Los Altos & Los Altos Hills Little League (Bay Area): Softball Divisions

Girls Softball Divisions - Spring 2015

When registering for the 2015 season, please select the division that you feel is appropriate for your player based on the information on this page.

Our Little League Girls Softball program is skills-based - ages are primarily a guideline - as we will try to group players with friends and classmates on the same team.  Strong, experienced players might “play up”, while less experienced players might “play down”.  For example, a strong 9 year old player might play in the Majors division, while a 9 year old new to Softball might choose to play Minors.

Teams are organized by schools, and “buddy” requests will generally take priority over other factors so the girls can play with their friends in a fun and positive environment.

For Girls Softball - the age ranges shown below are based on “Little League Softball Age”, defined as the player’s actual age on December 31, 2014.  Girls Softball Players are eligible for Majors in 2015 if they were born in the year 2001 or later (12U).


  Girls "Farm" Softball Minors Softball Majors
Ages 6U (born 2008-2009) 7-9U (born 2005-2007) 9-12U (born 2002-2005)
Pitching T-Ball/Coach Pitch Machine Pitch Player Pitch
Player Evaluations No Yes Yes
Teams formed by Coaches/Commissioner Commissioner Coach Selection
Fields Almond, BCS/Egan,
Gardner, Santa Rita
Almond, BCS/Egan,
Santa Rita

Players registered for Majors or Minors divisions MUST ATTEND our player evaluation session.  Majors evals are January 24, 2015.  Division AA/AAA are on Saturday, January 31, 2015, or a make-up session on Saturday, February 7, 2015.  The player evaluation sessions are informal and fun – we just want to make sure all the girls are assigned to the appropriate division.

In all levels of Girls Softball, we will strive as much as possible to keep friend groups together. In Majors and Minors Divisions, we create balanced teams based on evals based on friend groups.  In the Minors division, friend groups will be kept together to the extent possible based on available coaches.  In the Majors Team Selection, we will group together up to two to three players who select each other on the same team, with a preference towards keeping larger friend groups together.

Please see below for more detailed information about each division.

Girls Softball "Farm" Division (T-Ball/Coach Pitch)

Girls Softball "Farm" division is our introductory T-Ball/Coach Pitch division and requires no prior experience.  Farm Division is appropriate for girls born 2008 or 2009.  7 year old girls with no prior Softball experience may also choose Farm division.

Girls Softball Farm practices and games are played at the girls’ home school, where possible, on all-grass fields. “Home games” are played at the girls’ home field.  Field locations are at Almond, Santa Rita, Gardner, and Bullis Charter (Egan).

Each team meets for one hour twice per week, typically a mid-week practice plus a Saturday game.  Practices emphasize throwing, hitting, and fielding fundamentals in a fun and safe environment.  Practices are usually scheduled on a weekday, generally at 4:00 or 5:00.  Specific practice days and times are assigned after teams are formed and are based on the availability of team coaches and players.

Games are 3 innings long, with all players batting once per inning and playing in the field.  The season begins with batting from a tee and progresses to soft-toss coach pitching from a distance of about 15-20 feet.

Teams will have 8-10 players per team.  If your daughter would like to be on a team with friends, please list the names of the friends in the “buddy” field during registration.  As much as possible, the commissioner will keep groups of friends together along with other girls from the same school when assigning players to teams.

Team assignments will be made by late February and coaches will contact you by early March for first practices. The season ends by the end of May.

Girls Softball Minors Division (Machine Pitch)

Softball Minors Division is a recreational division for girls born 2005 thru 2007 (7-9U).  Most Minors Division players will be in second, third and fourth grades.

Minors Division uses pitching machines for games.  Pitching machines toss balls more consistently into the hitting zone than players or coaches can, level enough to encourage perfect swings, so lots of balls are put in play. 

Softball AA

Softball Minors Division practices and "home games" are at the girls’ home school, where possible.  Games are on “skinned” (dirt/clay) infields.  Field locations are at Almond, Santa Rita, Gardner (grass/practice only), and Bullis Charter (Egan).

Each team will meet 2-3 times per week for practices and games – one practice mid-week plus a games Saturday morning or afternoon, with an occasional extra practice or game.  Practices are typically about 75 minutes. 

Games are typically 3-4 innings for up to 90 minutes, with 3 outs or 3 runs max per inning.  Coaches are encouraged to rotate players through each of the defensive positions in the field.  All players bat each time through the lineup. 

Minors Division players MUST ATTEND one player evaluation session in late January/early February, and are notified of team assignments by late February.  Evaluations are used to ensure that players generally have roughly the same skill level and to balance teams.  Evaluations will be informal and fun.

The season ends by the first week in June.

Girls Softball Majors Division

The Majors Division is a recreational division for girls born 2002 thru 2005 (9-12U).  Players are selected into the Majors Division by coaches, with a goal towards balanced teams based on evaluations.  Players are selected in groups of up to 2-3 friends.  Most Majors players are likely to be in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.

Girls Majors practices and games most often be at Egan/Bullis Charter, although some games and practices will be at alternate locations.

Team will meet a few times per week for practices and games – typically with one mid-week practice, plus a game Saturday morning or afternoon, and occasional extra practices or games.  Games are typically 5 innings, with a 5 run limit per inning.

The Majors Division is player pitch ("fast pitch") with umpires calling balls and strikes.  Coaches are encouraged to have players play a variety of defensive positions, including pitcher and catcher, based to some extent on player ability.

Girls Softball Majors players MUST ATTEND one player evaluation session in late January and are notified of team assignments by mid-February.  The season ends by the first week in June.