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Still not convinced that Active.com's Team Sports Registration is the fastest and easiest way for coaches, parents and athletes to sign up for your Little League? Check out what some of the many Little League Network members have to say about Active.com's Online Registration services!

"In our first year, we had a 40% response rate for online registration - we are DELIGHTED with Active.com. The support we received was outstanding, and there were no problems encountered.

We register approximately 1200 players in our league - online registration makes that process MUCH simpler. Active.com has made this process painless.

The support we received was fantastic - there was one person assigned to our league. He was available when we had questions, and very responsive. I highly recommend Active.com for leagues considering online registration."

Bill Gartner
Lincroft Little League
Lincroft, NJ

"Pass it on, the on-line registration is the way to go. I am a some what handicapped parent, having had recent back surgery, and I can't stand in the long lines. For me, or someone suffering the same problems, or just time difficulties, the on-line registration is great and really convenient. Keep it up!"

"The online registration worked great! Once I got through Jordan's which I did first, Brandon's was easy. It duplicated the information such as our names, address etc. so I didn't have to type it in again. For those of us opting out of selling candy it is a great alternative."

"Thank you so much Jim, it makes it so much easier for the family, grandparents, etc. The online registration was terrific, I was able to do it at my convenience and it only took a few minutes. No waiting in lines or fighting the weather. I appreciate all of your help!"

Angela, Lisa, and Dawn
Parents of LLB Players
Grandview Little League
Des Moines, IA

"Mattawan Little League's first Online Registration was successful beyond our expectations! Nearly half of our early registrations were received online, thanks to the league charging the same price for registration whether online, in person, or by mail. Also, the online registrations were easy to reconcile with the checks we received from active.com. Most importantly, our active.com representative, was extremely helpful in getting our registration up and running, complete with customized questions."

Steve Roberds
Mattawan Little League
Mattawan, MI

"It was a great experience for us and saved us a tremendous amount of time."

Wayne Loomer
Shrewsbury Little League
Shrewsbury, MA

"Nothing but positive results. We've had over 1,000 online registrations so far, and it’s our first year using Internet technology. In the past we would have had 6 evenings of sign-ups. The Hillsborough Little League in 2002 had over 1,600 players divided into our 2 leagues, Hillsborough National and Hillsborough American. With so many players to register, lines would be long and frustrating to wait in. With the online program, we had only 2 in-person sign-ups, and both of those dates coincided with 2003 tryouts, so there was little additional effort required to “man the table”.

It (Registration Center) is easy to navigate through, deposits of funds are made and received in a timely fashion, the Board of Directors do not have to set aside numerous hours of time to sit at a table and manually register players. Since the registration was on the HLL website we had our new web site receive much activity and publicity and won a tremendous epointz award."

Mark Mosko
Hillsborough Little League
Hillsborough, NJ

"Online Registration allows me to cut the number of onsite registrations and better utilize my volunteers...I have fewer checks to process and less chance of them bouncing...it (Online Registration) makes my league information more accessible to the public."

Steve Haywood
Chesapeake Little League
Chesapeake, VA

"In our first year using the on-line registration format, we far exceeded our expectations in terms of both sheer numbers and the positive feedback from families that took advantage of it and its convenience. More importantly...it went off without a single problem! From the buzz we're hearing, we already anticipate at least tripling that volume for 2003. This vital new feature, along with the information contained in our general web area, has become an invaluable tool in promoting our league and getting information to kids and their families in a timely and professional manner that, most importantly, everyone can have fun with. (We do an annual "Halloween Edition" that's become a "can't miss" item.) Finally, through all the transitions over the past year, the Active.com staff has been nothing short of phenomenal in giving their assistance whenever we've called on them (a lot). Our website has now become a part of the fabric of our league."

Ken DeCosta
Tiverton Little League
Tiverton, RI

"It was our first time with online registration and the Active.com support staff was wonderful. Online registration helped us increase our total registration numbers. It was convenient for families to register from home or work. This spring we expect to promote online registration even more!"

Chris Hoyle
Katy National Little League
Katy, TX

"It (Online Registration) has put us into the 21st Century...less manual keying of data from old process...taken the work off the volunteers..."

Billy Wooters
White Plains Little League
White Plains, NY

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