Little League Southeastern Region: News: Creation and Maintenance of Social Networking Sites by Local Little Leagues

Creation and Maintenance of Social Networking Sites by Local Little Leagues

Below is the general summary from Little League International of how local leagues should handle the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This policy is in regard to the creation and development of Internet-based Social Networking sites. Such popular sites include: Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These pages, maintained by local Little Leagues, may offer the presentation of content and information, including images of Little League Baseball or Softball players (from any division). It is important to know, however, that local, state, provincial and national laws take precedent over this policy if there is a conflict.

Photographs and/or links to video of any children must not be posted on a chartered local Little League’s social networks sites/pages without receiving written permission from the child’s parent or guardian. Photos on a web site owned or operated by a chartered local Little League must adhere to the standards for Little Leaguers appearing in the media at: Media Appearance Standards Form

Each league must designate one person to be responsible for posting information and overseeing/monitoring posts. The same person is responsible for approving fans (followers) of pages.

Each league will need to exercise “due diligence” with each person who requests to become a fan – by at a minimum viewing that person’s profile before and after they are accepted as a fan of your social network sites, and, disallowing them to be a fan if any inappropriate activity is discovered.

For those leagues currently operating a website, creating a link(s) to the league’s social network site(s) from the league’s home page is recommended.

Treat these social networking sites in the same way as the local league site in certain respects, such as making sure it is monitored for inappropriate activity, ensuring that any minor child’s photograph is not posted unless prior written permission is provided from the parent(s) and ensuring that any element of the page (or the page itself) can be deleted quickly if directed to do so by the Board of Directors or Little League International.

Also, the Board of Directors should provide a message to all parents of players in the league that the social network sites pages are live and accessible, allowing them to “opt out” ahead of time with respect to images of children. It is suggested that this information be clearly communicated before or during registration for the upcoming season.

Little League International has no control over non-Little League owned/operated web sites that post photographs of children, provided those children are not identified in any way as Little Leaguers.

Full policy and statement: Local Little Leagues Social Networking Sites

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