Softball - Girls: Welcome

Thursday, August 6
Lopatcong Girls Softball


See You in 2017 for Softball Sign-Ups


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Our children can become better hitters very quickly with access to a batting cage.  That's why, hopefully with your help, we will be installing one soon.  We want every child to be a better hitter.

Click "here" to learn how to help with the batting cage.

Fielding and Catching: A tip for fielding and catching: If its above your waist glove fingers up and if its below your waist glove fingers down to catch the ball. Always have the heel of your glove point to your belly button.

 Control the Controlables: Control the Controllables your attitude and your effort! You can't control the weather, your Coaches or parents, your teammates but you can control, You!

 Always Demand more from yourself!!