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Liberty H.S. boys soccer teams
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Liberty Leopards
Michael G. Morelli
Fax: 330-395-1514
1 Leopard Way.
Youngstown, Ohio
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Wednesday, March 14
And you thought our referees were bad. Check this guy out!
Barry Brook's calls are now appreciated!
What kind of game management is this?

Click on the above screen to view this video clip.


spinning soccer ball
80 ways to say "Very Good"
1. Good for you!
2. Superb
3. You did that very well
4. You've got it made
5. Terrific
6. That's not bad!
7. Couldn't have done it better myself.
8. Marvelous!
9. You're doing fine.
10. You're really improving.
11. You're on the right track now!
12. Now you've got it figured out.
13. Outstanding!
14. That's coming along nicely.
15. I know you can do it.
16. Good work.
17. You figured that out fast.
18. I think you've got it now.
19. I'm proud of the way you worked today.
20. Tremendous!
21. You certainly did well today
22. Perfect!
23. Nice going
24. You've got your brain in gear today
25. Now you've got the hang of it
26. WOW!
27. Wonderful!
28. You're getting better every day
29. You're learning fast
30. You make it look easy
31. That's much better
32. Nice try
33. Super!
34. You did a lot of work today
35. Keep it up!
36. Congratulations
37. Exactly right!
38. Nice going
39. Excellent!
40. Sensational!
41. You're doing beautifully
42. You've just mastered that!
43. That's the best ever
44. That's great!
45. Way to go!
46. That's the way to do it!
47. That's quite an improvement
48. Good thinking
49. Keep up the good work
50. That's it!
51. That's better
52. You haven't missed a thing
53. Fantastic!
54. You outdid yourself today
55. You're doing a good job
56. That's the right way to do it
57. That's better
58. Right on!
59. That's the best you've ever done!
60. That's RIGHT!
61. You must have been practicing!
62. Great!
63. Keep working on it... you're getting better
64. You remembered!
65. That kind of work makes me very happy
66. You're really working hard today
67. I knew you could do it!
68. I'm very proud of you
69. One more time and you'll have it
70. Fine!
71. That's good
72. Good job
73. You really make this fun
74. Good remembering
75. You are doing much better today
76. Keep on trying
77. You are really learning a lot
78. You've just about got it
79. I've never seen anyone do it better!
80. You are very good at that.

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New sign (flashing)
Tuesday, June 6
How players can keep goals from being scored
Too often, when a player gets beat defensively (off the dribble), their first thought is to stop and sulk. Without having to go into too many details because it should be quite obvious, this is NOT a good option.

If, after getting beat the player is able to quickly recover and get goal side, that would be the first option.

If, after getting beat, the player is not able to get goal side, the next option is to see if someone else can quickly cover (the second defender) and if so, to quickly get back to provide support for this player.

If there isn’t a player behind you to provide support, the next thought is to make a hard run back toward the 12 yard spot.

The reason for making this sprint towards the12 yard spot is that ultimately, the player with the ball is going to heard toward the goal and if you can’t catch them right away, the next thought is to go to where they are going to be going (a good attacking player will beat the defender and then cut in toward goal but many will run a straight line down the field and not cut in and by doing this, you can beat them to their ultimate destination by taking a more direct path toward the goal.

Once you get the inside track on these players, the next step is to get yourself organized so that you can decide quickly whether to go to the player with the ball, or to find another player (if someone else has been able to provide coverage for the player with the ball.

If, as a general rule, a team always recovers toward the 12 yard spot and then reorganizes, the team will be more successful in getting back behind the ball and will also be better at developing the habit of recovering when beat as opposed to hoping someone else can cover.

Stick man header
Monday, May 22
Footskills with Mr. Woo
Click on the above stickman figure to see the best footskill demonstration I've ever seen.


George Best
Click on the image to know more about George Best
Tuesday, February 20
"Pelé good; Maradona better; George Best."
He was and will always be known as "The Best". The irony is, as Michael Parkinson said, that "the only tragedy George Best has to confront is that he will never know how good he could have been."

His life tragedies and suffering became "The Best" example of what we should avoid most in our lifestyle.

George Best
Born: 22 May, 1946. Belfast, Northern Ireland

International Caps 37
International Goals 9
Teams Manchester United, Stockport County, Cork Celtics, Dunstable Town, Los Angeles Aztecs, Fulham, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, Hibernian, San Jose Earthquakes, Bournemouth, Brisbane Lions
Team Honours European Cup (1968)
League Division 1 (1965, 67)
Individual Honours Football Writers' Player of the Year (1968)
European Player of the Year (1968)

Tell me, Mr Best, where did it all go wrong? So, it is said, the man from room service inquired as he delivered vintage champagne to the former football genius in his suite at a plush hotel.
There was £20,000 in cash scattered on the bed which also contained the current Miss Universe.

In today's laddish world, the remark may seem laughable. Yet the waiter had a point. George Best had squandered one of the rarest and most precious football talents ever seen in favour of a self-indulgent merry-go-round of birds and booze.

He reached unimaginable heights with his outrageous skills in a career that lasted a mere six years at the top, before self-destructing into alcoholism, bankruptcy and jail.

To this day, Best maintains that nothing went wrong, that he just got bored with it all. The most he has ever conceded about that waiter's question is: "Perhaps he saw something I didn't."

But to see Best play in his prime was to be mesmerised by his dazzling ability. Few would argue that he is the most gifted footballer ever produced in the British Isles. There wasn't anything he couldn't do.

"He was quick, two-footed, beautifully balanced," his friend Michael Parkinson once wrote. "He could hit long and short passes with equal precision, was swift and fearless in the tackle and he reintroduced the verb 'to dribble'. He was as imaginative and whimsical in midfield as he was economical and deadly given a chance at goal."

He could also head brilliantly and he never shirked from defending when he had to. In short, he was the perfect footballer. But while he was Roy of the Rovers on the field, sadly he was Roy of the Ravers off it.

In those six magical seasons with United, he scored 115 goals in 290 games - six of them in one game! He won two League Championships, the European Cup and was voted European Football of the Year. Pele named him as his favourite player, which was remarkable considering Best's international career with Northern Ireland never allowed him the opportunity of appearing in the World Cup finals.


New sign (flashing)
Tuesday, March 13
Beckham's Pepsi commercial


New sign (flashing)
Tuesday, March 13
New Pepsi commercial with some of today's best players.

Click on the above screen to view this commercial.


Saturday, April 7
New Pepsi Comercial ( Save the village)

Tuesday, May 22
The Magicians

Wednesday, May 23
Dribblers are king. Divers get thrown into the pit!

George Best
Football's first superstar
Monday, February 11
Click Here to see tribute to George Best
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Liberty H.S. boys soccer teams
Liberty H.S. boys soccer teams
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