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All-Star Tournament Dates and Details

Congratulations to all of the players around the state that have been selected for their All-Star teams.  Tournament play in Lonoke has begun.  Please visit our Tournament page to  view the links to all of the tournaments that will be hosted in Lonoke for the All-Star Tournament Season.  We would love to see everyone for weekends full of great competition and sportsmanship. 






Next Coaches Meeting:  Wednesday, June 3, 2013

7:00 pm @ ballpark.  Meeting under the field 1 pavilion. 

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Monday, June 3
2013 Lonoke All Star Tournaments

Please click on the links to get details on the 2013 all-star tournaments that are scheduled to be hosted by Lonoke.  Please contact Roy Don Lewis @ 501-266-0021. 


2013 LCA Gold Ring All-Star Shoot-out

Dates: 6/7-6/9



2013 Lonoke Summer Heat All Star Tournament

Dates: 6/21-6/23


2013 Lonoke All-Star Dawg Fight Tournament

Dates: 6/28-6/30




Friday, June 7
2013 AllStar Gold Ring Shoot-out 8u