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Tuesday, April 25
2017 Rule Interpretations

     Tom Rawlings, Director of Umpire Developement for Little League International, has released some rule interpretations and clarification on umpire signals.  Below you will find the interpretations:

Over the past few weeks a number of situations/requests for clarification have been brought to our attention.  In an attempt to ensure that we are all responding in a unified fashion the following information is being provided for dissemination to your Regional UICs and their respective Instructor staff members.

I.The use of continuous batting order as it relates to Mandatory Play:  For the purpose of consistency in enforcing the rules regarding this issue the following guidance is being offered.  When a league is using the Continuous Batting Order (CBO) option in accordance with Rule 4.04 and Rule 3.03 dealing with substitutions,  the following is the official interpretation:

  1. All players present and listed on the line-up given to the umpire are considered starters.

  2. All players are required to fulfill mandatory play requirements.

  3. Defensive replacements may be inserted at any time and are NOT required to play six defensive outs consecutively.

  4. When a player is removed from their defensive position, they will continue to bat in their assigned position in the batting order for the duration of the game. 

II.The no-pitch Intentional Base on Balls and potential Batting Out of Turn in Baseball. For the purpose of adjudicating this situation the following information is provided:

A.  In order for the defense to secure an out on the appeal of Batting Out of Turn (Rule 6.07) the improper batter must have advanced to and touched at least 1st base.  Only upon touching 1st base will his/her time at bat (Rule 2.00) be completed. If the defense appeals the infraction prior to the completion of the at bat, the offense will retain the ability to correct their mistake, resulting in the Proper Batter completing the at bat, and assuming his/her position at first base.   

B.    As with any other Batting Out of Turn situation, the offense may correct the   infraction until the improper batter has completed their time at bat. The ball is dead and no other runners may advance unless forced by the batter being awarded first base.

III. What constitutes a charged visit to the pitcher for the purposes of a pitcher returning to the mound Rule 8.06 Baseball and Softball? 

  1. In order for a pitcher to be charged with a visit according to Rule 8.06 the manager or coach must visit the pitcher either at the mound (Baseball) or in the circle (Softball).  If a manager desires to move his/her pitcher to a different defensive position but preserve the ability to return them as a pitcher without being charged a conference, they may do so by announcing the switch to the umpire or directing it from the dugout/bench area. 


    COMMENT/INTERPRETAION:  If they step into the circle or on to the mound, or converse with the pitcher or any other defensive player, the current pitcher will be charged with a conference.  


    Proper Mechanics for an Uncaught Third Strike: It has been noted by several individuals that there is no video on Little League University demonstrating the proper mechanic for dealing with an Uncaught Third Strike that was a called strike umpire (with no type of swing involved).

The umpire should verbalize the strike call (as with any other “called” strike) while simultaneously using the right arm in a crisp fashion to point away from his body as he would with any other Uncaught Third Strike.


Friday, September 11

Little League International has announced a change to the Age Determination Date for Baseball. Details about this change including the new 2016 Age Chart can be found at: 


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Tuesday, April 25
22nd Annual Western Region Golf Tournament

     The 22nd Annual Western Region Golf Tournament is scheduled for Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 7:00 am.  The tournament will be held at the San Bernardino Golf Club.  Entry fee is $75.00 per person or $275.00 for a foursome.  Net proceeds go to fund the Western Region Little League Tournaments and activities. Click on the link below for the registration flier or our tee sponsor flier.  We look forward to seeing you at our golf tournament.

Golf Registration 

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