Michigan State Little League: Welcome

Welcome to the Michigan State web site. The purpose of this site is to maintain all of the baseball and softball tournament brackets each year during All-Star tournament play.  We hope you enjoy following your teams and we wish you good luck!  We rely on volunteers from the host sites and even parents to keep us updated and without them, we would not have the information to post.

As you begin your 2015 playing season, if you need any assistance in locating a Little League to participate with, do not hesitate contacting any one of our 16 State of Michigan District Administrators.

Steve Fogle, State of Michigan Chairman                                 



Please contact our webmaster and information officer, Joanne Willson for questions, corrections, and additions to this website by email at  JWillso3@aol.com

2015 All-Star Schedule

To assist you a State of Michigan map by district is available on under that separate tab.  The 2015 tournament locations are available under the tournament location tab.

2015 Tournament Sites

*NOTE:  subject to change based upon the number of entries 

 Division    District  Host    #teams   Arrival     Start 
 9 & 10  D7  St Clair LL  16 7/23  7/24
 10 & 11  D13  Petoskey LL 7/24  7/24
 Major  D6   Harper Woods LL   16 7/24   7/25 
 Intermed  D5 Taylor Northwest LL   8 7/10   7/11
Junior   D10 Gladstone LL   8  7/22  7/23
Senior   D1 Midland NE Fraternal/NWLL   8 7/15  7/15 
 Big League D16 Blissfield LL   ALL  7/13  7/13 
 9 & 10  D14  Bay County Little League   ALL 7/31  8/1 
10 & 11   D11 Negaunee LL   ALL  7/23  7/24
 Major D2  Parchment LL   ALL  7/16  7/17
 Junior  D5 Taylor South LL   8 7/16  7/17 
Senior    D11 Keweenaw LL   8  7/16  7/17
 Big League  D9  Pinery Park ALL   7/14  7/14





As you advance to State All-Star Tournament play, you must provide you tournament director with your signed concussion information sheet for each player, and the "heads up" training certificate for any manager, coach, scorekeeper, umpire that enters the field of play.  Failure to provide this documentation may result in ineligibility to play.  All required documents linked below:

1.  Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet
This link will allow you to obtain the document that is required by the State of Michigan for youth athletic activities.  A signed document is required as of 7/1/2013.  Further, all-star manager's will be required to carry this document on each rostered player during tournament play.  http://michigan.gov/documents/mdch/Parentandathleteinfosheet_415328_7.pdf
2.  Your resource for the "HEADS UP" Training


Upon completion be sure to print your required course certificate, and a hint, set your printer to landscape.  This youth training certification is required as of 7/1/2013 by the State of Michigan.  For more information on the requirements and concussions go to http://www.michigan.gov/mdch/0,4612,7-132-54783_63943---,00.html