Northern Girls’ 7v7 Showcase: Information

Monday, November 30

NO TEAM TENTS - Sorry, no spot to set up any team tents...

NO OUTSIDE FOOD allowed into the CT Sportsplex facility

  • CT SPORTSPLEX does not allow outside food
  • NO tailgating, etc. 
  • ALL food must be purchased from their concessions. 
  • They are a private facility that closes for the day to host this event and does not charge a parking entry fee for this event, etc. 
  • They do insist on, and will enforce, their NO OUTSIDE FOOD requirement.

    CT Sportsplex will have two food concession areas open on Sunday and offer a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, etc., at reasonable prices.  Sample food items/prices are listed below.


Ala carte

Hamburger      $3.50
Cheeseburger    $4.00
Hotdog    $2.00
Chicken Tenders                        $4.00
Popcorn Chicken                       $4.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich           $4.00
Pizza (slice)                              $2.00
Pizza (whole)                           $10.00
Caesar Chicken Wrap                $5.00
Buffalo Chicken Wrap                 $5.00
Cheddar Pub Poppers                $5.00
Mozzarella Sticks                      $5.00
Onion Rings                              $3.50
French Fries                              $2.50
Meals (with fries and a small soda)
Hamburger                                $6.00
Cheeseburger                            $6.50
Hotdog                                      $5.00
Chicken Tenders                       $6.50
Popcorn Chicken                       $6.50
Grilled Chicken Sandwich           $6.50
Fountain Soda (cola, diet cola, lemon, birch beer, orange, and pink lemonade) Small   $1.50Large   $2.00
Bottled Water                            $1.50
Gatorade      $2.00
Hot Chocolate, Coffee, or Tea Small   $1.00Large   $1.50