Little League Europe and Africa Region: FORMS AND PUBLICATIONS

  1. Little League International is making the annual chartering process available online. Leagues are able to fill out and submit the charter application through the Little League Data Center. Payment of all charter fees will be completed and accounted for in a separate transaction. A complete description of the process is available here for viewing.                                                                                             
  2. Leagues can also charter via traditional way by sending their charter application forms to Little League Headquarters. Here you will find the 2014 International Charter Application form. Please fill out and sign the application (two signatures are required) and send it to our our office in Kutno, Poland by fax at +48 (24) 254 4571 or by e-mail at
    Any forms without the required signatures will not be processed. Please make sure your Charter Application is fully completed and signed before sending it. Please submit your league boundary map together with the Application.