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Halpern Travel
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The Prime Time Recruiting Showcase is pleased to announce the appointment of Halpern Travel as our official Tournament Housing Coordinator.  Under our Stay to Play policy, all participating teams needing housing accommodations are required, as a condition of acceptance, to utilize the services of Halpern Travel.  Halpern Travel comes to us highly recommended for their experienced and customer service oriented sports agents. 

Halpern Travel's secure, user friendly, online hotel reservation system allows teams to view information about hotels, including rate, area location and amenities.  Teams are able to reserve their rooms 24/7. We look forward to partnering with Halpern Travel to meet the housing needs of teams attending the Prime Time Recruiting Showcase.

Please click the logo below to get to Halpern Travel's secure, online reservation system for the Prime Time Recruiting Showcase

Halpern Travel