Lompoc Girls Softball Association: Welcome

Tuesday, August 29

LGSA Board Elections



Thursday, August 31st  - 7pm to 8pm at Thompson Park






Thank you to all the people who donated to Lompoc All Stars by purchasing a Cash Calendar.  Below are the winners up to date:



1st - Hayden Montgomery ( Sold by Hayden Montgomery) $ 50

2nd - Chris Silva (Sold by Mariah Ponce) $100

3rd - Kasey Amick (Sold by Julie Gonzales) $20

4th - Pam Karres (Sold by Haylee Zavala) $25

5th - Juana Nunez (Sold by Kiani Mack) $30

6th - Debbie Tinney (Sold By Cheyanne Cordova) $ 25 

7th - Coral Taattes (Sold by Braylen from Ponytail) $20

8th - Rudy Elizondo -(Sold by Angeliyah Gonzales) $75  

9th - Alexys Ortiz (Sold by Leah Ortiz) $50

10th - Elsa De Kok (Sold by Emma D) $ 20

11th - David Elizaide (Sold by Cheyanne Cordova) $25 

12th - Sandy Lopez (Sold by Maya Ruiz) $30

13th - Alyssa Ray (Sold by Mia from Ponytail team)  $25

14th - Gracella Nunez ( Sold by Giselle Silva) $20

15th - Lynne Hyland ( Sold by Kiani Mack) $50

16th - Bree Jansen (Sold by Lauren Jansen) $100

17th - Marisol Huerrera (Sold by Haylee Zavala) $20

18th - Glen Kelley (Sold by Cheyanne Cordova) $25

19th - Daniel DeLuna (Sold by Aunyce DeLuna)  $30

20th - Ruben Garcia (Sold by Sierra Torres) $25

21st - Bree Jansen (Sold by Lauren Jansen) $20

22nd - Jennifer Ramirez (Sold by Kaylen D1) $75

23rd - Tyanne Snalle (Sold by Anastasia D1)  $50

24th- Michael Coombs (Sold by Gabi D1) $20

25th- Rachel Nogle (Sold by Gabi D1) $25

26th- Kelli Johnson (Sold by Haliyah Dallas Johnson) $30

27th- Kelli Johnson (Sold by Haliyah Dallas Johnson) $25

28th - Mike Valencia (Sold by Haylee Walters) $20

29th - Shawn DeKok (Sold by Emma DeKok) $50

30th - Henry Figueroa (Sold by Anjeliya Gonzales) $100

31st - Tom Bickel (Sold by Cheyanne Cordova) $20


Are you interested in helping our young athletes?  Consider applying for one of the following board positions?  These positions will be avaialble next season. Elections will be held in August 2017. If interested, please submit a letter of interest to meluvpezz@hotmail.com.



  • President - Must have served on LGSA board in the past year
  • Secratary - Must have served on LGSA board in past year
  • Division 1 Rep
  • Division 3 Rep
  • Uniforms and Insurance
  • Ways and Means
  • Fields Director
  • All Star Director