Michigan State Little League: Welcome

Welcome to the Michigan State web site. The purpose of this site is to maintain all of the baseball and softball tournament brackets each year during All-Star tournament play.  We hope you enjoy following your teams and we wish you good luck!  We rely on volunteers from the host sites and even parents to keep us updated and without them, we would not have the information to post.

As you begin your 2016 playing season, if you need any assistance in locating a Little League to participate with, do not hesitate contacting any one of our 16 State of Michigan District Administrators.

Steve Fogle, State of Michigan Chairman                                 


Please contact our webmaster and information officer, Joanne Willson for questions,

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Click on the underlined link to view the playing schedule for each tournament


Big League Baseball World Series - District 9 (Grand Rapids) wins the regional tournament without giving up a run.  Advance to the Big League World Series in Easly SC.  Play begins 7/27.  Follow the team at:  http://www.llbws.org/llbbws/blbbws/worldseries.htm

9 & 10 Baseball States

9 & 10 BASEBALL STATES CLICK ON THE UNDERLINED LINK HERE, This wll take you to the host's website, Midland NE  Play begins 7/22.  Select 9&10 Baseball States tab - you will see the standings, please select the pools to view your team's scores.  Pool A = D15, D7, D8 and D16.  Pool B = D5, D14, D4, D2  Pool C = D6, D11, D3, D1  Pool D = D13, D10, D9, D12 


9-10-11 BASEBALL ALL-STARS  Click on the underlined link to get your playing information from the host's site.  Southern Little League welcomes 14 talented teams to this pool play format, giving all teams 3 games.  Tournament starts 7/29.

Little League Baseball (11&12) All-Stars

NEW ARTICLES ON THE LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL TOURNAMENT AT TECUMSEH  Thanks to the Mlive reporters from around the state that will be covering this tournament. Just click on the link here to read the news articles.  Play begins 7/23.

Intermediate Baseball

Intermediate Baseball Grosse Point Farms City, District 6, advances to the Regional touranment at Milwood Little League in Kalamazoo - arrives 7/21/16.

Senior Baseball

Senior Baseball   D9 - SOUTHERN WINS IN 9 INNINGS.  Pack their bats taking them to Peru IL for Regional Play arriving 7/22.

Big League Baseball

Big League Baseball  District 9, as the host team for the regional tournament, continues to WIN WIN WIN - they are schedule to play in the championship game on 7/21 @ 5:30 p.m. playing at Cornerstone University.

Blissfield is the State of Michigan Champion - advanced to Region tournament play and eliminated.


9 10 11 Softball   5 Mighty Softball Teams playing pool play at Bay County - Teams arrive 7/29, begin play on 7/30 at 10:00 a.m.

Little League (11&12) Softball All-Stars

LITTLE LEAGUE SOFTBALL  GRANDVILLE GRANDVILLE GRANDVILLE - ADVANCES to the Central Region all-star tournament representing Michigan.  Tournament begins 7/25

Junior Softball

Junior Softball  D10 - Delta County advances to the Regional Tournament at Illinois D9 in S. Holland, IL - Arrive 7/22.

Senior Softball

Senior Softball  And we have a winner - Escanaba advances to Regional Play in S. Bend, arriving on 7/21.

Big League Softball

BIG LEAGUE SOFTBALL  Going down to the home run ball - District 10 wins our State All-Star tournament and advances to Elgin Illinois.  Their first games are on 7/21.

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JUNIOR    D1 MIDLAND NE      8 YES 7/26  7/27
     9 & 10 D8 E. JORDAN  8  YES  7/29  7/29