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Monday, November 22
LJ Rec Hoops Summer Potluck - August 8 @ 10am


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LJRC Hoopsters (August 10, 2009) 

It was another great turn out on the courts for the Family Potluck day!  We had 28 players on the court by 7:30pm!!!

Everyone had some great runs today and there was a lot of great food and fellowship post hoops.  

 Check Out Photo Album.">Check Out Photo Album.

- Steincooler




This is the most updated La Jolla Rec Hoops email list…Everyone – the hoops family POTLUCK will take place on Saturday, August 8th from 10am – 1pm.  I had quite a number of you excited about the event so I hope it is a great turn out for some hoops and fellowship with our families.

Please reply all on this email to state the food or drink items you will be bringing so there are not massive repeats of brownies or cookies J

It would be great if a few people could bring some tables and umbrellas.

We also need some plastic cups and silverware – who can bring that?

Finally, I was going to order a kids jumper again for those who are bringing kids 1-8 years old…how many will be bringing their kids???

Please rally up for some great early AM hoops at 7am start time and at 10am we can break off and enjoy meeting each others families. 

God Bless!  Steincooler

P.S. – Please someone forward this to Leilani Childs as it would be a blessing to have her and her children participate in the event!  Also, anyone that I left off this email, feel free to pass along.  


Alumni Weekend 2008! Check Out Photo Album.
April 2008

Post Weekend Note from Mike Hagan:

"Say boys, I want to thank you for a great day playing ball this weekend.

Super weather, super games (for us old farts) and breakfast after! I hit it just right. First game was all the old timers, and both courts going. You all always make me feel so welcome and missed! You even let me have a few "gamers" to stay on court!

Johnny, missed you and jay I heard you were sleeping in and coming late, but no...! Pete, is it true your new kid is the best excuse you can pass along to the boys about your occasional play? Mark has 2 and is expecting a 3rd and came out for some dose of sanity and got to guard Mike Stein!

I even caught Kamal and Billie this week --freshly back from the final 4 with some great stories. John --even had the day off and made it out--apparently a rarity lately. Of course, how can you play ball there with out Tom Elkins stories. Tex was actually giving him some kudos on his play of old.

Memories of this weekend:
- Gary diving for loose balls and getting skinned up

- Mike Stein's awesome shots from no where and swish...

- The Billie and Kamal brothers' clinic on pick and rolls

- Big Scotty being cold a few games and learning how to pass again--that had to be some really dead brain cells--scotty passking??

- Johnny hitting several 3's

- Tex driving the lane and showing his patented bank shots

- Charles showing his black waste band (gut girdle) against his white man body--get out in the sun more Charles!

- Breakfast with the "boys"

One thing that is for sure is that we need to plan another family picnic this summer again in honor of jordan and all of us. Can I let you know what week in July I will be back to schedule it? Jeff webb and Mike galasso might even come back again.

Always great to see everyone! Am I still the oldest or does John Ollencamp got that tag?

Here is a few pics from this weekend.

Cheers for now,



We've added new photo albums to honor our good friend Darryl Jordan Childs.

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Also, the beginnings of an album documenting the 2005 LJRC Basketball Court Revitalization Project


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