Little League Central Region: Finding a Local League

Tuesday, February 27
Need Help Finding a Local League?


How to Find a Local Little League

There are several ways to find a local Little League program near you.

Many leagues will post signs or bulletins around the community. Some will have registration announcements in the local newspaper. Most often, these notices will have contact information for the local Little League.

And, make sure it’s a genuine Little League program. Any organization calling itself a Little League (or using “Little League” in registration announcements), is required to be affiliated with Little League International in Williamsport, Pa. If you’re not sure, just get in touch with your nearest regional office here.

Another way to find a local Little League near you is through our League Finder page. Thousands of Little League districts and leagues have joined with our sponsor, to create websites. These websites contain contact information and other information concerning the local Little League program. Just click here to use the League Finder.

In addition to the local league and district web pages, Little League has fully-staffed regional offices that can help locate a Little League program near you. Information on contacting regional centers is located here.

However, please note that neither Little League International nor the Regional Centers are permitted to provide contact information on local league volunteers. Little League International occasionally uses its mailing list to inform parents of Little Leaguers concerning special offers from Little League Sponsors and/or Licensees, but never sells this list to anyone for any reason.

Not all local Little League programs have their own web sites, however. So if you cannot find a league or district in your area, please contact one of the regional centers here for assistance.

No Little League Near You? Start One Up!

Another thing to remember is that each local Little League program has boundaries from which it may draw its players. No local Little League is permitted to solicit and accept players from outside its established league boundaries.

This is how Little League assures that all of its local leagues around the world are on an “even playing field.”

So, if you find there is no local Little League program that includes your residence in its boundaries, one will need to be created. Little League has even made it easy to start up a local Little League program. Just click here for all the details.