Lafayette Hockey Club: Welcome

Varsity 2015-2016


   Lafayette Lancers


Joe Nahm 
Varsity Head Coach   
  Wayne Nahm
Alex Graf 
Nick Tuttle 
Assistant Coaches
Alex Graf
Development Team Head Coach
Nick Tuttle
Assistant Development Team Coach


February/March practice schedule:

Varsity - every Wednesday, Hardee's, 4:00 pm (2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24); no March practice

*** Note:  Starting 2/10, Varsity practices will be convered to B / Development team practices.

B / Development - Friday, Hardee's, 4:00 pm (no February practices); no March practice


Team Contacts

NameTitleContact PhoneEmail
Rick Moceri  President  314-516-3977
Sandra Waidmann
Vice President 314-574-5046
William Tuttle  Player Development  636-532-3013
Peggy Hoffman
Midstates Rep/Varsity Mgr 314-440-9733
John Waidmann  Statistician  314-393-4200
Joseph Nahm
Head Coach
Wayne Nahm
Assistant Coach  314-435-4397
Alex Graf
Asst Varsity Coach/Development Team Coach 618-709-3698
Nick Tuttle
Asst Varsity Coach/Development Team Asst. Coach
  Development Team Manager

Varsity Schedule:


 Mon 11-09-2015 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex
 Varsity  Lafayette  Eureka
 Fri 11-13-2015 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Westminster
Mon 11-16-2015 9:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Fort Zumwalt West
 Fri 11-20-2015 9:00 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Seckman
 Mon 11-23-2015 9:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  CBC  Lafayette
 Tue 11-24-2015 9:00 PM Queeny Rec. Complex
 Varsity  Rockwood Summit
 Sat 11-28-2015 9:15 PM  Kirkwood Ice Rink
 Varsity  Kirkwood  Lafayette
 Mon 11-30-2015 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  SLUH
 Fri 12-04-2015 9:00 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Marquette  Lafayette
 Mon 12-07-2015 9:00 PM  Affton Ice Rink
 Varsity  Oakville  Lafayette
 Fri 12-11-2015 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Francis Howell
 Mon 12-14-2015 9:00 PM  Affton Ice Rink  Varsity  Seckman  Lafayette
 Fri 12-18-2015 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Oakville
 Mon 12-28-2015 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Lindbergh
 Fri 01-01-2016 9:30 PM  Queeny Rec. Complex  Varsity  Chaminade  Lafayette
 Sat 01-02-2016 8:15 PM  Affton Ice Rink  Varsity  Eureka  Lafayette
 Mon 01-04-2016 9:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Westminster  Lafayette
 Fri 01-08-2016 7:20 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Marquette
 Sat 01-09-2016 9:15 PM  Kirkwood Ice Rink  Varsity  Lafayette  Kirkwood
 Mon 01-11-2016 7:40 PM  Hardees Iceplex  Varsity  Lafayette  Rockwood Summit
 Sat 01-23-2016 9:30 PM  Affton Ice Rink  Varsity  Lindbergh  Lafayette


B / Development Team Schedule:


Day/Date/Time  Rink   Level Home
 Sun 11-15-2015 6:30 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B
 Priory Lafayette
 Sun 11-22-2015 7:45 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B B-League Lafayette Lindbergh
 Sat 12-05-2015 10:00 PM IceZone at St. Louis Mills
B-League CBC Gold
 Sun 12-13-2015 7:45 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B  B-League Lafayette SLUH
 Sun 12-20-2015 11:30 AM Lindenwood Gold
B-League   Fort Zumwalt West
 Sun 01-03-2016 1:50 PM Lindenwood Gold  B-League  Lafayette DeSmet
 Sat 01-09-2016 8:00 PM IceZone at St. Louis Mills B-League  St. Marys
 Sat 01-23-2016 10:30 PM IceZone at St. Louis Mills B-League  Lafayette  Westminster
 Sat 01-30-2016 9:30 AM Lindenwood Black B-League  Francis Howell Central
 Sat 02-06-2016 10:40 AM Lindenwood Black  B-League Lafayette  Ladue
 Sat 02-20-2016 10:40 AM Lindenwood Gold B-League Chamindae Lafayette
 Sun 02-28-2016 7:45 PM St. Peters Rec Plex South B B-League Lafayette Fort Zumwalt West 2













Interested in Lafayette Hockey?  Please send an email with your contact information to:!  We are looking forward to another great season!