Little League Eastern Region Headquarters: District Administrators

District Administrators of the Eastern Region

What is a "District Administrator?"

The District Administrator in Little League Baseball is a volunteer who, by reason of qualifications and experience, is elected by the leagues of the district. Elections are conducted once every four years unless a vacancy creates the need for an interim election.

A District Administrator should be a former league President and a resident of the district, but this is not required. The candidate should also have sufficient free time, apart from a business or profession, to devote to Little League and the local leagues in the district.

The role of the District Administrator is, basically, one of effective liaison between Little League Headquarters and the local leagues. Personal contact with the officers and other personnel of the leagues within the district is important.

I want to contact my District Administrator. What district am I located in?

Use Little League's online tool to find your league and district number.


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