Old Monroe Community Ballpark: Welcome

Welcome to the Old Monroe Baseball / Softball page

Ballpark clean up Days are here......
We will be getting it ready for games on March 24th and April 7th starting at 8am. Hope to see you there!!! 

Please text all home game scores to
Amy Klewer @ 636-290-6044
by Friday of the week that game played
So we can update the site results page 
 Old Monroe Ball Park Board Committee
President: Kyle Schulte                                  636-697-7897
Vice President: Ed Herbert                           636-358-6932
Liquor Lic:Caleb Tiller                                  636-358-8664
Treasurer: Shane Brown                               636-439-3543
Secretary: Kesha Burk                                      573-466-8300
Concession: Shane Brown                              636-439-3543
                       Kesha Burk                                  573-466-8300
Umpires: Ed Herbert                                     636-358-6932
T-Ball: Dave Gnade   636-262-6557
Board Member Garry Bals & Noah Ryan 
 Coaches Phone
Atoms I
Shane Brown 636-439-3543
Eric Ohlms 636-544-0869
Atoms II
Brian Warren 314-486-4259
Bantams I
Scott Westhoff             314-570-6642
David Fry                            636-248-3070

Jamey Busch 314-713-4345
Ted Creech 636-358-9686
Pixies I
Chad Conoyer 636-262-1497
Dan Gorski 636-544-2737 
Pixies II
Jenni Brown 636-262-8137
Petite I
Deanna Ohlms  636-544-0000
Petite II
Jeff Stark                       314-616-2121
Melitta Shields           636-262-3265

Handout: 2017 OM Signup Form