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Fri 5/29 Home Plate Four-Person Umpire Mechanics Clinic 6:00 PM - May 31, 2015 12:00 PM Southeastern Region Headquarters


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2015 Southeastern Region Tournament Resources
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National Anthem Auditions Now Open for Little League Southeastern Region Tournaments

2015 Umpire School Now Open for Registration

2015 Southeastern Region Umpire School
October 13-18, 2015 -- Warner Robins, Ga. (Southeastern Region Headquarters)
The Southeastern Region Umpire School is designed to provide the information and training necessary to allow any umpire to take his/her game to a higher level of proficiency. Participants will be instructed in two-umpire field mechanics on the 60’ and 70’/90’ diamonds. Learning will take place while participating in mechanics drills and actual games during the course of the school. All on-field activities are recorded and reviewed, which provides participants a better understanding by seeing themselves in actual umpiring situations. Detailed plate mechanics are covered in daily cage sessions which are recorded with a DVD provided to each student which shows individual instruction time. Playing rules and regulations are discussed during classroom sessions along with actual or simulated game situations. Each student will additionally receive rule books, mechanics manuals, and a notebook with informational documents, all of which provide the tools necessary for becoming an advanced level umpire.
Registration Link
 Price: $425 per attendee
Includes housing, lunch and dinner beginning Tuesday through Saturday evening plus School shirt, hat and a wealth of materials.

2015 Region Tournament Umpires Announced

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been selected to umpire in the respective Southeastern Region Tournaments in 2015.

Little League Softball  Junior League Softball  Senior League Softball  Big League Softball 
Warner Robins, GA  Ft. Myers, FL  Ft. Myers, FL  Ft. Myers, FL 
Mick Davis - FL 6  Robert Anderson - FL 4  Sharon A. Adams - FL 1  Steven Elliot - FL 4 
Clint Cooper - FL 11  Keith Brady - FL 5  James Tucker - FL 4  Steve Walsh - FL 6 
Robert Weiner - FL 22  Jim Thompson - FL 6  Martin Stewart - FL 6  Joe Clark - FL 17 
Donnie Caudill - GA 8  Jeffery Miller - FL 17  Ed Sherer - FL 11  Mark Lucas - FL 20 
Clayton Rose - TN 9  Stan Ball - FL 18  Anthony McGhee - FL 17  Stephen Dye - TN 5 
John Cheesbrew - VA 15  Tommy Owens - VA 5 Brandon Vetten - FL 18  Ron Shultz - FL 4 
Ken Moon - WV 1  William Leath - FL 6  Danny Williams - TN 5   
Andrew Bowen - WV 1  Kris Ratliff - VA 1  L. Guy Bowen - TN 9   


Little League Baseball  Intermediate (50/70) Baseball  Junior League Baseball 
Warner Robins, GA  Apopka, FL  Greenville, SC 
Alan Berson - FL 17  Jack Lynch - FL 1  David Kelsey - FL 6
David Noegel - FL 24  Roberto Benetiz - FL 2  Richard L. Waler, Jr. - FL 11
Bill Vikara - GA 2  Christine Webb - FL 4  Mark Kollar - FL 12 
Brett Groller - SC 3  Tom Masterson - FL 11  Michael Ochs - VA 4 
Gary York - GA 7  Ray Vos - FL 17  Mike Phinazee - FL 20 
Marty Henry - TN 6  Ray Campbell - FL 18  Joe Driver - TN 9 
Malik Wilson - VA 6  Christopher Mixon - GA 5  Michael E. Grant - VA 14 
Mike Baisden - WV 2  James Perras - TN 9  Jason Smalley - TN 5 
Senior League Baseball  Big League Baseball   
Safety Harbor, FL  Ft. Lauderdale, FL   
Terry Cordle - FL 3  Larry Jones - FL 2   
John Gleason - FL 11  Jonathan Hagen - FL 6   
Tom Green - FL 17  Bob Veleta, Jr. - FL 11   
Joe Cyganiak - FL 18  Fredeick Moore - FL 12   
Leon G. Vetsch - FL 22  Dan Willis - FL 18   
Ron Brainard - GA 5  David Furst - FL 25   
Houston Thiel - TN 9     
Gary Benton - FL 2     

2015 World Series Umpires Announced

Congrats to the following individuals for being selected to represent the Southeastern Region as an umpire for one of the following World Series tournaments in 2015. 

Little League Baseball  Intermediate (50/70) Baseball  Junior League Baseball 
Guy Vilt - FL 26  Andy Pagan - FL 23  Dan Lawrence - FL 22 
Bill McKinney - VA 10  Brian K. Murphy VA-06  Craig Dewey - VA 7 
James S. Lenas - FL 5     
Senior League Baseball  Big League Baseball  Little League Softball 
Wayne J. Kardel - FL 9  Jennifer Vanderwarker – FL2  Rick Sanzone – FL 9 
Dan Collins - FL 20  Michael L. Duty – VA 11  Jimmie Harrell – FL 20 
Junior League Softball  Senior League Softball  Big League Softball 
Vinnie Piscitello – FL 5  David Crawford – FL 14 John Siegel – FL 15
Carroll Mumpower – TN 5 Michael Goins – VA 11  Louis Nickerson – FL 17 

Tuesday, February 10
Southeastern Region Mourns Loss of Georgia DA Bernard Ashley

Little League Southeastern Region mourns the passing of Georgia District 8 Administrator Bernard Ashley. He was 74.

Mr. Ashley, a native of Green Cove, Va., settled in Columbus, Ga., and began his volunteer service with Columbus Eastern Little League in 1978. For several years with the local league, he served as a Minor Division baseball coach, manager, Vice President and President.

In 1992, Mr. Ashley moved to Pioneer Little League in Columbus, and later volunteered on the Georgia District 8 staff as the umpire consultant. Elected as Georgia District 8 Administrator in March 1998; he received his 15-year service pin at the 2014 Little League International Congress in Minneapolis.

An Army veteran, Mr. Ashley, worked for the United States Civil Service in the Department of Public Safety. Mr. Ashley was preceded in death by his wife Betty Joyce.

He is survived by his son, Charlie; and grandson, Bryan Keith Gregory II.


Tuesday, September 9
Brian Wolfe Honored as Golden Mask Award Winner

Spotsylvania County Little League Umpire-in-Chief Brian Wolfe was honored as the second recipient of the Little League Southeastern Region Golden Mask Award winner.

Wolfe was presented the award, by surprise, in advance of the Little League Baseball Southeastern Region Tournament championship game in Warner Robins, GA August 8.

The Golden Mask Award is designed to recognize the volunteer umpire within the Southeastern Region. The award, which was introduced in 2013, honors a volunteer Little League umpire for his/her outstanding service to Little League Baseball and Softball programs across the region. Larry Adams, of Tennessee was the first honoree.

A volunteer with his league since 2008, Wolfe was selected as an umpire for the 2014 Little League Softball Region Tournament and completed his time in Warner Robins less than two weeks before accepting the award. Wolfe was the first umpire from Spotsylvania County Little League to be selected for a region tournament.

Wolfe was presented with his own personal “golden mask” and his name will hang with fellow winners at the Region Headquarters.


Tuesday, September 9
Toni Perrigan Named Inaugural Southeastern Region Volunteer of the Year

Toni Perrigan, of Chester (SC) Youth Baseball Little League was recently honored as the inaugural Southeastern Region Volunteer of the Year.

Perrigan was honored during an on-field ceremony prior to a game on the first day of action during the Little League Baseball Southeastern Region Tournament in Warner Robins, GA.

Perrigan has been an indispensable part of Chester Youth Baseball for over 14 years. During this time she has worked tirelessly to ensure that all youth who wanted to play baseball were able to, and that their experience was a positive and formative one. The league says she epitomizes what a volunteer in youth sports should be.

Her volunteer career with Chester as a team parent and quickly embraced the role of team mom. Over the years she has served in many capacities, including marketing and public relations, scorekeeper, administrative roles, concessions manager, player agent and fundraising coordinator. To this she continues to serve as an active volunteer with Chester in spite of the fact she has no children active in the league.

Most days Toni is the first to arrive at the league complex and is frequently the last to leave. Over the year Toni has essentially taken on the role as the parent over the whole league (so called "league mom"). Her efforts allow the league to run as efficiently as possible. She is quick to laugh and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. To sum it up, Toni Perrigan is the quintessential volunteer!

Congrats to Toni and Chester Youth Baseball Little League for being the first recipient of the Southeastern Region Awards Program.


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