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2015 Southeastern Region Tournament Resources
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2015 Region Tournament Volunteer Opportunities

The 2015 Little League Baseball and Softball Southeastern Region Tournaments are fast approaching and we are in need of a wealth of volunteers to assist with these two events.

The Little League Softball® Regional will take place from July 30 to August 3 and the Little League Baseball® Regional will begin a few days later August 7 and end August 13. All games take place at Little League Southeast Park, located on the Southeastern Region complex.

Individuals may assist in a variety of areas. The available areas are concession stand, facilities & grounds, game operations, gift shop, parking, team meals and usher. Individuals may elect to assist in multiple areas.

To become a volunteer, individuals will need to complete an initial registration process and then a volunteer application. With the volunteer application, the submission of a government-issued photo ID along with personal information, which includes one’s social security number is necessary. These items are required as a background check must be completed on each volunteer, which is in compliance with Little League regulations. The registration process, which will take less than five minutes, is new for 2015, and may be completed online (access available below) or in-person. There will be no volunteer briefing this year.

After completing the initial registration process, the volunteer application will be accessible. The application, along with the photo ID can be returned in-person, by postal mail or by fax (478-987-7232) to the Region office. A copy of the photo ID can be made or provided in-person as well.

To turn in the application and/or ID plus access any of the information in-person, individuals can stop by the Region headquarters located at 439 Snellgrove Drive in Warner Robins, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Furthermore, the 2015 Volunteer Handbook, a new addition for this year, is available below and individuals will also be provided with a link to it upon completion of the online registration. It also is available in-person at the Region office. It contains a wealth of useful general, tournament and volunteer information. As you will see in the handbook, we are in need of a parking area coordinator. If you or someone you know is interested, please let us know. No experience necessary.

Groups are also welcomed to volunteer as a whole in certain areas. All members of the group will need to complete the full registration process, but the Region staff will work with the group in scheduling and any other assistance efforts.

For anybody, including groups, that have questions or are looking for additional information, please direct them to Matt Weber, assistant region director by email at or weekdays by phone at 478-987-7227.

Volunteer Registration Volunteer Handbook

2015 Tournament Umpire Profile Book

We are excited to roll out a new publication. Introducing the 2015 Tournament Umpire Profile Book. This publication features brief profiles on each Region and World Series Tournament umpire from the Southeastern Region, plus historical information. Give it a look today!


National Anthem Auditions Now Open for Little League Southeastern Region Tournaments

2015-16 Training Events Schedule

Below is the tentative schedule for 2015-16 Southeastern Region Training Events. Events, dates and locations are subject to change. More events will be added as they are scheduled and confirmed. Click on an event link to register or gain more information. Additional event details are below as well. 

Event  Date(s)  Location 
2015 Umpire School Oct. 13-18, 2015  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region)
Georgia Road Show & League Official Conference I  Oct. 24  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
Umpire Train-the-Trainer  Dec. 4-6  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
South Carolina League Official Road Show  Dec. 12-13  Columbia, SC 
Little League Rules & Regulations Seminar   Jan. 8-10  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
League Official Conference II Jan. 23  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
Player Management Workshop  Jan. 24  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
West Virginia League Official Road Show  Feb. 5-6 Flatwoods, WV
Two-Umpire Mechanics Clinic Feb. 19-21  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
Four-Umpire Mechanics Clinic  June 3-5  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region) 
2016 Umpire School  Oct. 11-16, 2016  Warner Robins, GA (SE Region)
Florida Umpire Road Show  TBD  TBD 
North Carolina Umpire Road Show   TBD  TBD 
DA Regional Round Table  TBD   TBD 

2015 Region Tournament Umpires Announced

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been selected to umpire in the respective Southeastern Region Tournaments in 2015.

Little League Softball  Junior League Softball  Senior League Softball  Big League Softball 
Warner Robins, GA  Ft. Myers, FL  Ft. Myers, FL  Ft. Myers, FL 
Mick Davis - FL 6  Robert Anderson - FL 4  Sharon A. Adams - FL 1  Steven Elliot - FL 4 
Clint Cooper - FL 11  Keith Brady - FL 5  James Tucker - FL 4  Steve Walsh - FL 6 
Robert Weiner - FL 22  Jim Thompson - FL 6  Martin Stewart - FL 6  Joe Clark - FL 17 
Donnie Caudill - GA 8  Jeffery Miller - FL 17  Ed Sherer - FL 11  Mark Lucas - FL 20 
Clayton Rose - TN 9  Stan Ball - FL 18  Anthony McGhee - FL 17  Stephen Dye - TN 5 
John Cheesbrew - VA 15  Tommy Owens - VA 5 Brandon Vetten - FL 18  Ron Shultz - FL 4 
Ken Moon - WV 1  William Leath - FL 6  Danny Williams - TN 5   
Andrew Bowen - WV 1  Kris Ratliff - VA 1  L. Guy Bowen - TN 9   


Little League Baseball  Intermediate (50/70) Baseball  Junior League Baseball 
Warner Robins, GA  Apopka, FL  Greenville, SC 
Alan Berson - FL 17  Jack Lynch - FL 1  David Kelsey - FL 6
David Noegel - FL 24  David Byars - FL 4  Dave Head - FL 2
Bill Vikara - GA 2  Christine Webb - FL 4  Mike McCullough - FL 5
Brett Groller - SC 3  Tom Masterson - FL 11  Michael Ochs - VA 4 
Gary York - GA 7  Ray Vos - FL 17  Mike Phinazee - FL 20 
Marty Henry - TN 6  Ray Campbell - FL 18  Joe Driver - TN 9 
Malik Wilson - VA 6  Christopher Mixon - GA 5  Michael E. Grant - VA 14 
Mike Baisden - WV 2  James Perras - TN 9  Jason Smalley - TN 5 
Senior League Baseball  Big League Baseball   
Safety Harbor, FL  Ft. Lauderdale, FL   
Terry Cordle - FL 3  Larry Jones - FL 2   
John Gleason - FL 11  Jonathan Hagen - FL 6   
Tom Green - FL 17  Bob Veleta, Jr. - FL 11   
Joe Cyganiak - FL 18  Fredeick Moore - FL 12   
Leon G. Vetsch - FL 22  Dan Willis - FL 18   
Ron Brainard - GA 5  David Furst - FL 25   
Michael Giocoechea - FL 6     
Gary Benton - FL 2     

2015 World Series Umpires Announced

Congrats to the following individuals for being selected to represent the Southeastern Region as an umpire for one of the following World Series tournaments in 2015. 

Little League Baseball  Intermediate (50/70) Baseball  Junior League Baseball 
Guy Vilt - FL 26  Andy Pagan - FL 23  Dan Lawrence - FL 22 
Bill McKinney - VA 10  Brian K. Murphy VA-06  Craig Dewey - VA 7 
James S. Lenas - FL 5     
Senior League Baseball  Big League Baseball  Little League Softball 
Wayne J. Kardel - FL 9  Lowell Brummett - VA 5  Rick Sanzone – FL 9 
Dan Collins - FL 20  Michael L. Duty – VA 11  Jimmie Harrell – FL 20 
Junior League Softball  Senior League Softball  Big League Softball 
Vinnie Piscitello – FL 5  David Crawford – FL 14 John Siegel – FL 15
Carroll Mumpower – TN 5 Michael Goins – VA 11  Louis Nickerson – FL 17 

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