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Tuesday, July 28
Day 4 of 2015 Little League Softball Regional Tournament
The final day of pool play is complete for the Little League Softball Regional Tournament! The weather today was a mixture of very hot temperatures and a short, pop up rain shower during game 16. All 9 teams were a part of the action today playing hard and fighting for their spot in the single elimination tournament. The fan turnout was very strong today with cheering fans and spectators that filled the stands. The final theme day of the week was today and it was "Superhero Day"! Again, multiple teams and volunteers dressed up to show their support and spirit. The superhero attire was very creative and made for great pictures and memories. The single elimination tournament play starts tomorrow for the 6 teams that advance out of pool play. Come out and support the teams as they fight for their chance to compete in the Little League World Series in Portland, OR. Make sure to keep sharing your Little League tournament experience with us on Twitter and Facebook using #LLCRspirit!

Monday, July 27
Day 3 of 2015 Little League Softball Regional Tournament
Day 3 is complete here at Little League Central Region. After a rainy end to the play last night, today turned out to be a very sunny and hot day. The theme for the day was "Pink Day" to support Susan G. Komen. The Little League Central Region complex was filled with pink! We had two breast cancer survivors come out and throw the first pitch for the first game of the day. The two survivors were Jessica Baker and Megan Kenyon and it was a great honor having them come out and participate in the tournament. Action on the field today was very competitive with 5 great games including all nine teams. The night was topped off with a "Bingo Night" for all of the teams. Day 4 is going to be a full day of play for the girls and the last day of pool play for all teams. Make sure to keep following the games on GameChanger for live play-by-play. Also, we love the pictures and posts that are being shared, so keep them coming! 

Sunday, July 26
Day 2 of 2015 Little League Softball Regional Tournament
We have completed another day here at theLittle League Central Region Softball tournament. The weather during day two was very humid with warm temperatures and cloudy skies that lead into rain towards the end of the day. The last two games of the day, games 8 and 9, were not played and have been moved to Tuesday. The updated pool play schedule is on the Little League Central Region Facebook page. Fan turnout for all teams that played was strong again today. Day two’s theme day was “Beach Day” and multiple teams and volunteers participated dressing up in hula skirts, hawaiian shirts and palm tree headbands. Also, day two concluded with a Pizza Night for the teams and had a great turn out of players, coaches, and managers. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for the rest of the action of day two.

Saturday, July 25
Day 1 of 2015 Little League Softball Regional Tournament
Day one here at Little League Central Region for the Softball tournament was a full first day! The weather held up and it turned out to be a very nice, hot day with a mixture of sun and cloudy skies. It started with the annual opening ceremony for all of the teams and staff and went straight into play. 8 of the 9 teams played one game today; Iowa did not play today, but will start their pool play tomorrow. Also, the first Little League Challenger Division Game during Little League Softball Regional Tournament was played on Stokely Field. There was great fan and player turnout. Everyone involved made many lasting memories. Today, the Little League volunteers and teams joined in on the fun by taking part in 80's theme day. Check out our Facebook page for some of the best of the best participants. We finished the evening with a great turn out for the ice cream social event. Pool play continues tomorrow for all of the teams and is a "beach day" theme for all to join in! 

Friday, July 24
Little League Softball Central Region Championship
LLS Tourney logo

Nine teams from across the Midwest are in Indianapolis vying for a berth in the Little League Softball World Series at the Central Region Championship.

Beginning on Saturday, July 25, they will each play four round-robin games to determine the top six seeds; those will move on to an elimination round culminating in the championship game on Thursday, July 30. The winner of that game goes to the World Series in Portland, Ore.

We'd love to have you here at the Reuben F. Glick Little League Complex to enjoy all the action; admission and parking are free. But if you can't get here, you can follow along:

The schedule: Who plays when and where.
The teams: Photos, rosters, who they've played to this point, information about each league.
The games: Follow along with live scoring of each game via GameChanger.
Past champions: Who has come out as champion in previous years.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday, July 22
2015 Little League Softball Central Region Pool Play Schedule


Wednesday, July 15
Little League Baseball and Softball Tournament Schedules!
The Little League® Baseball and Softball Central Region tournaments are coming up soon and we all know that planning ahead is crucial for events like this. So we are providing the Baseball and Softball brackets for Little League® parents, coaches, fans and families to have ahead of time! Remember, there is always the chance of weather or other circumstances that could result in a change in the schedules. If that were to happen updates would be posted ASAP. 

BB Bracket.


Wednesday, July 8
Little League Softball Tournament "Theme Day" Schedule!
Little League 'Softballers' this one's for you! The Little League Softball Central Region Tournament is right around the corner! It is scheduled to take place July 24th - July 30th. This year at the tournament there will be scheduled "Theme Days" for all of the softball players and family members to participate in! If you want to show your spirit and have some fun the theme day schedule is listed below! We would love for as many people to participate as possible to add to the fun of all the softball that will be being played! 

Theme Days.

Wednesday, July 1
Gift Shop Sneak Peek!
When it comes to softball, baseball or any kind of tournament... the memories that are made last a lifetime and will be talked about endlessly. But those memories are even better to talk about when you have a gift or souvenir to show for it! At the Little League Baseball and Softball Central Region tournaments, we have just about anything you can think of from pins and pin bags to IPad cases and various clothing pieces in our gift shop! The link above is your chance to sneek-a-peek at the gear and accessories that will be in our gift shop for this year's 2015 Softball and Baseball tournaments! Go take a look and plan your purchases ahead of time! 

Wednesday, June 24
Little League Mom Survival Kit!

Tournament time is right around the corner and we all know what that means... multiple practices a week and long weekends at the ball park. There are ways to make those long practices and what feels like week-long weekends, more enjoyable and a lot less stressful. We thought we would help those dedicated moms out there and provide you with some tips on "Little League Survival Kits" to make you the 'Super Mom' of all Little League moms! Click on the link above for details! 

(Image by: Jill Parkin) 

Mom Survival Kit

Wednesday, June 17
Dorm Demolition Complete!

There are some new renovations that have been completed here at the Little League Baseball and Softball Central Region Complex. Since the Central Region began competition in 1989, there were dormitories for the players and coaches to stay in during the tournaments; along with a swimming pool. This summer the dorms were torn down and the pool was filled in. These facilities are no longer needed here on the Central Region complex and the future plans for the open land are undecided. Though we know many memories were made while those facilities while they were here, now the opportunity for new memories to be made is possible! 


Wednesday, December 18
Purchase Your Champions Walk Brick Today!
Click Here to order your brick for the Champions Walk here at the Central Region Headquarters!