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Sunday, August 15
JFK scrimmage game

Scrimmage Game 08/14/2010

Close down the man with the ball. Do not permit him to get a forward running start at you. ( turn him away)

Make the player pass backwards (you can’t stop that)

Track your player do not ball watch. Out-side midfielders not following their man back into the defense.

Organize at set pieces, take responsibility. Better than before but what were we defending against?

No Stupid fouls, right place and right occasion. Out side backs should not permit the outside wing forward to turn the corner around them. (No way, no how, foul by pulling the jersey if you must.)

Keep ball out of out box (100% of goals scored were in the box)Block crosses, two goals were the final result.

Get the ball into the penalty box as soon as you can. 
Get as many players in the penalty box as we can.

Forwards receive the ball when you can see the opponent’s goal ( turn side on and make a touch) do not let the ball roll past you.

Keep the ball moving, passing or dribbling and quit trying to force the ball through the legs of your opponent.

Make a quality pass into support when you are turned away from goal. We had too many players trying to turn with force against the defenders.

There were too many times we gave away the ball when we could have kept possession.

Quality delivery at all set pieces. (This was better)

Keep ball at throw-ins; throw down line quickly, never square. 

Shoot at every opportunity “hit the target”. Watch the ball hit your foot, don’t look at the goal. 

Friday, July 23
Player attendance at July 22nd practice

Attendance at last practice:

11 Attending:

Chris Adler, Jeff Alper,  Chris Knight, Paul N. (injury), Tyler Vestal. ,  Noah Persson, Robby Kurtz, Frank Cornell, Ryan Connelly, Seth Barnes , Justin Hideg 

6 Not Attending: Excused

 Justin House (Baseball), Luis Rivera (Baseball), Daniel Persson (out of town),  Ryan Halaki, Drew Heschmeyer, Aaron Karson (medical). 

2 Not attending not excused:  William Seidler (no contact), Michael Bryant (no contact),

Thursday, July 22
Player attendance at July 21st practice

10 Attending:

Chris Adler, Jeff Alper,  Chris Knight, Paul N. (injury), Tyler Vestal,  Noah Persson, Robby Kurtz, Frank Cornell, Michael Bryant, Ryan Connelly 

8 Not Attending: Excused

 Justin House (Baseball), Luis Rivera (Baseball), Daniel Persson (out of town), Justin Hideg (out of town) , Ryan Halaki, Drew Heschmeyer, William Seidler, Aaron Karson (medical). 

1 Not attending not excused:  Seth Barnes (no contact), 

Wednesday, July 21
Player attendance at July 20th practice

10 Attending:

Chris Adler, Jeff Alper,  Chris Knight, Paul N. (injury), Tyler Vestal. , Bill Seidler , Noah Persson, Robby Kurtz, Frank Cornell, Michael Bryant 

7 Not Attending: Excused

 Justin House (Baseball), Luis Rivera (Baseball), Daniel Persson (out of town), Justin Hideg (out of town) , Ryan Halaki, Drew Heschmeyer, Ryan Connelly. 

2 Not attending not excused: Aaron Karson (no contact), Seth Barnes (no contact), 

Tuesday, July 20
Player attendance at July 19th practice

9 Attending:

Chris Adler, Jeff Alper, Ryan C., Chris Knight, Paul N. (injury), Tyler Vestal. , Bill Seidler , Noah Persson, Robby Kurtz 

7 Not Attending: Excused

 Justin House (Baseball), Luis Rivera (Baseball), Daniel Persson (out of town), Justin Hideg (out of town) , Frank Cornell, Ryan Halaki, Drew Heschmeyer. 

3 Not attending not excused: Aaron Karson (no contact), Seth Barnes (no contact),  Michael Bryant (no contact) 

Sunday, July 18
Player attendence at July 15th practice

10 Attending:

Chris Adler, Jeff A., Michael B., Ryan C., Drew H., Chris Knight, Paul N., Frank C., Tyler Vestal. , Bill Seidler (injury)

7 Not Attending: Excused

 Justin House (Baseball), Luis Rivera (Baseball), Daniel Persson (out of town), Justin Hideg (out of town) , Noah Persson, Ryan Halaki, Robby Kurtz

2 Not attending not excused: Aaron Karson , Seth Barnes 

Wednesday, July 14
Physical conditioning requirements for August 9th.

Test#1. (5) - mega laps in less than 20 min. :  (endurance)

Robby Kurtz, Jeff Alper, Chris Knight, William Seidler, Tyler Vestal , Chris Adler, Justin Hideg, Seth Barnes 




Test#2. (6) -50 yrd tire runs w/30sec intervals in less than 4 min.:       (use two bricks for leg strength)







Test#3. T drill w/tire in minimum required time:                  (core / agility)






Test#4. 40yrd and 10yrd sprints in minimum required time: (speed)


spinning soccer ball
What separates the average player from the top /best PLAYERS!
Frequently the first sign of a top player isn’t whether they lose the ball, or whether they get beat because the reality is everyone gets beat at some point and everyone loses the ball at some point. The first sign of a top player is frequently how they react once they lose the ball or once they get beat.

A top player will lose the ball and then work extremely hard to win it right back. A bad player will lose the ball and put their head down and sulk.

A top player will get beat and then immediately sprint back to either catch the play or to provide support for a teammate who helps with the player who beat them. A bad player gets beat and then stops and watches.

While it’s easy to appreciate a player’s first effort, it’s their second (and third and fourth etc) efforts that really allow the top players to stand out from the others.

Many players can look good UNTIL something bad happens. It’s what they do after the mistake that separates the top players from everyone else.

Click on above shoe image to go back to top of page.

Sunday, February 10
25 Soccer Tips

Soccer Helpful Hints

!. Don't dribble when you can make a constructive pass or cross.

2. move to an open spot (space) move away from your defender (opponent), you will then be in a better position to receive the ball.

3. As a defender, when you are under extreme presuer (pressed), kick the ball down field or over the touch line.

4. When the ball is lost from (out of) view, all forwards must (should) think defensively.

5. Make constructive passes across the field and behind as well as in front.

6. Defenders can back pass to the goalkeeper as a safety maneuver. Pass to the outside of the goal mouth.

7. Make the easy plays. Allow the ball to work for you. Don't you work for the ball.

8. Wing forwards should stay wide and close to the touch line. This brings the defender out from the middle of the field and allows more open space for your attack.

9. Don't be afraid to talk to your teammates on the field. Let them know what is happening in the area around them which their field of vision cannot pick up.

10. As a defender faced with two or more opponents (attackers), retreat slowly (stopping or slowing down the attacker) giving more time for teammates to come back to help.

11. Forwards should switch positions at various times during the game with other members of the forward line. example, center forward with winger. This sometimes confuses the defense.

12. Never retreat with your back to the ball. Watch the ball at all times.

13. As a defender, stay between ball and goal.

14. The closer the play develops toward your own goal, the tighter the defense must (should) be.

15. As a defender challenge only when you have a good chance to obtain (getting possession of) the ball.

16. Defenders should have restraint and control. Let your opponent commit himself first.

17. Delaying principles are good tactics in defense. This means slowing down the opponent's forward line.

18. Back up teammates and help cover the space behind fellow players.

19. Always move toward the pass, don't wait for the pass to come to you.

20. A most important thing to learn is quickness off the mark. The first three or four steps are all important in soccer. Beat your opponent to the ball.

21. What you do without the ball is as important as what you do with the ball.

22. A well placed shot is more effective than a hard shot at the goal.

23. An effective player is always in good physical shape.

24. Play the ball, not the man. (You can not play the man and the ball at the some time).

25. Respect the referee's decision.

Thursday, December 18
Defensive tactics
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Sunday, March 15
Eight Deadly Sins Of Soccer


These are Eight Deadly Sins of Soccer -  couldn't stop at seven. 

1. square balls across the middle
2. stopping the ball
3. GK staying on the line
4. vertical support positioning
5. allowing the attacker to dribble the goalline
6. standing waiting for the pass
7. body position is not open to the field
8. receiving the ball with the wrong foot


  • Square balls across the middle--this is a definite no-no in the defensive third. A square ball is the easiest ball to intercept. It also implies lack of support behind the passer. If an opponent incepts a square ball, the
    passer and receiver must start their recovery runs from an equal horizontal
    position. This gives the interceptor a head start on goal, as the passer and receiver must recover from greater distance.
  • Stopping the ball--players that "trap" the ball to a stationary position are easy to target by defenders. If the defender is closing down a receiver as the ball is arriving, the defender does not have to change course or angle of run if the receiver "stops" the ball. Also, a player that plays with the ball in one spot often invites his teammates to go into hibernation while they wait for that player to do something with the ball. There are some very good distributors that can "hold up the ball" until runs develop.  Even though the ball seems to be stopped with these players, it is actually being moved in a very precise way.
  • GK staying on the line--as attackers and the ball gets closer to the
    goalline the goalkeeper must start to cut down the shooting angles by
    moving out. If the GK moves too soon, he may be open to a ball over the top. However, staying back on the line is an invitation to shoot at a wide open goal. In most situations, a GK should be at least 2 yards (younger ages) to 3-4 (teenage and above) when the ball is in the middle of the field and within shooting distance.
  • Vertical support positioning--standing directly behind or directly in front of a player with the ball is a problem. Players need to support the ball at angles. If a on ball player is going to drop the ball, he must turn 180 degrees to get the ball back. With angled positioning it is only a half a turn. Also, the angled pass changes not only the vertical level, but the horizontal one as well. If a player is directly in front of the ball, he will have trouble turning and will not be open to the field. A player directly in front of the ball carrier also takes up valuable space the dribbler can go into.
  • Allowing the attacker to dribble along the goalline--attackers that get to > the goalline must be kept wide. Defenders that overplay or over commit against an attacker that is wide can allow the attacker to dribble towards the goal along the goalline. This destroys a defense, as passing angles are created that will carry the ball away from the GK and into onrushing attackers. This is similar to giving up the baseline in basketball.
  • Standing waiting for the pass--it is a flat out sin not to go to the ball when under pressure.
  • Not open to the field--players whose shoulders and hips face the ball do not usually have a body position that allows for viewing of the field. If the position is open to the field, there are more options available and known to the attacker after receiving the ball.
  • Receiving the ball with the wrong foot--players that reach for a ball on their left side, by stretching there right leg across there body cause themselves several problems. First, the support foot is immobile in order to support the other leg stretch. Second, the reception is with the outside of the foot or leg which is a much tougher area to control a ball. Last and most important, the player cannot immediately react to the touch without several adjustment steps. Essentially, the ball is stopped and the player stopped because the feet are not in position to more.
  • Go forth and sin no more!

Backfield and Midfield zone defending
Wednesday, July 8
Back 4 & Midfield zonal Defending

Wednesday, January 13
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Wednesday, July 14
Player attendance at July 13th practice

13 Attending:

Seth B. (Injury), Chris Adler, Jeff A., Michael B., Ryan C., Drew H., Chris Knight, Robby K., Paul N., Noah P., Ryan H., Frank C., Tyler V.

5 Not Attending: Excused

William Seidler (Injury), Justin House (Baseball), Luis Rivera (Baseball), Daniel Persson (out of town), Justin Hideg (out of town)

1 Not attending not excused: Aaron Karson 


Wednesday, July 7
Player attendance at July 5th practice

10 Attending: Chris A., Michael B., Ryan C., Drew H., Chris K., Robby K., Paul N., Ryan H., Frank C., Tyler Vestal.

8 Excused or out of town:  Jeff A., Justin House, Daniel P., Noha P., Bill S., Justin Hideg, Aaron K. , Luis R.

 1 not excused for: Seth Barnes 

Friday, July 9
Player attendance at July 7th practice

10 Attending players: Chris A., Michael B., Ryan C., Drew H., Roby K., Paul N., Noah P., Ryan H., Frank K., Tyler Vestal.


7 Not attending (excused or out of town): Jeff A., Daniel P., Justin H., Aaron K., Bill S., Luis R., Justin H.


2 not excused for: Chris Knight, Seth Barnes, 

Tuesday, August 17
players missing mandatory practice


8/14 Saturday Scrimmage

Chris Knight ,  Daniel Persson , Noah Persson , Chris Adler , Jeff Alper ,


8/16 Monday (4)

Michael Bryant , Paul Nicol , Justin House , Chris Knight


8/17 Tuesday-(3)

Michael Bryant , Paul Nicol , Bill Seidler


8/18 Wednesday Scrimmage - (1)

Michael Bryant


8/19 Thursday - (2)

Michael Bryant, Chris Knight


8/20 Friday -(1)

Daniel Persson


8/21 Scrimmage -(3)

Daniel Persson , Aaron Karson , Paul Nicol

Liberty H.S. boys soccer teams
Liberty H.S. boys soccer teams
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