Lil Vikes "Jr Vikes" Football Omaha: Lil Vikes Football Camp

Tuesday, April 15
2014 Lil' Vikes " Jr Vikes " & North High Football Camp

 2014 North High Football Camp

June 14th @ North High School football field

Registration 8:30am - 11:00am  Camp  9:00am - 11:00am

Save $10.00 - Sign up early  Save on June 14th

If you sign up on or prior to June 14th cost are:

Flag $60.00 + Camp cost Free - discount = $50.00

**sign up early and your cost is only:   $50.00 

Tackle $100.00 + Camp cost Free - discount = $ 90.00

** sign up early and your cost is only:  $90.00 

Note: sell all your raffle tickets your registration cost is FREE

You don't need to attend camp to get a savings, if you would like to just come and sign early, see you at North High on June 14th and you will get your savings $10.00 off your registraion.