Little League Southeastern Region: Region Training Events

2014-15 Training Events Schedule

Event  Date(s)  Location 
Four-Person Umpire Mechanics Clinc  May 30-June 1  Warner Robins (SE HQ) 
2014 Umpire School   Oct. 14-19  Warner Robins (SE HQ) 
Train-the-Trainer   Dec 5-7 Warner Robins (SE HQ) 
Rules and Regulations Seminar  Jan. 9-11  Warner Robins (SE HQ) 
Two-Person Umpire Mechanics Clinic  Feb. 6-8  Warner Robins (SE HQ) 

Events To-Be-Announced 
Florida Road Show
North Carolina Road Show
Virginia Road Show 
League Administration Clinic
DA/ADA Seminar 

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2014 Southeastern Region Umpire School 
October 14-19 ... Warner Robins, Ga. (Southeastern Region Headquarters) 
The Southeastern Region Umpire School is one of the essential phases of the overall Southeastern Region Umpire Training Program which hundreds of volunteers have benefited from. Playing rules and regulations are discussed during daily classroom sessions and actual or simulated game experiences (60' diamond only) will be provided to each umpire during the course of the school.
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 Price: $425 per attendee (Inlcudes all housing and meals)


Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Clinic
Dec. 5-7 ... Warner Robins, GA. (Southeastern Region Headquarters)
The Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Clinic is designed for both the experienced and inexperienced UIC  or lead umpire at the league and district levels. The three-day clinic provides the UIC with concepts to take back to their local league and/or district and establish a training program that will enhance the skills and knowledge of current and future umpires.
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 Price: $42.50 / $53.00


DA/ADA Seminar

The District Administrator/Assistant District Administrator Seminar is designed to assist the DA, ADA and district staff in the management of their district and leagues. The seminar will also assist in developing well-run Little League programs and ensuring successful regular seasons followed by exciting and enjoyable tournaments for leagues throughout the district. 

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Little League Rules & Regulations Seminar
January 9-11, 2015 ... Warner Robins, Ga. (Southeastern Region Headquarters) 
The Rules & Regulations Seminar  is designed to assist each level of the Little League® volunteer. League officials, managers, coaches, umpires and others are encouraged to attend this seminar as it will provide an extensive overview of the Little League Baseball and Softball® rules. Proper application of the rules will be covered by the Southeastern Region umpire staff as they will reviewr, answer questions and interpret all of the Little League Rules and Regulations.
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 Price: $42.50 / $53.00


League Administration Seminar
Will focus on the business and and administration operations of a local league. Less focus on rules and regulations. Good for all board members. More details to come. 
Price: TBA 


Two-Umpire Mechanics Clinic
Febuary 6-8, 2015 ... Warner Robins, Ga. (Southeastern Region Headquarters) 
During the Two-Person Umpire Mechanics Clinic, participants will be instructed on basic plate and field mechanics for the two-man umpire system on the 60' or 90' diamond. The Southeastern Region umpire staff provides instruction, both in the classroom and on the field, on all facets of the game. The valuable lessons and tools participants will walk away with will help them become better and successful volunteer umpires.
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 Price: $42.50 / $53.00


Four-Umpire Mechanics Clinic
May 29 - 31 ... Warner Robins, Ga. (Southeastern Region Headquarters) 
Begin your 2015 tournament season preparation with our annual Four-Person Umpire Mechanics & Tournament Prep Clinic. This three-day program will include advance classroom instruction along with field training. Participants will be able to work with the Southeastern Region Umpire Staff on proper four-man umpire mechanics and prepare themselves for the upcoming tournament season.
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Price: $42.50 / $53.00


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