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Father and son at play
Father and son at play

This web page is for all tennis players in Longview, TX regional area. The purpose is to provide information to players, parents, and members at one site to enchance the tennis experience. This includes organizations such as Longview Tennis Association (LTA); United States Tennis Association (USTA); high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in the area.

Examples of posted information will be: contacts, description, rules, cost, directions, schedules, meetings and results for LTA men and women leagues; USTA Adult leagues; high school and middle school fall and spring schedules; USTA junior league schedules and tournament announcements. If there is a need for the tennis community this web site will try to provide the necessary information.

This web site is supported by the LTA membership and the USTA Texas Section. We encourage all players to consider joining both organizations.  LTA funds are used to promote area tennis and maintain public tennis facilities.  If you benefit from our activities please do your part and join the LTA. 


Mom and daughter at play

Friday, April 29
Backboard Drills

Suggested Backboard Drills

  1. Three in a row – used as a warm up from just behind the baseline. Hit 3 forehand groundstrokes. Use quick footwork and positioning. Then 3 backhand groundstrokes. Keep the ball in play alternating between groundstrokes and 3 feet above the level of the net.
  2. Play to win the point. Play 1 forehand, 1 backhand, 1 forehand, 1 backhand and two more shots against the backboard. Then hit the ball hard to win the point. Be sure to keep the ball above the net. Repeat 6 to 10 times.
  3. Hit and concentrate. Simulate actual play conditions by starting the ball off and hitting 6 forehands in a row. Work on staying in the long point and keeping the ball in play. Do 6 backhands in a row. Groove your strokes and get better timing with this drill while improving your concentration. Try always to get the ball after the first bounce.  Emphasize stroke, footwork, and consistency, not power.  Try to reach a target number without errors. 
  4. Short ball drill. Move your court position forward halfway between the baseline and the backboard. Hit 3 forehands in a row then 3 backhands in a row and alternate side to-side. Your timing and anticipation will improve right away. Stay low to the ball. Practice the same drill alternating between 1 forehand, then 1 backhand, shorten your backswing and always be ready to move. Keep the ball in front.
  5. Volley – volley. Move your court position to within 6 to 8 feet from the backboard. Hit 6 forehand volleys in a row. Then 6 backhand volleys in a row. Balance, timing, and wrist strength is important here. Practice until you feel the ball solidly in the center of your racquet. Alternate 1 forehand, 1 backhand volley. Learn to anticipate the fast exchanges that occur in doubles play. Also try from mid court forehand approach, backhand groundstroke, forehand-volley-volley. Have fun!
  6. Serve practice. Serve 10 to the backboard from behind the baseline. Try to choose a target to make the most of your practice and to be effective. Concentrate on an accurate ball toss and fluidity of motion.
  7. Serve and play the point. The serve will return a little bit short so be prepared to move in for that first forehand and play the point out. Strive both for consistency and to hit the ball hard. The backboard takes some pace off the ball so put some effort into hitting it.