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Tuesday, January 14
Jan. 2014 Local League Update

New Resources Available for League Officials

Recently the Southeastern Region announced several new projects that are available to league officials throughout the eight-state region. Each league president received an email outlining these projects. Below is an overview of those projects.

League Management & Assistance Blog

The blog is the alternative to an emailed newsletter. League officials are able to gain assistance and training for the management of their local league through this living website. The blog will feature a minimum of three to four posts a month that will cover a wide range of topics which could include drafts, registration, parents, membership, fall ball, tournament teams, marketing, sponsorship and much more. Feel good stories from region news outlets plus guest bloggers will also be featured from time to time. Readers will also be surveyed to determine what topics that would like to see.

The blog can be found at and is password-protected. League officials can receive the password from their presidents or emailing assistant region director Matt Weber at To receive authorization, league officials must be listed as such through the league on the data center. This also applies to district officials. 

Little League Index

A brain child of the Southeastern Region Advisory Committee, the Little League® Index or simply known as "The Index", is a central webpage that provides all Little League available links to minimize the search process. This webpage can be and will be updated when needed, with no extra work needed on your end.

Click on the link to view: "The Index" 

Additional Items

We have also announced a new version of our league official clinic with the Technology and Information Workshop for league officials. This workshop is a one-day training session available at the region headquarters. Clink on the link to register. Workshop Registration.

Additionally, we will also be introducing other projects and such in the coming months, including a Region Safety Committee and a region Awards Program. Stay tuned to the region website for more information in the coming months on these items and more. 

If you have feedback, plus ideas and such, please feel free to share those with Matt Weber.  

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