Men's Summer Softball: Welcome

Welcome to the Men's Summer Softball League Website !!!

Well Gentlemen... Here we are again!! The 2015 season is set to begin!!


Registration is now CLOSED for the 2015 Season!!!!!


Draft took place Sunday May 31st....All Teams have been selected!!  


Games will kick off Wednesday, June 17th !!


Other Important Dates:

Championship Game & Family Picnic - August 23rd @ 2:00pm (tentative)


Questions/Comments ? Email


Here's The Latest News...

F A Qs

Q.  Isn't this league just for Lopat?

A. doesn't matter where you live.....Just have to be a male 25 years old or older and can make the games on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Q.  I heard there wasn't going to be a league this that true?

A.  Ahhhh...we hear this every year....Don't listen to the haters!!  Every year, there seems to be a few people that start the rumor that this league isn't playing.  Best I can comes from people that don't want to see the league succeed. 

Q.  I haven't played in years, think I can handle it?

A.  Sure do...while the league does have some competitiveness to it (natural male thing I guess) The league is designed first and foremost to be fun. Get out there, meet some new people and have a good time!

Q.  When and what time are the games?

A.  Games are played on Wednesdays nights @ 6:15pm and Sunday nights @ 6:00pm, maybe a double-header or two on Sundays.

Q.  Where are the games played?

A.  Currently, games are played at one of the fields in Lopat Park which is located on Belvedere Rd. (behind the Pool).  

Q.  Whats with the Family BBQ??

A.  Yep, at the end of the year we have the Championship game and family BBQ on the same day (weather permitting).  It's a fun way to get everyone from the league together.  We try to get a DJ and have some activities for all ages.  Most of the cost is covered by the registration fee.

Q.  How can I help with the League?

A.  We are always looking for people to help out.  Coaching, BBQ committee, By-Law committee, and several other areas.   I know, sounds daunting at first, but most areas require very little time.  If you are interested in helping out, send an email to

Q.  Can I sponsor a team?

A.  YES!  We try to keep our sponsors as local businesses....If you know of a local business that would like to sponsor a team, email