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2015 Tournament Umpire Profile Book

We are excited to roll out a new publication. Introducing the 2015 Tournament Umpire Profile Book. This publication features brief profiles on each Region and World Series Tournament umpire from the Southeastern Region, plus historical information. Give it a look today!


Umpire Training Scholarship Program

Umpire Training with NO Registration Fee!

Scholarship points can now be earned when you attend a Southeastern Region Umpire Training Program. Each time you attend a region umpire road show, umpire clinic/seminar, or the umpire school you earn points good toward an Umpire Training Program Scholarship. Earn a total of 10 points and exchange for full registration at a future umpire training clinic or seminar. Points are awarded to the umpire as an individual, are non-transferable, and have no cash value.

So sign up now, start earning those points, and attend a future umpire training program with no registration fee!

Point values are established as follows:

Umpire Road show = 1 point
Umpire Clinic/Seminar = 2 points
Umpire School = 4 points

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