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Saturday, August 6
Lopatcong Panthers Basketball


2016-17 Basketball Season Sign-Ups are now open!


2015 Tournament Champions!


2014-15 Boys Champions!



Additional Information-

Instructional Basketball - Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

The Lopatcong Athletic Association offers one hour sessions on Saturday mornings  at the Lopatcong Elementary and Middle Schools from November through February/March.  At both schools, the players are able to get a feel for the full court as well as the opportunity to play in a gym where the baskets can be lowered to accomodate their height.  The session includes working on the fundamentals of passing, shooting and dribbling through an assortment of drills.  Players will recieve their own Lopatcong Basketball shirt to play in each week as well as a gift or two at the end of the season.


Non-Competitive Basketball - 3rd Grade

In order to transition the instructional basketball players into full court competitive games with neighboring teams, the CBL league offers non-competitive basketball for 3rd grade teams.  Games are shortened to four 6-minute halfs with the clock stopping halfway through each half for substitutions.  There are no playoffs or standings at this level.  The CBL website has addiitonal information at


Competitive Basketball - 4th Grade through 8th Grade

Rules, regulations and additional information can be found on CBL website at