Little League Southeastern Region: Welcome

Keep in mind these dates for the 2014 season 
 Date(s) Event/Note 
May 30 - June 1  Umpire (Four-Man) Mechanics Clinic - Warner Robins (Info - Register)
June 4   Deadline to charter a league and make adjustments, pay all charter and insurance fees
June 4  Deadline to to submit all waiver requests, interleague and combine team forms 
June 6  Official Little League 75th Anniversary
June 15   Deadline for leagues to submit a tournament enrollment form 
Oct. 14-19   2014 Southeastern Region Umpire School

 For rule questions and interpretations, email the Southeastern Region umpires with your question(s) today! 

Southeastern Region World Series Umpires Announced

The umpires that will represent Little League's Southeastern Region in the nine World Series tournaments have been announced recently by the region office. 

These 20 volunteer umpires have all previously worked a region tournament and were selected during that tournament for a future World Series. We thank all of these individuals for their service and congratulate them on this significant achievement.

Little League Baseball  Intermediate (50/70) Baseball  Junior League Baseball 
Mike Yon - Florida 7  Kenneth Fits - Georgia 2   Larry Taylor, Sr. - Florida 18
Carlos Rodriquez, Jr. - Georgia 2   Gary Allmond - Virginia 9 Russell Tudor - Virginia 9 
 Robert Freeman - Tennessee 9    
Senior League Baseball  Big League Baseball  Little League Softball 
Sam Vanderwarker - Florida 2  Dominic Wright - Florida 6  Armando Sargent - Florida 10 
 Stephen Blue - Virginia 15  Darren Schubery - Virginia 10 Gary York - Georgia 7 
Junior League Softball  Senior League Softball  Big League Softball 
Danny Gill - Florida 4   Donald Guilford - Florida 22 William Joe Carson - Florida 5
David Volpe, Jr. - Florida 14  Kevin Waldrop - Tennessee 5 Darrell Ray Fannon - Virginia 13
   Don Harris - Virginia 15  



Be a Part of the Little League 75th Anniversary!

June 6, 2014 will mark the 75th anniversary of Little League® Baseball. It will also be the 40th anniversary of Little League Softball and the 25th anniversary of the Little League Challenger program.

There are and will be many ways that individuals and leagues can take part in the anniversary celebration. Little League International has developed a celebration guide, which was sent to each league that gives an overview of the anniversary plus resources, ideas and more for a local league celebrate this event on its own. The guide and information can also be found at this link: Little League Anniversary Celebration Guide

The Southeastern Region encourages leagues to participate in the anniversary in some shape or form. The region also wants to know how leagues (and districts) are taking part in the anniversary. Leagues and districts are encouraged to share their ways of celebrating so they can be shared with others in the region and in the Little League community. To share your league’s or district’s celebration plans, either before or after the event, please send an email, with league name and state to Matt Weber at We will share your league’s plans on the region website.

Little League and the region also encourage individuals to share their Little League memories, either with stories or photos. Via, you will be able to participate in the celebration across the globe. While at the region level, we want to share those same stories and photos through the region website. To submit a story, please send an email to Matt Weber and please send photos to the following address (Share your photos).

The region also anticipates hosting an event on or near the anniversary date. Stay tuned for more details in the near future.

We hope you will celebrate with us!

Umpire Training Scholarship Program

Umpire Training with NO Registration Fee!

Scholarship points can now be earned when you attend a Southeastern Region Umpire Training Program. Each time you attend a region umpire road show, umpire clinic/seminar, or the umpire school you earn points good toward an Umpire Training Program Scholarship. Earn a total of 10 points and exchange for full registration at a future umpire training clinic or seminar. Points are awarded to the umpire as an individual, are non-transferable, and have no cash value.

Earn points faster.

Register and pay to attend a 2014 region umpire training program at least 30 days prior to the scheduled start date and receive 1.5 times the established point value for that program.

So sign up now, start earning those points, and attend a future umpire training program with no registration fee!

Point values are established as follows:

Umpire Road show = 1 point
Umpire Clinic/Seminar = 2 points
Umpire School = 4 points

Southeastern Region Umpire Alumni Association

Are you an umpire who has worked a Southern/Southeastern Baseball or Softball Region Tournament?

The Southeastern Region is organizing a Southeastern Region Umpire Alumni Association. The focus will be on recognizing and forming a brother and sisterhood of volunteer umpires who have worked in a Southeastern Region tournament. If you are a Southeastern Region tournament umpire, please complete this electronic application: Alumni Application.

More information to follow in the coming weeks and months. 

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