scores, but individually, there were many highlights.  Not only has the meet moved, but the course has been changed most years even if the site were the same.  That was true again this year as it was reconfigured to make it...believe it or not...even faster.  The original maps say 3 miles, but the finish was changed and that may have shortened it, plus the portion on the soft dirt was eliminated, so it looked to be running 20-30 seconds faster than a year ago.  My apologies for not sticking to the original plan for the team camp...once we arrived, they had eliminated that entire area (the finish loop) as an option.  As it turned out, that would have been a bad location anyway.
The girls were missing more runners than the boys, but Emeline Myung ran the 4th fastest time for the girls in the freshmen race as she took 30th to medal.  The sophomore girls had the best team placing, as they did as frosh girls last year, as they took 7th.  Reese Garcia took 8th and Nicole Gonzalez was 27th, posting the largest improvement from a year ago on the entire team.  In all, five girls medaled in the race.  Many of the frosh boys got their first taste of competition and learned the difference between running and racing...Devan Cadogan and Estaban Marquez both looked strong and finished in the top half of a huge race.  Daniel Amaya ran solo in the sophomore race and knocked over 2 minutes off of last year's time.  Marcos Rodriguez and Luke Garcia showed the results of their hard work this summer in the junior race, as both posted improved times and earned medals.  Jade El-Gaouny ran alone in the senior race and as he put it, he was on fire.  He fired out strong and held on to easily earn a medal with a very good time as well.  Hollie Genualdi fired out strong as well as she went it alone in the varsity girls race, and after leaving everything she had on the course, she walked away with a PR and a medal.  The varsity boys were mostly intact, although a clear top seven has not materialized.  Javier Ruedas ran 15:43, the #9 mark all-time on any Woodbridge course, as he took 27th, and Juan Argueta, who pushes daily in practice, made quite a cross country debut!  His 15:53 missed the top 10 all-time list by just a second.
We are approaching the first league meet, which are far more important than the invitationals.  Red Hill Park will be the first of three league meets and many yesterday earned their way on that bus.  We look forward to a solid, full week of moderate temperature practices.     
Complete Results (improvement from last year noted):
Varsity Boys (17th of 20; 134 total runners):  27. Javier Ruedas - 15:43 (-:42;  #9 mark all-time);  34. Juan Argueta - 15:53;  88. Marco Ospina - 16:33;  108. Roberto Solis - 16:56 (-1:31);  122. Samuel Hsiao - 17:19 (-1:28);  133. Damien Vasquez - 18:27 (-1:30);  134. Ruben Ruiz - 18:36
Varsity Girls (134 total):  51. Hollie Genualdi - 19:28 (-:23)
Senior Boys (157 total):  51. Jade El-Gaouny - 17:38 (-:52)
Junior Boys (222 total):  61. Marcos Rodriguez - 17:14 (-1:02);  78. Luke Garcia - 17:37 (-:44);  169. Conor Farren-Stroud - 19:11 (-:29);  190. Wyatt Rivas - 19:51 (-:34)
Soph Boys (330 total):  167. Daniel Amaya - 18:35 (-2:20)
Soph Girls (7th of 15; 163 total):  8. Reese Garcia - 20:26 (-:03);  27. Nicole Gonzalez - 21:00 (-2:21);  71. Isabel Larkins - 22:31 (-1:51);  79. Yuke Chen - 22:40 (-:58);  83. Faythe Berge - 22:51;  153. Hannah Ismael - 26:37
Frosh Boys (29th of 31; 383 total):  131. Devan Cadogan - 18:41;  158. Estaban Marquez - 18:55;  230. Robert Gibson - 19:53;  248. Jared Bunch - 20:12;  254. Ethan Lee - 20:15;  275. Max Melton - 20:37;  285. Aidan Contreras - 20:50;  330. Isaac Mendez - 21:37;  360. Marcos Torres - 22:42;  373. Jason Bailey - 23:29;  374. Noah Ramirez - 23:41
Frosh Girls (192 total):  30. Emeline Myung - 21:01;  132. Adeline Martin - 24:28;  134. Elisa Ochoa - 24:35;  174. Vanessa Vasquez - 27:08 


Morro Rock '17
Morro Rock
Sunday, September 10
The Grizzlies got their season under way in the usual taking about half the team up the coast to compete in the low-key Morro Bay Invitational.  With a mix of competition, fun, and team building, this trip has always been more than just racing.  Rewarding those that attended the most summer practices, the trip always provides some welcome relief from the scorching heat in southern California.  And boy has it been hot!  The team traveled in style up the coast, enjoying lunch in Buellton before arriving at the motel around 3:00.  After a brief run to get familiar with the course, everyone headed to the beach.  Some braved the really cold water, while others hung out on the shore.  After cleaning up, the team was served a big pasta meal at the park and had time to play before heading back to their rooms.
After breakfast in the morning back at the park, we checked out of the motel and walked across the street to the high school.  This years version of a course that even the home team doesn't keep course records measured in at 2.8 miles...super flat, but super slow.  Grass, tight turns, and plenty of thick sand makes for a tough race.  Add to that many novices who have not raced before, and you get a wonderful learning experience.  Lesson one is that there is a difference between running and racing and it takes some experience before you figure that out.  Running hard in practice translates to racing well; you cannot flip a switch.  Lesson two is to never underestimate a good nights sleep and eating well.  With the taste of freedom, many found out the hard way.  They don't keep score here in this early meet and medals are tough to come 15 only.  With many top boys at home, Marco Ospina led the team in the Jr/Sr race, running 18:00, followed by a nice run by Josh Atkinson.  Newcomer Estaban Marquez ran 19:20 to lead the Grizzlies in the Fr/So race with Daniel Amaya racing strong as well.  Hollie Genualdi finished 21st out of 186 in the upper level girls race, while Reese Garcia was 19th in the younger girls' race, followed by a pair of solid freshmen, Emeline Myung and Trinity Poe.  
There were not many who improved their times from a year ago of the 18 that returned, so one could assume that the tides and the lifeguard tower placement made things tougher on the course.  If you did, you had a great day.  The team arrived home just after 7:00 on Saturday night anxious to prepare for a very different animal...the Woodbridge Invitational, one of the nation's largest.
The team conducted themselves very well with no behavior issues and that is much appreciated by the coaches.  As always, a huge thank you to all the parents who helped out with meals and made the trip to support the team.  Thank you to the Garcia family who always take the lead and organize everything.  Also, thanks to the Myung, Gonzalez, Rivas, Bailey, Berge families for their assistance and the Abregos for the delicious homemade desserts, as well as the alumni Carlmarks for their help. 

Complete Results:
Boys Junior/Senior Race (264 total runners):  62.Marco Ospina - 18:00;  71. Josh Atkinson - 18:13;  84. Roberto Solis - 18:26;  90. Jack Holloway - 18:34 (-:16);  95. Marcos Rodriguez - 18:42 (-:17);  102. Damian Vasquez - 18:55 (-:52);  116. Samuel Hsiao - 19:07;  171. Ryan Mannion - 20:07;  179. Sammy Abrego - 20:21;  181. Conor Farren-Stroud - 20:27;  187. Luke Garcia - 20:39;  210. Wyatt Rivas - 21:39;  224. Aaron Oravets - 22:14
Girls Junior/Senior Race (186 total runners):  21. Hollie Genualdi - 21:23;  66. Natalia Hernandez - 23:20;  76. Keila Cummings - 23:46;  78. Carissa Myung - 23:54
Boys Frosh/Soph Race (312 total runners):  105. Estaban Marquez - 19:20;  110. Daniel Amaya - 19:29;  140. Aidan Contreras - 20:02;  186. Robert Gibson - 20:53;  203. Tyler Smith - 21:14;  249. Max Melton - 22:45;  258. Tyler Dinh - 23:07;  261. Marcos Torres - 23:08;  283. Jason Bailey - 24:07
Girls Frosh/Soph Race (195 total runners):  19. Reese Garcia - 21:02;  27. Emeline Myung - 21:30;  36. Trinity Poe - 22:09;  43. Selena Mondragon - 22:20 (-:10);  53. Nicole Gonzalez - 22:59 (-1:12);  62. Faythe Berge - 23:11;  64. Ireland Bode - 23:14;  90. Isabella Goltara - 24:36;  116. Maddy McCarthy - 25:20;  119. Jessica Fernandez - 25:26;  127. Isabel Larkins - 25:34;  154. Vanessa Vasquez - 27:44 

Friday, August 25


The most common injury in our sport is shin splints and preventing them will make running more enjoyable.  Once you have them, they are difficult to get rid of since weeks of rest is not a viable option.  Changing out your shoes more frequently and avoiding concrete as much as possible will usually do the trick, but below is a link to a video that deals with this.  Icing your shins, 20 minutes on and off will usually make them tolerable.  Here's the video:


Los Osos H.S. Cross Country
Los Osos H.S. Cross Country

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