Lincoln Laser: Welcome

Nebraska Lasers

Congrats to the 5th Lasers Gold for 3rd Place Finish at MAYB National Kick-Off

  Nebraska Lasers Winter Tryouts will be August 24th at Lincoln Christian High School.

            3rd-5th   -    5:30-6:50 PM

            6th-8th         7:00-8:30 PM


Please Arrive 20 minutes early to sign in.

Coaches for the winter will be:

8th Gold - Ken Sander,  8th Purple - Tony Fitzgerald

7th Gold - Tim Barda, 7th Purple - Jeff DeBrie

6th Gold - Andy Markowski, 6th Black - Chad Schaefer, 6th Purple - James Tomlin

5th Gold - Rick Frager,  5th Purple - Eric Jensen

4th Gold & Purple - Andy Markowski, Dave Swan & Ed Easley

3rd Gold - TBD