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Wednesday, July 23
Final Four Teams


Final Four SB 1
Wednesday, July 23
2014 Little League Softball Central Region Championship Round

2014 Little League Softball Central Region Championship

Nine state champion softball teams are in Indianapolis vying for a trip to Portland, Ore., and a berth in the Little League Softball World Series. We hope you will come out and watch the action - it's free (click here for a map). But if not, you can come here for information on the tournament.

THE SCHEDULE: See below.

THE TEAMS: Click on the 'LLSB Tournament Teams' tab on the left to view photos of the participating teams, see who they've played and how far they've come to get here.

SCORES: Click here to go to GameChanger, where you can get updates on all the games, and even view live scoring.

HISTORY: Click on the 'LLSB Region Champions' tab on the left to view photos of past Central Region championship teams.


Wednesday, July 9
Wags Wednesday!

To prepare for the Regional Tournament games Wags starts off by making Gatorade for the players. He and Kevin Weinberg often do this task together. Wags likes to joke and refer to Weinberg as the “Master Mixer”. The two also fill coolers with ice, water and rags for the players and place them in each dugout; the cold rags keep the kids cool during the games on hot days.
Wags made a point to say that all volunteers’ jobs are important. All the tasks come together to keep the Regional Tournament running smoothly. Wags stated, “All of it has to be done”.
When I asked Wags some of his pet peeves, he paused a minute before answering. A big one that came to his mind was littering. Trash barrels are placed all over the facility that should be used for disposal purposes. It is important for the Little League Central Region to keep this a safe and clean environment.
Lastly, I asked Wags what were some of his favorite things? I started off by asking him his favorite baseball player, without hesitation he told me it was Al Rosen. Rosen was a third baseman for the Cleveland, Indians. When I asked his favorite MLB team he loyally answered, “Cleveland”. Wags favorite sport to play is golf. He golfs often with a group of his friends. Lastly, I asked what his favorite kind of food and he answered Italian. He and his wife, Joanie, often go to Olive Garden.

-Leah Matz
Central Region Public Relations  

Friday, June 20
2014 Little League Baseball Central Region Tournament Schedule


Thursday, January 23
2014 Softball Regional Tournament Umpire Appointments


Wednesday, January 22
2014 Baseball Regional Tournament Umpire Appointments


Monday, February 11
Pin Board Donation


Special THANKS to Tim Trevier, DA, IL-20 and his good buddy Max Lauritzen, ADA, IL-20 for donating this great pin board.  The pins were collected by Tim's uncle, Jim McVey, former DA in IL-20, who has since passed away.  The pin board will be displayed in cafeteria/meeting space here at the Regional Center for guests to enjoy.