Lincoln Lynx: Coaches Page

Friday, October 28


I am Teon Jones, coach of the Lincoln Lynx girls basketball team. It is my honor and priviledge to coach these young ladies, and I truly sense something special about them this year. I have been around basketball my entire life, but started playing competitvely at the age of 10. I have been blessed to have played on all levels, and coached by some wonderful individuals. Due to injury, I stopped playing serious competitive basketball, and decided to pass on the things that were taught to me. I have been coaching since 2002, (all in the Seattle area) and had great success locally, statewide and nationally. The biggest reward I get from coaching is seeing the development of my players as both individuals, and athletes. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a kid gain self worth on and off the court. As for as my coaching style, I am big on fundamentals, good defense, attention to detail, and my favorite, conditioning. I feel if a team is not fundametally sound, does not play good sound defense, or eliminate the little mistakes it makes it really hard to win. As for conditioning, basketball is a fast paced sport with a lot of running. I have always told my players we train for the fourth quarter, because that is where your conditioning comes in to play. We are going to have a really fun time this year. I am really excited about this season, and can not wait to get started! See you guys on the court.


Coach Teon