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Welcome to the home of Little Mountain Baseball in Vancouver. Little Mountain Baseball offers Little League Baseball to children aged 4 to 12 years residing within our boundaries. 

Little Mountain Baseball is Canada’s oldest Little League, formed in 1951. 2015 will be our 65th season! Come join the more than 700 boys and girls playing baseball at Hillcrest and Riley parks in Vancouver's Little Mountain neighbourhood.

Play like a Champion – Join LMB!

We thank all the sponsors supporting us throughout the seasons. If you are interested in sponsorship, please email

Please note that LMB is run entirely by volunteers, we do our best to reply to inquiries quickly and also keep this website current with as much information as possible. If you wish to help out, email .

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Wednesday, May 20
A Plea to Parents of Young Athletes: Simmer Down

Happily, we get very few significant incidences of over-enthusiastic parents at Little Mountain Little League, but nevertheless this is a good read for any parent with a child in youth sports.

Monday, May 11
2015 National Little League Week

To all Little Leaguers and Our Supporters

From humble beginnings in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and with assistance from thousands of volunteers, Little League has grown into the largest and best youth sports organization in the world. At local Little Leagues, life-long friendships have been forged, communities have been made stronger and, most importantly, kids have had fun.

June 7 – 13, 2015 marks "National Little League" week in Canada, a time to celebrate the Little League programs of baseball, softball, and Challenger in communities throughout the country. Thousands of parents and volunteers provide countless hours to ensure that the children of our communities have a safe and healthy sport to develop their physical and emotional well-being and growth, with the goal of developing our young people into great citizens.

It is a time to reflect on the positives the Little League program brings to each community, to the children in the program, and to us, as citizens of our communities. It is a time, as well, to recognize the incredible number of volunteers who dedicate an almost unfathomable number of hours and resources with only one thought in mind: making the Little League program bigger and better in every way possible.

It is also a time to thank all of our supporters throughout the country, those in the business community who sponsor teams and tournaments, those in government who strive to provide us with the parks and other resources we need throughout the year and, finally, the children who return the investment in their well-being with lots of smiles! Having fun while in the program is the only goal they need have.

Please take a moment to read the attached letter of recognition from our Prime Minister addressed to all Little League volunteers, players, and supporters.


Roy Bergerman, President

Joe Shea, Canada Region Director

Sunday, March 8
Looking for a tax receipt?

If you are looking for a tax receipt for your LMB registration fees, you can print one off from your Thrivia ...

LMB Challenger Division Williamsport news and donation acknowledgements

Little Mountain Baseball was selected as the first "international" team to participate in the 2014 Little League Challenger Division Game at the Little League Baseball World Series. The 2014 Challenger Game will be played on August 23, 2014 at Volunteer Stadium. Also participating in this year’s game will be a team from Clinton Valley (Michigan) Little League.

To fund this opportunity of a lifetime, Little Mountain Baseball has been collecting donations since the 2014 baseball season began.

If you would like to contribute, your cheque can be sent to:

Little Mountain Baseball Challenger
4595 Clancy Loranger Way
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2M4

If a tax receipt is required, donations greater than $500 can be made out to the BC Challenger Baseball Booster Association (Earmarked for LMB Challenger).  Donations can also be made online via

We gratefully acknowledge financial contributions from the following individuals, businesses and organizations who have helped support this event:  

  • Individuals
    • Ken & Christina Armstrong
    • Douglas Baldry
    • Lenki & Al Borthwick
    • Will Cullen
    • Benjamin Dartnell
    • Andrea F.
    • Fairweather Family
    • JC Fraser
    • Darlene Goldie
    • Dauna & Gus Gustavson
    • Evelyn Haines
    • Jeff Holloway
    • William & Evelyn Hourston
    • Dr. Nasir Jetha & Dr. Shamim Jetha
    • Ronald Klassen
    • Nestor & Lindsey Korchinsky
    • Christophe & Angela Labrune
    • Kathleen Leahy
    • Ed Levinson
    • Ken & Michelle Lim
    • Aleks & Bruce Locke
    • Jackson Family (Karen, Colin, Hayden & Kendra)
    • Jane & Richard Lutman
    • Alina McKay
    • Vicki Morell
    • Stephen Nantel
    • Bob & Debbie Neal
    • Krystyna Pacholczyk
    • Andrew Pau
    • Cristina Pepe
    • Brian Perry
    • Pulver Family
    • Pindy S.
    • Alda & Jason Silvestre
    • Kim Steger
    • Gordon & Helen Thom
    • Thompson family (Derek, Audra, Hunter & Aimee)
    • Franco & Donna Trasolini
    • Sylvia Turgeon
    • Uncle D
    • Bruce Verchere
    • Toby Verchere
  • Organizations:
    • McDonalds Restaurant - 29th & Main Vancouver
    • Canadians Professional Baseball Club
    • Fang Family - Cody's Fund held at Vancouver Foundation
    • Fraternal Order of Eagles
    • Matt Donelly & The Academic
    • Kwin Grauer & Salmon’s Rentals
    • CKNW Orphan’s Fund
    • Main Street Physio
    • Little League International
    • Little League Canada
    • Baseball BC
    • Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball
    • Steve Quinn & Abbie’s Sports Shop
    • Subway Restaurants
    • Patterson Brands
    • Dorsey & Whitney LLP
    • Bill MacLagen & Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
    • Bull Housser & Tupper LLP
    • Murphy Battista LLP
    • Umpires from Canadian Little League Championships
  • Gifts from team coaches:
    • T-ball: White Sox
    • T-ball: Phillies (Paul Kennedy)
    • MMA: Clarkdale (Scott Stanley)
    • Minors: AJ Tigers (Frank Soper/Mike Rusch)
    • Minors: Carter Honda (James Fairweather/Scott Kuzyk)
    • Majors B: Clarkdale (Mawi Bagon/Doug Mollenhauer)
    • Majors B: Salmon's Rentals (Jeff Phillips/Lisa Bouma)
    • Majors A: PMBA (Mike Morgan/Brad Dorwart)
    • Majors A: Abbies (Kevin Smith)
    • Majors A: Signmaster Signs (David Hanning/Danny Wrench)
    • Majors A: Lions (Scott Stanley)
  • 50/50 winners who contributed part or all of their winnings:
    • Mike Morgan
    • Peter Wong
    • Pia Perkins
    • Raine Hanning
    • Brad Dryborough
    • Gilbert
    • Jenny Pearson
    • Jamie Lyman
    • TC Yang
    • Rob McPherson
    • Pier Chung
    • Shannon McCague
    • Janette Fricker
    • Chris Wilson
    • Pat Reynolds
  • At the District 1 11/12 District 1 championship game between Little Mountain and Dunbar, Dunbar coach Brian Saul donated $100 to the Challenger program and challenged the other coaches, family members, and fans watching the game to match his donation.  These individuals did so: 
    • Pat Chaba
    • Pat Reynolds
    • Frank Soper
    • Shapera family
    • McCague family
    • Lyman family
    • Mitchell family
    • Sandover family
    • Steve Quinn

In additional to the names above, a large number of people have contributed anonymous donations over the past few months.  We sincerely thank all of you.  Funds raised will ensure the participants have comfortable travel and accomodation at Williamsport, and help them to look their best on the field.

Thursday, July 17
BC Government adds support for Little Mountain Baseball’s Player Development Structure

Premier Christy Clark presents $65k in support recently for Little Mountain Baseball’s proposed new player development & batting cage structure.


July 16, 2014 Kehl Petersen / Little Mountain Baseball Association / (Hillcrest Park Diamond - Vancouver, B.C.)


Little Mountain Baseball has received a big boost of support and a $65,000 investment from the BC Government for its proposed new Player Development Structure/Batting Cage. This backing will help transform Little Mountain Baseball’s current single-lane, two-season batting cage structure into an inclusive, accessible and purpose-designed, two-lane, four-season player development structure.


“Little Mountain Baseball helps hundreds of young British Columbians learn and grow,” said Premier Christy Clark. “I’m happy we could support this effort to make Little Mountain more accessible and inclusive.”


This structure will be shared with a number of community and sporting groups and will increase the utilization of the existing structure by over 250%. This structure will also compliment the new Challengers Division’s Hillcrest accessible playing field proposed by the Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver Canadians.


With over 45% growth since 2007, these two exciting announcements will enable Little Mountain Baseball to be a center of excellence for youth baseball and community development.”


Little Mountain Baseball’s Challenger Division is one of two in Vancouver and one of the most established in North America. Challenger baseball allows children with cognitive or physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of baseball at a level adapted and structured to their abilities and special needs. For most of the Challenger players this is their first and often their only opportunity to be on a team, wear a uniform and be part of a league in a sports community.


Little Mountain Baseball Association is Canada's oldest Little League, founded in 1951. Little Mountain Baseball is a 750+ family non-°©-profit society supported by hundreds of community volunteers who share a goal to implant the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority into the children of our community. Tens of thousands of Vancouverites hold Little Mountain Baseball dear, as witnessed by the incredible turnout to our 60th anniversary celebration at the Nat Bailey Stadium in 2010. This coincided with LMB's winning the Canadian Little League Championship and going to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where our LMB team received worldwide media exposure, not just for their amazing play, but also for their incredible sportsmanship and positive attitude.


For more information, please contact:

Kehl Petersen Little Mountain Baseball Association, Vancouver, BC

Tuesday, August 12
Thanks to the Vancouver Canadians!

LMB board member Mike Morgan presents JC Fraser, GM Vancouver Canadians, with an LMB recycled grandstand timber bench In recognition of the Vancouver Canadians support over the years and especially for their support of our Challenger Division.


Monday, August 25
Challenger game at Williamsport news and articles

As readers of this space know, Little Mountain's Challenger participants went to Williamsport this past week to take part in the festivities and play a game against a little league from Clinton Valley, Michigan.  Keep reading for some links and pictures.

Pennsylvania Patriot News

Global News



Finally, challengers are continuing their fundraising campaign.  Please follow this link if you would like to see some more great pictures and fan commentary, and contribute to the effort.  No amount is too small!


Challengers at the LL World Series

The Parent's Pledge

  • I will remember that my child plays sport for his or her enjoyment, not for mine.
  • I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  • I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game.
  • I will never ridicule or yell at my child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  • I will remember that children learn best by example. I will applaud good player performances by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  • I will not force my child to participate in sports.
  • I will never question the official’s judgement or honesty in public.
  • I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sporting activities.
  • I will respect and show appreciation for the trained volunteer coaches who give their time to provide sport activities for my child, understanding that I have a responsibility to be part of my child’s development.
  • I agree to play fair.

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