Lincoln Swingers Gold '92: Welcome

2008 Swingers_1
Lincoln Swingers Gold '92

WOW! Another great season over! 56-13-4

ASA, USSSA, NAFA State Champs!

A HUGE thanks to our Coach Brook for 3 great seasons! We love you Brook and will see you at the fields.

Ode to Brook

"Coach", a word interpreted differently by different teams. To us..."coach" means teacher, skilled master, friend, conductor of players, spunky, super, sweet, rad, passionate, wise, full of knowledge, short and big at heart. This small compilation of words that do not even begin to describe the good times we've had & what we've all learned & experienced together. Needless to say, this team was pretty special, and a coach is a big part of making it all happen. THANKS BROOK!

-composed by 2008 Lincoln Swingers Gold


Swinging into the future as...