Lafayette Hockey Club: Welcome


   Lafayette Lancers


Joe Nahm 
Varsity Head Coach   
  Wayne Nahm
Alex Graf 
Nick Tuttle 
Assistant Coaches
Alex Graf
Development Team Head Coach
Nick Tuttle
Assistant Development Team Coach


November practice schedule:

Varsity - every Wednesday, Hardee's, 4:00 pm (11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25)

B / Development - Friday, Hardee's, 4:00 pm (11/6, 11/13); no practice 11/20 and 11/27 


Team Contacts

NameTitleContact PhoneEmail
Rick Moceri  President  314-516-3977
Sandra Waidmann
Vice President 314-574-5046
William Tuttle  Player Development  636-532-3013
Peggy Hoffman
Midstates Rep/Varsity Mgr 314-440-9733
John Waidmann  Statistician  314-393-4200
Joseph Nahm
Head Coach
Wayne Nahm
Assistant Coach  314-435-4397
Alex Graf
Asst Varsity Coach/Development Team Coach 618-709-3698
Nick Tuttle
Asst Varsity Coach/Development Team Asst. Coach
  Development Team Manager

Varsity Schedule:


 Mon 11-09-2015 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex
 Varsity  Lafayette  Eureka
 Fri 11-13-2015 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Westminster
Mon 11-16-2015 9:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Fort Zumwalt West
 Fri 11-20-2015 9:00 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Seckman
 Mon 11-23-2015 9:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  CBC  Lafayette
 Tue 11-24-2015 9:00 PM Queeny Rec. Complex
 Varsity  Rockwood Summit
 Sat 11-28-2015 9:15 PM  Kirkwood Ice Rink
 Varsity  Kirkwood  Lafayette
 Mon 11-30-2015 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  SLUH
 Fri 12-04-2015 9:00 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Marquette  Lafayette
 Mon 12-07-2015 9:00 PM  Affton Ice Rink
 Varsity  Oakville  Lafayette
 Fri 12-11-2015 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Francis Howell
 Mon 12-14-2015 9:00 PM  Affton Ice Rink  Varsity  Seckman  Lafayette
 Fri 12-18-2015 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Oakville
 Mon 12-28-2015 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Lindbergh
 Fri 01-01-2016 9:30 PM  Queeny Rec. Complex  Varsity  Chaminade  Lafayette
 Sat 01-02-2016 8:15 PM  Affton Ice Rink  Varsity  Eureka  Lafayette
 Mon 01-04-2016 9:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Westminster  Lafayette
 Fri 01-08-2016 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Marquette
 Sat 01-09-2016 9:15 PM  Kirkwood Ice Rink  Varsity  Lafayette  Kirkwood
 Mon 01-11-2016 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Rockwood Summit
 Sat 01-23-2016 9:30 PM  Affton Ice Rink  Varsity  Lindbergh  Lafayette


B / Development Team Schedule:


Day/Date/Time  Rink   Level Home
 Sun 11-15-2015 6:30 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B
 Priory Lafayette
 Sun 11-22-2015 7:45 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B B-League Lafayette Lindbergh
 Sat 12-05-2015 10:00 PM IceZone at St. Louis Mills
B-League CBC Gold
 Sun 12-13-2015 7:45 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B  B-League Lafayette SLUH
 Sun 12-20-2015 11:30 AM Lindenwood Gold
B-League   Fort Zumwalt West
 Sun 01-03-2016 1:50 PM Lindenwood Gold  B-League  Lafayette DeSmet
 Sat 01-09-2016 8:00 PM IceZone at St. Louis Mills B-League  St. Marys
 Sat 01-23-2016 10:30 PM IceZone at St. Louis Mills B-League  Lafayette  Westminster
 Sat 01-30-2016 9:30 AM Lindenwood Black B-League  Francis Howell Central
 Sat 02-06-2016 10:40 AM Lindenwood Black  B-League Lafayette  Ladue
 Sat 02-20-2016 10:40 AM Lindenwood Gold B-League Chamindae Lafayette
 Sun 02-28-2016 7:45 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B B-League Lafayette Fort Zumwalt West 2













Interested in Lafayette Hockey?  Please send an email with your contact information to:!  We are looking forward to another great season!